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Attributes and Skills
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Attributes and Skills

A Shadowrunner's abilities may be measured in Attributes, and Skills. Each has its use-there are no useless attributes or skills. Attributes require the number in Karma points to upgrade to the next level, Skills generally require twice that:

It would take 4 Karma points to increase Quickness to level 4;

It would take 16 Karma points to increase Melee to level 8;

Attributes for a human may never exceed 6 without cyberware enhancements, attributes for other races vary. Skills-with three exceptions- may never exceed 12.
Note that you have to check in a hotel in order to use your Karma points.



Body: This increases your defense rating against just about everything, in both combat and cybercombat. How tough you are, basically. A must have.

Quickness: This increases your movement and attack speed- useful if you prefer a hit and run fighting style (and when you first start out, you WILL want to keep enemies at a distance), as well as increasing your attack rating for anything you do.

Strength: Increases melee damage, and grenade accuracy. If you like hand to hand combat or throwing grenades, this is a must.

Charisma: Reduces the hiring cost for Shadowrunners and increases fast-talk success. It can save you cash-and in a Run inside a Corp building, it can mean the difference between breezing in and out, and getting caught in a full scale defensive storm.

Intelligence: Increases attack speed and attack rating. Especially good for Mages and Shamans.

Willpower: Reduces mana drain from casting spells and increases attack rating. Invaluable for Shamans and Mages.

Essence: Magical healing rate. Starts at 6, decreases for every bit of Cyberware installed. If you're a Shaman or Mage, KEEP IT AT 6.

Magic: The maximum level spell you can learn. If you're a Shaman or Mage, DON'T GET CYBERWARE! Keep it at 6, or you'll lose all your effectiveness as a spellcaster!


Sorcery: Not only increases your skill with magic, but ALSO increases defense against magical attacks-and armor doesn't protect against spells, only bullets and melee attacks.

Firearms: Increases your skill with ALL guns. The best possible skill for a Samurai, and also good for a Decker.

Pistols, SMGs, Shotguns: These only improve your ability with one type of gun, but only cost half as much to increase. DON'T touch these at first-see the Secrets section for details.

Melee Combat: Melee combat doesn't cost bullets, which means you can use it even when the guns are empty. A good skill for ALL three archetypes.

Throwing: Grenades. I never saw much use for these things, but you may. This will let a frag grenade do the damage it's supposed to.

Computer: This is THE skill for a Decker. If you are a Decker, or have a Decker teammate, this is the skill to max out. Samurai may also benefit from this skill- but Shamans and Mages should NEVER make use of ANY Cyberware. Vital for the completion of many Run types.

Biotech: Increases the amount of healing you can do with a Medkit. And Medkits are much more portable than a bunch of Stim Patches and Trauma Patches.

Electronics: This increases success when trying to pick an electronic lock-the only type you're likely to see in this game. Even after you get a Maglock Passkey, you're still going to need this to shut off alarms-and get clues for completing the really big Runs.

Reputation: How well the rest of Seattle knows you. A high Rep can get you in to some places that you otherwise couldn't, or would have to pay to get in to. Only Joshua's reputation has any bearing in the game.

Negotiation: Increases the amount of cash you can get for a completed Shadowrun, and helps get a better bargain when buying or selling. When making big purchases of the expensive equipment, you want the guy with the highest Negotiation skill to do the buying-it can literally save you thousands of Nuyan

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