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These are all the items you can use on the Select Item subscreen. Along with their pictures are descriptions on how to obtain them and how to use them.

Item Where to get it What it does
Bottled Items
Empty bottle

There are four empty bottles that Link can collect. A very tradional number of bottles, I might add. The first three are for young Link and the last one is obviously left for adult Link. The first available one is in Kakariko Village by collecting all the cuccos hanging around town and putting them in the pen for the Cucco lady. The second one is available in Lon Lon Ranch by selecting the three Super cuccos in the mess of normal cuccos after talking to Talon in the ranch's house. The third is a mandatory bottle which can be snagged after being awarded the silver scale and diving into Lake Hylia for it. The final one and the most annoying is your reward for killing and capturing all ten big poes in Hyrule Field. If you see an item that is listed below, chances are you can bottle it! Stand close to it as you possibly can and take a swing at it.
Big poe

Hop on Epona, grab your bow and a full quiver and mow these bastards down! In the Big Poes section is a nice map of all the positions, paths and my personal strategies to catching these jerks. By hitting one of them twice with arrows, their spirit will be free to bottle. Give all ten big poes to the creepy guy in the Poe Shop by Hyrule Castle Town and he'll give you the fourth and final bottle (which would have been useful for catching these big poes in the first place. >_<)
Blue fire

Navi will comment on how unnatural a big torch ablaze with this blue flame is. Swing your bottle at it and bottle it. Or you could buy it from the Hyrule Castle Town item shop as young Link or Kakariko Village item shop as adult Link for 300 rupees. Rather than having the fire arrows melt stuff (which would, you know... make sense), you use a cool (as in not hot) flame, instead.

These little guys are everywhere. They like to live under rocks and plants so lift some rocks, slive some plants and bottle these suckers. If you don't feel like searching, you can also buy them at the Hyrule Castle Town item shop as young Link or Kakariko's item shop as adult Link. Give these bugs their well-deserved freedoms over nine of the ten soft patches of soil (the soft patch by the magic bean vendor will do nothing if you release bugs over it.) They will work gold skulltulas out of the soil for you to massacre when pop out. How nice. ^^

Finding fairies is easy if you have access to my shrine! ^^ Check out my Fairy Fountains page and bottle away! Fairies are the most useful recovery items in the game. If you lose all your life energy, they will break out of the bottle they are in and restore some of your health, to a maximum of 10. You don't have to equip the item to a C-button for it to work, either. Mmmm, delicious fairies to eat.

The only time you need to catch a fish in a bottle is as young Link in Zora's Domain. If you wade around in the shallow water, you should see some fish swimming around. Feed Lord Jabu Jabu a fish to gain access to the third dungeon named "Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly." Creative. o_O

Two ways to get milk, but none are really worth it. Not when you've got fairies on your side, anyways. Talon will give you a milk refill for 30 rupees after you've found his super cuccos. You can also get free milk by playing Epona's song to a cow. Yes, because that makes perfect sense. o_O;; Once you drink milk, you will regain five hearts of your life back. Though, it does have two servings, giving you a maximum of ten hearts, it doesn't revive you when you've died, making fairies a much better ally than milk.

Oooo, a scary ghost. ;_; I'm so frightened. By defeating a poe (not a big poe, mind you) you will get the option to bottle it. These poes can be found in Kakariko Graveyard or if you choose to transverse Hyrule Field on foot rather than on horseback, poes will show up in certain areas and irritate you. Once defeated, a poe will offer you the option to bottle its spirit. You can choose to hold onto it to give to the Poe Collector for 30 rupees and zero points or you can drink it for a chance to gain some life or lose some. Pretty risky, but it's fun to test your luck sometimes.
Potion (blue)

You can pick this potion up from the old hag in Kakariko Village as adult Link. It costs a pretty penny (or rupee, rather) at 300! Ouch. This is the sweetest of potions! Regenerates full health and full magic! And it is in the prettiest colour of all three. ^_^
Potion (green)

If the green stuff is what you seek, then seek it in the Hyrule Castle Town Item shop as young Link or in the Kakariko item shop as adult Link. It will fill up your magic meter in a single gulp. Not bad for green goo.
Potion (red)

