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Cyberware... the Samurai's best friend. While the Decker CAN use it, most of his funds will no doubt be spent on his Cyberdeck. Whereas the Shaman touches Cyberware only at a great cost to his magical powers. But the Samurai, whose primary abilities lay in his awesome battle prowess, finds Cyberware to be of great value in enhancing his offensive and defensive abilities. No matter what battle skill the Samurai relies on- guns or grenades or hand to hand- there's Cyberware to make him even more effective with it.

Cyberware is not "plug and play" tech, mind you; it requires surgery to install. That means you need to go to a hospital, if you want it. You'll find them in both Barrens, Downtown, Renraku Arkology, and even Council Island.

Price range is "cyberware's price with negotiation 0"-"cyberware's price with negotiation 12". It's the "maximum price"-"minimum price". Only the cheapest store for each implant is listed.

Datajack: This is the life's blood for any Decker or Decker wannabe (note- Samurai and Shamans can also use Datajacks). They allow you to use a cyberdeck to explore the Matrix-which is what Shadowrun calls the Internet (it's worth noting that Shadowrun was created long before the Internet came to be). They cost .2 essence- not too shabby. Decker Archetypes start with Datajacks already installed in their dainty little noggins.
Price range: 400-280 at Little Chiba's (Redmond Barrens).

Cybereyes: These babies can see "invisible" opponents, making it easier to hit them, as well as increasing combat success. They cost .2 essence, but can be a very handy enhancement for the combat prone.
Price range: 1,800-1,240 at Council Island Hospital (Council Island).

Hand Razors: Fingernails with a vengeance! Perfect for the cat lover who wants to shred his enemies into confetti. Only costs .1 essence, to boot. Basically, it adds to your melee damage, and causes melee attacks to stop doing stun damage. Samurai start with Hand Razors already installed.
Price range: 1,000-690 at Dr. Bob's (Puyallup Barrens).

Spurs: Shades of Marvel Comics... These aren't Adamantium, though, but carbon fiber. They're also .2 essence, or .1 if you already have Hand Razors. A little more damaging than Hand Razors, they're for the Shadowrunner who wants to specialize in melee combat.
Price range: 3,600-2,480 at Dr. Bob's (Puyallup Barrens).

Smartlink: The ONLY targeting system for the true sniper. This is almost exactly like the targeting computer seen in the Robocop movies, save that the computer itself is mounted on a Smartgun, while this is just feedback circuitry so you can use it. You COULD use Smart Goggles, but if you're not a Shaman, and you want to be a gunslinger above all else, this is the one... at .5 essence cost.
Price range: 1,500-1,040 at Wire-Masters (Renraku Arkology).

Muscle Replacement: This is... a tough one to recommend. Basically, it's either this, or Wire Reflexes. What Muscle Replacement does is give you +1 to both Strength and Quickness, for each installment, at 1.0 essence apiece. I generally prefer it, for melee fighters-especially with Winston Marrs- give him a max Strength of 14, and a melee power rated as simply "Incredible!" It's also great for grenade throwers, if you like to deal with baddies by fragging them. Maximum of three installments.
Price range: 9,000-6,190 at Seattle General Hospital (Downtown Seattle).

Dermal Plating: Plated armor, which is hidden underneath the skin. An unseen carapace, that adds +1 to Body, for every level, at .5 essence per installment. Maximum of three installments.
Price range: 2,800-1,930 at Seattle General Hospital (Downtown Seattle).

Wired Reflexes: This is the other choice, if you don't want to cyber up for Melee combat. It may also be a better option for melee fighters. You essentially replace your peripheral nervous system with wire threads, transmitting impulses to and from your muscles at the speed of light, instead of the slower electrochemical speed of organic nerves. What it does, is to increase attack speed, so that you shoot and punch faster than normal. This costs 2.0 essence apiece, as well as being the most expensive, to boot. Great for gunslingers, but for a melee fighter... I dunno... Muscles or Reflexes, a tough choice...
Price range: 20,000-13,750 at Wire-Masters (Renraku Arkology).

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