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Here is a chart of all the magic spells found throughout the game, their effects, NP costs, and where to get them. Simple, eh?

List Of Magics
Magic Name Where to Get It NP Cost Effects Picture
T-Star Find Samurai Happy's fan in mini-game inside his hut. 5 NP Selecting T-Star during a battle gives you an endless supply of powerful ninja stars for about a half a minute or so. T-Stars are quite powerful, and can be used to attack from far away! Considering you can toss a LOT of stars in 30 seconds, this spell is definitely worth the NP cost!
Escape Leaf Talk to Leila in Egymid. 4 NP Use the Escape Leaf during battle to escape any really dangerous encounters, or if you just feel like running away from your enemies.
Vitalizer Talk with Blu Boltar in the Resistance Base. 5 NP A quick and easy to use energy refill, Vitalizer is a good alternative to a Sweet Bun. Can be used anywhere.
Robo Chameleon Earned after defeating Serpent Medusa. 15 NP In battle, creates an illusion of your character, which enemies will run up to and attack. After a bit of time, it explodes, harming any enemies stupid enough to stay near it!
Boomerstar Sold in Mecha Colony for 500 Sen. 15 NP Gives you an endless supply of boomerangs to toss around for about half a minute or so. Stronger than a T-Star, but only one boomerang on the screen at a time, sorry! Stand close and repeatedly toss Boomerangs for massive damage!
Sentinel Shield Given to you by Dr. Justice upon his rescue. 20 NP Not exactly a very useful spell in battle, but you might like it. Sentinel Shield places a barrier around your character that deflects any incoming projectiles.

However, Sentinel Shield is very useful in boss battles. Set one up and you will be able to completely nullify a few enemy attacks!

Turtletime Watch Given to you by Sherrif Baa in Nightlander. 10 NP A handy spell that slows down all enemies on screen. N/A
Reflextar Sold in Nightlander for 1000 Sen. 20 NP Pretty much the same thing as the T-Star, except it bounces off walls. That doesn't make it worth the high NP cost though.
Magidoor Given to you by Ninja Gems in Beatle Town. 20 NP Cast this handy spell to create a door out of thin air. The door warps you out of dungeons.
Magiport Given to you by Chief Arrowhead in Beatle Town. 20 NP Cast this handy spell to create a door out of thin air. The door warps you to the last Spaceboat Port ("S" building) visited.
Serinitech Given to you by Merman in Merman's Place on Water World. 15 NP Temporarily lowers your enemy encounter rate. N/A
Starbomb Sold in Village Bunnme for 10000 Sen. 30 NP A T-Star that latches onto the enemy and blows up after a few seconds.
Magimine Sold in Hidden Item Shop for 100000 Sen. 40 NP Eep... the price is VERY high, but this spell is a gift from Heaven. Use it to cause an explosion where the enemies are standing, which should kill most enemies in 1 hit, or do over 100 damage to a boss! It's worth every Sen.

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