Ah, the life-giving potion. Before I learned that there were fairies in the Zelda games, I used to stock up on red potions. ^_^;; Silly me. You can find these in just about any shop in all of Hyrule. Feeling a bit injured? Chug this liquid down and feel your strength return. It will restore your health in one sip!
Young Link's Event Items
Weird egg

Malon is one weird little girl. When you meet her in the castle garden, she tells you that she's been incubating an egg very carefully and she decides that it is best that you hold onto it. Why would she even mention the egg? WHY? Just hold onto it until the next day breaks. You'll be in for a pleasant surprise... if you've never seen an egg before.

Shock! The weird egg spawned a chicken demon! When you work your way through the massive amounts of guards who are keeping a vigilant eye on the castle gardens, you should find a sleeping Talon. Wake his ass up with your chicken (because, you know... chickens crow.)
Zelda's letter

Wow! Princess Zelda's autograph! Princess Zelda gives you this piece of loose leaf for sneaking past all her guards. (All, what? Six of them?) You also have to endure a fairly long cutscene. If you show this letter to the man guarding the gate to Death Mountain in Kakariko Village, he'll grant you entry to the active volcano and then ask you for a "Kee-something character mask." Better do what he says.
Keaton mask

Once you have given the letter to the guard by the gate to Death Mountain, the Happy Mask shop in Hyrule Castle Town opens. Grab it from the salesman and sell it! Wear it around people to see if they want to buy it. Unfortunately, only one person does. The guard by the Death Mountain gate in Kakariko Village. He'll buy it for 15 rupees. PROFIT!
Skull mask

This mask becomes available once the Keaton mask has been sold. Before giving it to the person who wants to buy it, you can take this mask to the Deku Playground in the Lost Woods and wear it in front of the little deku sprouts. They'll give you the ability to hold more deku sticks. After that, you can wear it for the skull kid with the flute in the Lost Woods. He'll give you 10 rupees. NON-PROFIT!
Spooky mask

Once the Happy Mask Shop owner has his money from the last mask, he'll let you try and sell this one. There is a child in the Kakariko Graveyard you thinks he's all that! Show him that he's not by wearing this mask. He'll insist that you give it to him and he pays you 30 rupees for it. 30 rupees!! BREAK EVEN!
Bunny hood

After ponying up the dough for the Spooky mask, you'll have a chance with the Bunny hood. If you can catch the running man in Hyrule Field while he's taking a break, put on the Bunny Hood and he'll give you more money than you can count for it! He'll comepletely fill your wallet so make sure it's empty and can hold 500 rupees. MEGA PROFIT!
Mask of Truth

Your reward for making so many people happy (four, to be precise) is the Mask of Truth. Wahoo. Wear it in front of a Gossip Stone (the weird stines that giggle and tell time when you hit them) and they will gossip with you. Also, you can wear it at the Deku Playground and the deku sprouts will be so impressed that they'll increase the number of deku nuts you can carry.
Goron mask

Once you have completed the Happy Mask shop's quest to make people happy, this and two other useless masks are available. Wear it around people to get funny reactions!
Zora mask

You can pick this up at the same time you can pick up the other two useless masks. The most notable conversation you can have with this mask on is with Princess Ruto. Try it!
Gerudo mask

Again, this is available with the other useless face covers. No, you can't sneak into the Gerudo fortress as young Link while wearing this mask. Those ladies are just too smart, if you ask me. I thought it was a good idea to try.
Adult Link's Event Items
Pocket egg

The cucco lady in Kakariko village will notice that you have good cucco-handling skills (whatever that means.) So therefore, the only logical thing to do is give you her newest creation, the pocket egg! Just hold onto this until it hatches at sunrise of the next day. Do not make an omelette!
Pocket cucco

Surprise! Your egg is now a living, breathing animal! You have to prove to the cucco lady that you are a good cucco handler. What better way to do it than to make it very happy by waking up the laziest man in Hyrule, Talon. Since he was run out of his ranch by Ingo, you can find him in the house with a man sitting on the roof. Pull out the cucco and wake his ass up again!

