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Johnsons are the Shadowrunner's agents, hiring him on behalf of anonymous clients-secrets kept by all parties at all levels. The client is kept anonymous, the Johnson is kept anonymous (hence the nom de guerre "Mr. Johnson"), and the Shadowrunner is identified to the client only in terms of skill- top level talent vs. ameteurs.

The Johnsons are your source for Contacts, information, and, above all... Shadowruns. Shadowruns (for those of you too proud to cheat like a L337 spouting troll spawn) are the primary source of Nuyen, and of Karma. And Johnsons are the ones who put them together- a link between those who don't want to dirty their hands, and those hardy souls who run the Shadows.

Gunderson is a slimy little creep who can only give the three most menial of jobs. Courier, Escort, and Ghoul Hunting. Of the three, Ghoul Hunting pays the best, but is also the most difficult-ghouls can be very dangerous, when you're first starting out. Not to mention that ghoul lairs are often home to vampires and gargoyles, as well. Still, you have to take what you can get. For 1,000 Gunderson can also give you a contact: the Decker Wilma Temmenhoff.


Mortimer Reed
A good Johnson for the mid level Runs. Things like more advanced Courier and Bodyguard Runs, Ghoul Busting, and Enforcement, as well as low level Acquisitions, Extractions, and Matrix Runs. He can also sell you a contact: Alesandro Hobb (1,500).


Julius Strouther
Just like Mortimer, except for requiring a passfee just to see him. Not a good choice for a Johnson-your profit margin will get eaten up by the costs. For 1,000 he also offers a useful contact, Quinton James.


Vigore and Jarl
These two seem very unsavory. You'll find out why, later. Still, they pay very well, and for 750, they offer Max, one of the best Contacts in the game. They specialize in the same sort of Runs as Caleb, but of a lower caliber-mid level Runs against the lesser Corps. The drawback here is that their runs land you one less karma point than normal.


Caleb Brightmore
Caleb is the elite, the creme de le creme of Johnsons. And he only employs the best. He offers the three most dangerous, difficult, and highest paying Shadowruns: Acquisitions, Extractions, and Red Line Matrix Runs. He also offers contacts: Kipp David and Sgt. Chillicut (2,000 each). Like all good Johnsons-it's his business to know people.

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