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Combat Basics


Firearms come in three basic flavors: Pistols, SMGs, and Shotguns. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common way to get a weapon, is to either loot it from a dead enemy, or by purchasing it at one of the weapon shops: Ares Weapon Emporium (Redmond Barrens), Crime Mall (Puyallup Barrens) and Weapons World (Renraku Arcology).

Price range is "weapon's price with negotiation 0"-"weapon's price with negotiation 12". It's the "maximum price"-"minimum price".

Pistols also come in both Light and Heavy. Light pistols fire a "little" bit faster. Not really worth the tradeoff in power, but as stated under the combat section, skill counts for a lot more than firepower. A light pistol and a Pistol skill of 13 is more than a match for even a shotgun and a skill of 4.

Pistols also have the advantage of being open to accessories. These devices can cost more than the firearm itself... but they're worth it.

Model 101T: You'll start with this one. It's the second cheapest gun in the game-and for good reason. Light damage, light power, and carries 12 bullets. Available at Ares Weapon Emporium.
Price range: 350-250.

American L36: The very cheapest gun. It's basically the same as the Model 101T, but only carries 11 bullets. Available at Ares Weapon Emporium.
Price range: 300-210.

Security 500: The best light pistol. Light damage, light power... and carries 25 bullets in a clip. Since each Universal Gun Clip costs the same no matter how many bullets the gun carries, this can be a lot cheaper, if you tend to do a lot of shooting. Other than that, a high magazine capacity isn't that big a deal. Available at Weapons World.
Price range: 675-465.

Predator: One of the two best pistols, it has Med damage, and high power. And it carries 15 bullets in a clip, to boot. This is more than enough power for dealing with most of the enemies you're likely to meet. Available at Ares Weapon Emporium and Weapons World.
Price ranges: 675-465 and 540-380 respectively.

Warhawk: The other best pistol. Med damage, brutal power- which means the target is even more likely to stop charging. Then again, you don't really need that much power in a pistol, and it's a revolver-only six bullets in the cylinder. Available at Ares Weapon Emporium and Weapons World.
Price ranges: 500-350 and 550-380 respectively.

Max-Power: Think Predator with only 10 bullets. Spend the pittance required for the Predator, instead. Available at Ares Weapon Emporium and Weapons World.
Price ranges: 585-405 and 630-440 respectively.


Shotguns are a lot slower to fire than pistols or SMGs. They do, however, harbor the distinction of being the most powerful weapons in the game. Unfortunately, they cannot be accessorized. They're also illegal-strange as that may seem. That means that if you carry one, you'd best obtain a permit, unless you want to deal with constant harrassment from "Lone Star," the privatized police force paid by the Corps to keep Seattle safe.

Roomsweeper: Not the best shotgun, its only advantage is that it carries 8 bullets. Its high damage and high power aren't the greatest. Available at Crime Mall and Weapons World.
Price ranges: 2,000-1,380 and 1,500-1,040 respectively.

Allegiance: The best shotgun. High damage, BRUTAL power. It only carries 5 bullets, but since you're not likely to meet more than 5 enemies at a time, you don't really need more than that. Available at Crime Mall. (xach's weapon of choice)
Price range: 2,800-1,930.


Illegal as hell-so get that permit! But if you do, then the SMGs possess more raw firepower than anything else. All SMGs fire off three bullets at once, in a triple burst. This means you can hit one target three times, or hit more than one target with a single blast. Good for hunting trips. And they can be accessorized.

Mach 22: The cheapest SMG. Med damage, light power, 24 bullets in a clip. Available at Crime Mall.
Price range: 1,600-1,100.

AK-97: Same as the Mach 22, only it carries 30 bullets. Available at Crime Mall.
Price range: 2,000-1,380.

HK227-S: The BEST SMG in the game. The best GUN, in the game. Med damage, med power, 28 bullets in a clip. Expensive as hell, but worth every nuyen. Available at Crime Mall.
Price range: 4,500-3,100.


Grenades are a very powerful weapon... IF you have the requisite training. A high Throwing skill is required to get the most out of these devices. Also, they damage EVERYONE within the blast radius- including fellow Shadowrunners and clients you're supposed to be protecting! Still, when going into boss battles with lots of targets coming at you, a well placed grenade can make a useful addition to spells and bullets.

Scatter Grenade: The weakest of the grenades. Claims to be High Damage and Light Power. In actuality, does no more damage than the Concussion grenades. More expensive to boot. Not worth it. A real world example would be a pipe bomb- sending chunks of hot metal through the air. Available at Ares Weapon Emporium.
Price range: 360-250.

Concussion Grenade: One of the two best, depending on your use for the grenade. Medium Damage (actually, the same amount as a Scatter Grenade-3 points), but Brutal Power. This means that a Concussion Grenade will stun the victims and interfere with THEIR attacks, leaving your buddies free to rake them with SMG fire. The real life version is called a "flash-bang" or "stun" grenade- makes a REALLY loud bang and a REALLY bright flash, and is primarily used by SWAT teams and Special Ops units engaged in hostage rescues. Available at Ares Weapon Emporium and Weapons World.
Price range: 180-130 in both stores.

Frag Grenade: The other best grenade, with High Damage (6 points) and Medium High Power, the Fragmentation Grenade does great damage to everyone in the radius of effect. Good for making mincemeat out of everyone in the room. Basically, a professional strength version of the scatter grenade. Available at Crime Mall.
Price range: 600-420.

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