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Samurai: A Samurai is the full bore fighting character of the game. They start with hand razors, retractable claws from the fingertips, as well as the best combat oriented stats (though that is hardly saying anything). The single greatest advantage a Samurai has is his ability to gain karma just from killing creatures. That's a slight edge that can make a slight difference in the long run, as far as building up the character. The only other advantage is the lack of a disadvantage posed by an advantage of a magic user. Since he can't cast magic anyway, he doesn't have to worry about losing essence when he cybers up.

Decker: A Decker is like a cyber Mage. He has awesome power, but only in the Matrix. Since the Matrix doesn't exist except in computers, and since the rest of the time the Decker must rely on skills and equipment totally different than his specialty, that's bad. But since the Matrix is where all the info is, not to mention the place where the most money can be made, that's good. A Decker starts with a datajack. A very poor cyberdeck will be made available almost immediately after beginning the main story, so that's no worry, either.

Gator Shaman: A Gator Shaman is a cross between a priest and a mage. As far as the Genesis game is concerned, the only difference is that a Shaman has to sacrifice one of his item slots for carrying his totem, which symbolizes his relationship to his patron. As a shaman, you take on the aspects of your beast patron. Being a Gator means your bite is MUCH worse than your bark. A Rat Shaman would prefer to specialize in invisibility and stink spells for infiltration and escape; a Gator will simply walk in with magically armored skin and display an affinity for pyrotechnics...

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