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Here is a listing of all of the characters you will run into during your adventure. I have also included brief descriptions of each character, as well as a portrait, and if applicable, a battle picture or area map screenshot! Now, there may be spoilers on this page, but I have organized the characters into CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, meaning the order in which you meet them. If you don't want to know who shows up next, then don't scroll down too far!

Choose a character
Jack Ryu Prince Bonbon
Dr.Justice General Lion Samurai Happy
Princess Leila Blu Boltar Serpent Medusa
Pharoah King Tyranna Ragyu
Sweet Lady Oldman Taurus Sherrif Baa
Dragon Fighter Robo-Doc Red and Blue Ninja Gems
Lord of the Lost Forest King Wood Tank Car
Merman Virgo Vixen Fortune Teller
The Stealth Six Ninja Master Puma

Jack: Ninja Boy #1

Our favourite little ninja is back for another adventure, this time with a tanned face and colorless outfit due to the Game Boy's non-existent color palette. Jack, his brother Ryu, and their friends were going out for a fun little zip around the cosmos, when they were shot down. Luckily, they managed to get into an Escape Pod, but unfortunately, they have crash-landed on a desert planet. 8(

Ryu: Our OTHER Ninja Boy

Ryu is Jack's brother, and his skills and techniques are identical to his brother's in every way. He doesn't appear in the game, except during Boss Battles, and in the 2 Player Mode, where Jack and Ryu are Player 1 and 2, respectively.

Prince Bonbon

What would a Ninja Boy game be without the psychotic Ninja-Boy obsessed Prince Bonbon around for the ride? Well, he's here, and he was in the aforementioned ship that got shot down by the Galands. But when Jack and Ryu hit the desert surface, Bonbon is nowhere to be seen. Where could he be?

Dr. Justice

The genius scientist/goat from Super Ninja Boy is back! Unfortunately, he was also on the ship with Jack, Ryu and Bonbon. His current whereabouts are unknown, but let's just say he's around a place well suited for him.

General Lion

Calling himself one of the warriors of the galaxy, this very evil looking villain is responsible for shooting down Jack and Ryu's ship at the beginning. He's the game's final boss; a real bad apple.

Samurai Happy

So he's "happy" now. I hope to Deus that thing on his head is hair even more now. Anyway, Samurai Happy here lives in a small hut north of Sandstar, and has lost his waving fan, used to keep cool in the desert heat. It's hidden in his backyard, so all you have to do is talk to him and play his mini-game, running around his backyard punching blocks until you find it for him. Happy rewards you with the T-Star for your services.

Princess Leila

I still don't know what kingdom Leila is the princess of, but I do know she seems to show up in all the Ninja Boy games to help you out. In this installment, she hides out in Egymid and gives our heroes the Escape Leaf spell. According to her portrait, she also looks a little chubby this time around; maybe all that time being she spent giving out Sweet Buns resulted in her eating a few too many and getting a little heavier!

Blu Boltar

This is odd... the evil Blu Boltar from Little Ninja Brothers is now a good guy? Yes, indeed! Blu has seen the light, and now works as a member of the resistance of Egymid! Visit him to get a Vitalizer and some Boo Bombs! What a guy!

Serpent Medusa

This evil snake woman thingy has the Libra Ring, which she picked up during her enslavement of the town of Egymid. She's probably trying to take it back to whoever her leader is, but you won't let her, will ya? Will ya? *poke poke*


The ruler of Planet Desert Star, and also not a very talkative guy. I don't even know if that's his real name; he didn't tell me! All I know is that he gives you a handy Robo Chameleon spell after you save his fine city.

King Tyranna

Despite the name Tyranna, the ruler of Dino Star is not a tyrannical ruler. Or maybe he is... when you turn your back! More info soon...


Brainless musclehead if I ever saw one. He lives in White Castle, and coughs up a Bonzebot should you visit him. He then tells you to "fight for 24 hours". Great... another character that should be dropped off at the loonie bin.

