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Boss Fights in Ninja Boy II are quite different from the ordinary enemy battles. Instead of the "River City Ransom" type battles that you fight when encountering enemies, the boss fights are more like "traditional" RPGs. The enemy is on the right, and you are on the left. You select a command, as does he. Then the game carries out the attacks, tells the amount of damage received/healed, and kills off any characters who have lost all their HP. Here is a sample picture of a boss battle:

Your Commands Are:

Bout: Use various physical attacks. The game chooses a random one, and attacks the boss with it. You will either punch, Miracle Kick, Moonsault Kick, or attack the enemy with your sword.

Magic: Use Magic against the boss or on yourself. Also, if you have enough M Points, you can use Mighty Ball on the boss, which will do damage to the boss, or be blocked out.

Item: Use Items against the boss or on yourself. This includes attacking with swords, Boo Bombs, or healing with Sweet Buns, Meat Buns, or Capsules.

Run: Run away from the boss! Don't choose this! Stand and fight, valiant warrior!

Here is a list of the 6 boss battles in the game, where they are hiding, their various attacks, a picture of each boss, and my tactics for beating them. NOTE: If you are playing 1 Player mode, Ryu will be in the Boss Fights with you, and will use random Fight Commands. Also, when the boss attacks, it will target BOTH your characters.

First Boss: Serpent Medusa

Location: Royal Tomb

Description: The evil one behind the takeover of Egymid and enslavement of all the adults. Punch her in the kisser for me, ya hear? That'll learn her.

Tactics: Hopefully you healed up before entering the fray. All you need to do is keep your HP up above 10 at all times and keep choosing Bout to attack. Your punches are about 8 damage per hit, so this battle won't take long.

Suggested Level: Level 10

HP: About 80

Exp: 100

Sen: 200

Serpent Medusa's Attacks
Attack Name
A fairly weak attack that does about 5 HP damage to both characters.
Medusa Stare
Turns Jack and Ryu into stone, or back to normal if they are already stone.
Flame Wave
Ouchy! Deals about 10 HP damage to Jack and Ryu.

Second Boss: Robo-Doc

Location: Evil Castle in Fanta Land

Description: The evil mastermind from Super Ninja Boy returns! This time, he's responsible for the spell that has turned the people of Nightlander into the intellectual equivalent of a wasteland. You know what to do, right?

Tactics: It's the same thing as before. Whittle away at his life with the Bout command, and when your HP hits around 25 or so, heal up with your Sweet Buns and Meat Bun.

Suggested Level: Level 20

HP: About 175

Exp: 1600

Sen: 1600

Robo Doc's attacks
Attack Name
Deals 10 damage to both characters.
Ultra Robo Fire!
20 damage to both characters... oww!
Ultra Robo Transform
Robo-Doc turns changes into Hydra form.
Nail Gun
Ouchy! About 20 HP damage to Jack and Ryu. Usable only when in Hydra form.

Third Boss: Tank Car

Location: World Tree in Wood World

Description: Haahaahaa! Gyahahaha! Tank Car.... haahaahaa! Ah... er, sorry. He's the one endangering the vast forests of Wood World. You know the drill.

Tactics: Start the battle with a TURTLETIME WATCH to lower his accuracy, then expend your M Points for a Mighty Ball attack, which should do about 25 damage. After that, beat up on him and heal when your HP reaches around 30.

Suggested Level: Level 24

HP: About 170

Exp: 3400

Sen: 3400

Tank Car's attacks
Attack Name
Deals about 17 damage to both characters.
Assault Beam Gun!
About 27 damage to both characters... oww!
Take Aim at the Object!
Does about 25 damage to both characters.

Fourth Boss: Ninja Master Puma

Location: Temple Apollo

Description: Oh man, this guy is evil! First he kidnaps Prince Bonbon, then he blows a hole in the ocean, and now he steals your rings and retreats into the sun? It's up to you to put a stop to him before he gets a chance to control the Marco Polo Clustar! Oh, you get the Storm Blade when you topple him, too!

Tactics: I highly suggest you Magimine him until he dies. If you choose to fight the "honest" way, beat up on him relentlessly, using Sweet Buns or the Meat Bun to heal when you reach about 35 life.

Suggested Level: Level 36

HP: About 235

Exp: 4600

Sen: 4800

Puma's attacks
Attack Name
Magic Net Trap
Attempts to paralyze both characters. It usually only hits one character though.
About 20 damage to both characters.
Mega Punch
Does about 30 damage to both characters.
Magic Energizer
Heals some of Puma's HP.

Final Boss: General Lion

Location: Planet Graviton

Description: The grand-exhalted leader of the Galands, General Lion is the one who shot down your ship in the beginning, and who stole the Auraballs after Super Ninja Boy. He lives beyond the black holes of the Clustar. He's not too tough to beat, but give him all you got!

Tactics: Magimine has a very low rate of hitting this boss, so you'll have to beat up on him with normal attacks. Use Sweet Buns or the Meat Bun to heal when you reach about 60 life.

Suggested Level: Level 36

HP: About 250

Exp: N/A

Sen: N/A

General Lion's Attacks
Attack Name
About 20 damage to both characters.
A very strong attack, does about 50 damage to both characters. Oww!
Gatling Gun
Another very strong attack, does about 50 damage to both characters. Oww!
Smart Bomb
See above description. Same attack, but Lion screams "Ieeeeerrrr!" when he does it.
Heal Spell
Heals some of Lion's HP. The message you get is a riot!

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