Quite possibly the coolest cucco ever! In exchange for the happy cucco who just woke up Talon, the cucco lady will give you a very depressed cucco. It's not easy being blue. Hehe, Sesame Street. Remember the movie when Big Bird was painted blue? Awesome. The only person this baby blue cucco crows for is the cucco lady's brother. Problem is, he ran off and no one knows where he went. But I do. He's in the Lost Woods where the skull kid used to dance. He'll be so happy to see his old bird, he'll be twitching with excitement... or disease.
Odd mushroom

Aww, the twitching, disease-ridden boy needs our help and he can only trust us because we took such good care of his bird... He needs you to turn this mushroom into medicine. Take the mushroom to the only person who seems to not care about the boy's future, the old hag in Kakariko. You only have a few minutes to get it to her so you may need Epona's help on this one. To get to her place, go through the item shop back door and up some stairs to the entrance. Avoid the hole in the ground. You'll lose time.
Odd potion

Talk to the old hag and show her the mushroom and you'll encounter some drama. Apparently, the old hag and the boy have a history of hatred towards each other so she is not pleased to have to make this potion. Run back to the boy (with no time limit) and cure him of his jittery twitches.
Poacher's saw

You didn't make it! You failure! The boy is now a stalfos and it's all your fault! The Kokiri girl who now stands where the boy used to be wants the potion since it was made with forest mushrooms and belongs in the forest. She trades you the poacher's saw for the potion. The saw belongs to a carpenter. Now where did those carpenters from Kakariko go after seven years of building one house? Let's randomly try Gerudo Valley for no reason. >_>
Broken Biggoron Sword

Hey, wow. How weird that the carpenters are here and it was the first place I told you to check. Find the boss (if you haven't tried to enter the Gerudo fortress to free his workers, he is very easy to find, being the only one left.) Give him the saw and he'll be soooo happy. Sooo happy in fact, that he gives you a broken sword in return! I guess he really did need that saw. Who else can repair a broken Biggoron sword? BIGGORON on top of Death Mountain! This is not the same goron who is in Goron City, mind you. Biggoron is outside at the top where you found your first Great Fairy fountain. You must show him the broken tool! Maybe he'll feel obliged to fix it.

Awww, poor Biggoron. He has dust in his eyes. ;_; Even though he can't see it, he knows that the broken sword is his. He needs to fix his shoddy work so he gives you a prescription for eye drops. Biggoron said go to King Zora for the eye drops. Once you have thawed him out (as King Zora and Zora's Domain is sub-zero at the moment) he'll give you the ingredients for the eye drops.
Eyeball frog

The secret ingredient to prescription eye drops is apparently eyeball frogs. >_> Because King Zora picked a fresh frog right off the tree, you don't have much time before it expires. Run the frog on down to the Lake Hylia Laboratory (do not warp!) The doctor should be able to make the eye drops Biggoron sorely needs! You are on a time limit so make haste.
Eye drops

The doctor surely is disappointed when you tell him he can't eat the eyeballs. He quickly goes back to his workbench and fixes you up some eye drops! Again, on a time limit, take these back to Biggoron. He'll be so happy and no longer irritated! Huzzah!
Claim check

Once Biggoron can open those big ol' eyes again, he'll give you this so you won't forgot to pick up your new sword. Wait three of four days (or play the Sun's Song a bunch of times) and show the check to Biggoron. He'll award you with the best sword the Hero of Time will ever wield, the Biggoron sword!
Equipable Items
Arrows (fire)

After standing by the slab of stone close to the warp point for the Water Temple and shooting a plain arrow at the sun as it rises over the rock wall, you will be rewarded with ice's bane. These can be used light braziers and set wood on fire. Equip them with the fairy's bow and everything set your enemies aflame!
Arrows (ice)

For completing the Gerudo Training Grounds, you will be given the Gerudo's fantastically useless treasure, the ice arrows. They freeze enemies.... yup.... These things suck. ;_;
Arrows (light)

After awakening all six sages and receiving their medallions as proof of this feat, head on over to the Temple of Time as adult Link and after a long cut scene of shockers and plot development, you'll get the light arrows. Since they take twice as much magic to use than the other two magic arrows, they aren't very good for you to be using all the time. Just use them when you need to, mainly on the six seeds that seal off the atrium in Ganon's Tower and of course, chuck them at Ganondorf when the time comes.