Sweet Lady

Sure, her physical appeareance is the equivalent of a vomit-covered pile of elephant feces with a naked, flame-engulfed William Shatner sitting on top while getting open-heart surgery and eating a dead cow, but true beauty comes from the inside, right? And Sweet Lady is a very sweet lady, indeed. Visit her on the way to Sanjo Castle for a Sweet Bun refill!

Oldman Taurus: The Tram Engineer

This literally bull-headed old man has been driving the Milky Rail train system for 80 years now. Now THAT's dedication! Any time you want a ride from Dino Star to Robo Star, visit him.

Sherrif Baa

One of the few people in Nightlander who hasn't had their mind messed around with by the stupid spell, Sherrif Baa doesn't do a whole lot for you. He does give you a TURTLETIME WATCH spell to help out, though.

Dragon Fighter

Though he can't join your team due to... well, I have no idea why he doesn't! Ah well... Jack fights best on his own, right? Anyway, he lives in the Dragon Tower and if you pass his balloon-popping test, you shall be recognized as a Dragon Warri.... err, I mean Dragon Soldier! No copyright infringement intended there, folks!

Robo-Doc: Evil Galand Bastard

He's BAAAAAACK! Robo-Doc is the one behind the Fanta Land problem. Apparently, we didn't kick his ass hard enough in Super Ninja Boy.... well, time to fight again!

Red and Blue Ninja Gems

The helpful twin Ninja Gems (what the hell?) from Super Ninja Boy are back. Visit them in Beatle Town to obtain the MAGIDOOR SPELL.

Chief Arrowhead

I say this guy's name is Chief Arrowhead of Beatle Town! I say he looks like a reject from the "Meeple Meeple Dance with Wind People!" dancers in Chrono Trigger! I say he gives you a handy MAGIPORT spell though! I say he starts every sentence with the words "I say", which should explain the cheesy joke contained in this description. You say "Shut the hell up and get on with the damn shrine!"

Lord of the Lost Forest

Isn't he just adorable? Beyond the Eastern Cave of Wood World lives this cute little thing, and believe it or not, only he may pass through the Lost Forest to reach the World Tree! He'd be glad to help and all, but unfortunately, he's unable to move his cute little bug muscles. You'll have to hatch his cute little baby out of a cute little egg... aww! Cuteness factor nine! I'm not sure if I can stand it!

King Wood

Heh, wood... ahem! The king of Wood World, who lives in the World Tree. His health dictates the health of the entire planet's forest, so it's important that he stays safe at all times... unfortunately, the Galands aren't tree huggers...

Tank Car

Bwahahahahahaha! Gyahahaha! Uwee hee hee... ahem, sorry. Tank Car is the one responsible for the trouble in Wood World. He's hiding at the top of the World Tree, and the only way to restore the forest is to defeat him. Just try not to laugh too hard while you're fighting; he's pretty tough!


Living on his own on the beaches of Water World, Merman is a friendly fish that gives you the Serinitech when you visit him. Though I still have no idea why he lives on land when there's an ocean right in front of him.

Virgo Vixen

The Wind Celestial from Athletown has apparently lost her morals and become a slut roulette girl. She lives on the beach of Water World if you fancy a game.

Fortune Teller

The most accurate fortune teller in the world. Visit him in Flotown to learn EXACTLY what to do. He's quite helpful, not vague like most fortune tellers.

The Stealth Six

These guys are the elites of the Galands, residing on the base known as Fort Mars. Each one is quite a struggle to defeat. From left to right, they are; Old Bomb Brother, Aracnatach, Young Bomb Brother, Smokester, Horneter, Castler.

Ninja Master Puma

Second in command of the Galands, Puma has earned himself quite a reputation! He kidnaps poor Bonbon, blows a hole in the ocean, and locks Jack and Ryu in prison when they reach King's Planet! Fortunately, the power of friendship from across the Marco Polo clustar frees our heroes from an eternity in prison.

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