By finding the bomb bag in Dodongo's Cavern, you'll have access to bombs as long as you keep your bag stocked. Slice plants and bash rocks to find more bombs. You can pull bombs out and blow crap up! Stay still and put the bomb at your feet or run with it and throw them.

Bombchus are very rare in this game. You can only purchase them in the Bombchu store in the back alley of Hyrule Castle Town with young Link or find them in chests in temples that actually use them. You can also win them in groups of ten in the Bombchu bowling game in Hyrule Castle Town as young Link. BOMBS THAT RUN ON THEIR OWN! OH EM GEE! O_O You never have to worry about not having these when you need them. If there is a puzzle that requires a bombchu, they will give you some in the very room you require them in!

You get eaten by a giant fish named Lord Jabu Jabu, bossed around by some bitchy princess you find in the middle of the giant fish and probably electrocuted a few times and your reward for all that heartache and pain is a throw-away-from-you-and-it-somehow-comes-back-to-you-every-time stick! woot. o_O Certain enemies are vunerable to the boomerang like ~~~~. Other enemies are just stunned by it as though it were hit by a deku nut. Puzzle elements such as switches and ... tails hanging from ceiling are activated by using it.
Deku nuts

These nuts are available at the beginning of the game either through purchase at the Kokiri shop or by killing non-withered deku babas through damage and not by slicing the stem off. Hardly useful, though always nice to have during a stalfos fight, the deku nuts stun enemies with a blinding flash for a few seconds. I only use them to stun stalfos so they drop their sheild and become easy targets.
Deku sticks

Just like the deku nuts, these become available at the beginning of the game. Just cut the stems of a deku baba (withered or otherwise) and collect your stick. Bring out the stick and you've got yourself a really long weapon. Problem is they break on contact with anything so be careful. Also, you can set the top of the stick on fire and carry it around like a torch to light braziers. Make sure you put it away before the fire burns the whole stick, though or you'll have to bring out a new one. Also, if you can get a butterfly to land on the end of your deku stick, the stick will vanish and a big ass fairy will appear. These fairies fill your hearts and magic!
Din's Fire

After ridding the evil from Dodongo's Cavern, the Great Fairy of Magic who resides in the garden of Hyrule castle will bestow upon you the gift to burn the crap out of everything around you as long as you have the magic for it. Her cave will open to you after you've talked to her sister on top of Death Mountain, the Great Fairy of ~~~~. EVERYTHING MUST BURN! As long as you have the magic reserves to use it, Din's Fire will set everything in a huge radius around Link on fire! It's needed for a few puzzles, nothing really special... but it looks so cool!
Farore's Wind

Behind Lord Jabu Jabu is a piece of land with a bombable wall behind it. Bomb the wall and talk to the Great Fairy of Magic to be blessed with Farore's Wind. This magic spell can only be used in a place that has a dungeon map. Farore's Wind isn't very useful unless you know the dungeon fairly well. The first time you use it, you create a warp point in the room you currently are in at the entrance of the room you last used. The next time you use it, you can either choose to go back to that warp point you just created, dispel the current warp point or do nothing. So, for example, in a two storey room (and there are a few) if you enter a room on the first floor, work your way to the second floor and use Farore's Wind, the warp point that is created will go back to the door you entered through on the first floor. If there is a locked door you don't have a key for yet, use Farore's Wind in that room so you can go back to it quickly once you find that key.
Nayru's Love

In the Desert Colossus, there is a bombable wall on the right wall by some palm trees. Behind that bombable wall is the last Great Fairy of Magic and she's nice enough to give you Nayru's Love. *insert porn music here* ^_~ When Nayru's Love is active on Link, he will not take damage at all. It lasts for about a minute and costs a huge amount of magic. The odd thing is that even though Link does not take damage, he still acts like he does. If he gets hit by a very powerful attack, he will still get launched from his feet and fall on his back even though no hearts will be taken away. Weird.
Fairy bow

By defeating two stalfos after having already defeated one stalfos with no floor in the middle of the room in the Forest Temple, the fairy bow will be yours for the taking. As long as you have ammo for it, you can use it! Fling arrows (magic or otherwise) at your enemies from afar and laugh as they die in confusion. Ha ha ha!
Fairy ocarina

Even though your attempt to save the Great Deku Tree didn't work, Saria still thinks of Link as a friend (I sure wouldn't, you failure!) She gives him her treasured ocarina so when he leaves the forest, he can always play it and remember her. Awww. ^_^ Cute! Bring it on out and play a tune! You can play magic songs with the ocarina! Each C button and the A button are notes so play to your heart's content. Also, if you want to have a little fun, wiggle the joystick around while playing to change the pitch of the notes you've played. The R button also changes the pitch. You can play lots of different songs. I learned how to play the Super Mario overworld theme! ^_^
Fairy slingshot

The slingshot is obtainable in the Great Deku Tree after meeting and beating your first deku scrub. Why the Great Deku Tree hid it in there is beyond me, however. Load up on deku seeds and shot the hell out of those monsters. This weapon is very effective for hitting targets that young Link is too short to reach. For whatever reason, adult Link can't use it. Maybe the wood rotted after seven years? Or maybe slingshots just aren't adult enough for Link once he inhabits an older body?

Dampe the Graveyard attendant covets this item. The only way to get it from him is to make it through his deadly maze as adult Link. This maze is hidden under the grave next to the soft soil patch in Kakariko Graveyard so pull out the headstone and run your butt off to keep up. Look for wooden posts, boards and trees that the hookshot will stick into then hold on for a sweet ride. You'll be pulled to wherever the hookshot got stuck. Normally, the hookshot could pull things to you, but the only things that seem to do that in this game are enemies. Any enemies the hookshot will stick in will also be stunned, giving you a few free smacks.
Len of Truth

Head down to the Bottom of the Well and navigate through the little mini-dungeon to find this treasure. All you have to do is beat the hell out of the ~~~~ that is guarding it, but that shouldn't be too hard, right? See what is unseen with the lens of truth. Anything invisible becomes un-invisible...I mean visible. It does take magic to use, so make sure your magic meter has a little juice left in it before whipping this baby out.

One of the more frustrating items to get in the game, mainly because it's in the more frustrating dungeon ever to grace a Zelda game, the longshot is found deep in the Water Temple. *sigh* It brings painful memories back to me even just thinking about it. ;_; This is an improved hookshot as its reach is twice as far as your first chain with a hook on the end. It does the same thing as its predecessor, just better.
Magic bean

The very pale man sitting by a fence along Zora's River and eating beans has the magic beans you want. He'll start you off at a low price with your first magic bean at 10 rupees. The next one will cost you 20, then 30, then 40 all the way up to 100 rupees. So if you do the math, you will be spending 550 rupees if you wish to buy all 10 beans. Plant these babies in a soft soil patch as young Link and they will grow to lilypad-like plants you can ride as adult Link (and wouldn'tcha know it, there are ten beans and only ten soft soil patches. How convenient.)
Megaton hammer

The legendary hero of the Gorons used this hammer to banish the fire dragon, Volvagia from their mountain. Now, as the Hero of Time, you must take up this hammer and banish it again! This treasure is found in the Fire Temple in Death Mountain encased in a barrier of flame. A hammer is only good for one thing and that one thing is smashing crap! You now hold in your hands the ability to break almost any rock in your way (except the sturdiest rock of them all, the grey rock) push down rusty switches and beat the living hell out of Volvagia.
Ocarina of Time

During a cutscene, Princess Zelda, while fleeing Hyrule Castle with Impa, chucks this priceless heirloom of the Hylian Royal Family at Link just as he approaches the castle gate with all three Spiritual Stones in hopes that he gets it, but she's got pretty bad aim. Jump into the moat surrounding the gates and dive for this pretty instrument. It has the same uses and abilities as the fairy ocarina. Play pretty music with it to solve puzzles and show your connection to the Royal Family. Since this ocarina is clearly better, Link just throws away his old one and doesn't think twice about Saria's feeling. What a jerk.

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