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Here is a list of all the enemies in Ninja Boy II, including pictures and strategies for winning. The names of the enemies were conjured up by me, and are not very creative. Ah well...

Many areas in Ninja Boy II use the same enemies, but with higher levels. So therefore, I am splitting the Beastiary up by sections. The list of all enemies and how to kill them is below, and a Beastiary for every location in the game can be found by clicking on the links in the table.

NOTE: If you are attempting to build levels, the best thing I have found to do is to head to a place where Dragon enemies are called by the other enemies (Dragon Tower and Ocean Floor are good). Wait for them to call the Dragon, and kill it. Wait for them to call another Dragon, and kill that. Repeat as much as you want, but make sure you keep your life up. They are worth 500 EXP a pop, which is quite high for one enemy that doesn't take too much effort to beat.

Enemy Name Difficulty Picture Strategy
Greybot Very Easy No special attacks whatsoever. They are pretty much the "grunts" of this game, and are very easy to beat. Don't let them beat you; it's pretty embarrassing if they do.
Pez Easy Why Pez, you ask? Well, they look normal in this picture, but these enemies can stretch their necks up, leaving them out of punching range. You'll have to jump up and smack them in the face.
Gunner Easy Almost the same as Greybot, except these guys will pull out pistols and start shooting if given the chance. Don't let that happen! Attack them quickly.
Triceratops Medium These guys are tougher than the average enemy. Running into them with your fists flying is never a great idea, as they can at any time do a fly across the screen attack! My advice would be to throw a few punches in, and then quickly leap out of the way, in case they do their flying attack. The good news is, these guys are worth a lot of EXP and Sen.
Fishhead Easy Almost the same as the Gunner enemies from before, except a little easier. When they open their mouths, they will pause for a few seconds, then spit a bobbin from their mouth. That's your cue to jump behind them and knock them out! Get hit by the bobbin, and they will pull you in and chew on your head for a while!
Stretch Squid Normal Their heads hanging out of punching reach, Stretch Squids are a bit of a pain in the backside to fight. In order to hit them, you must execute a jumping punch or a Moonsault Kick to smack them in the face. If given long enough to stand in one place, they will shoot a powerful projectile toward you, so don't even give them a chance!
Knight Hard Knights are rather difficult to defeat. Sporting a powerful sword and a protective shield, these guys hit hard and are hard to hit. Punching them rarely works, so you should Moonsault kick them to make them drop their guard, then try punching them. If that doesn't really sound like a great idea, you can repeatedly use the Moonsault Kick against them. It takes a little longer, but it's probably the safest way of taking these guys out.
Devil's Cabana Boy Easy Like the name may or may not apply, these guys are more of a nuisance than a challenge. They fight like any other easy enemy, but occasionally stop moving for a few seconds to shoot a fireball. When the fireball hits the ground, it will stay there and burn for about 5 seconds. As long as you stay away from the fire or defeat them before they get a shot in, you've got nothing to worry about.
Schnozoid Hard An odd enemy, to say the least. Schnozoids are stationery enemies that fire small projectiles out of their trumpetesque noses, while teleporting around the room. Usually, they will be elevated a little and just out of punching reach, so you can't just run right up to them and punch. What I do is wait for them to fire off a shot, then Moonsault into them, making sure you land right on them. If the Moonsault Kick registers as a hit, start punching at them until they fly away. Since you are nearly on top of them, they won't be able to hit you!
Ubergrunt Very Hard Ouchu... this guy is a toughie! He either flies back and forth slowly and drops 3-way shots down, or flies up and down like a maniac. Getting hit by any of his attacks can result in serious headaches, and trying to stay under him for a Moonsault Kick is a lost cause. Your best course of action is to wait until he flies side to side, approach him from the side, and then jump punch into him. Thankfully, he only takes about 3 hits.
Horseback Knight Hard This is what I would consider a "2-Stage Enemy." These guys fly horizontally across the screen endlessly, attempting to ram into you. What's a Ninja Boy to do? Knock them off their high horse, of course! Hit them with two Moonsault Kicks before they get across the screen (the hits reset if they leave the screen). This should kick them off their horses, and from there on, they are just normal Knight enemies. The real problem with these enemies is dealing with the two that appear on-screen at a time; your best bet is to knock them both off their horses to stop their constant charging.
Golem Medium These things are merely a stronger version of the Triceratops enemies. The same strategy applies; knock them down with a flurry of punches as soon as they appear, then get out of the way when they return to their feet to avoid their flying attack. These enemies have a tendency to shoot T-Stars as well, so be extra careful.
Dragon Hard Dragons are not actually random encounters; they only show up in certain battles and are "summoned" by the enemies. They are quite tough to kill, and you might just want to wait for them to fly off-screen and disappear. But if you want to kill them, here's my strategy. After they fire their first shot, Moonsault Kick into them, then jump away and repeat. After about three to four Moonsaults, they will almost be ready to fire a shot at you, so dodge that and repeat your assault. They should take about 15-20 Moonsaults, depending on how strong you are.
Big Beetle Medium Not much different from Golem and Triceratops. However, after almost knocking them down with punches, they will start their flying attack. Once you learn their timing, they aren't very tough at all. However, later on in the game, their armour vastly improves, and punches become ineffective.
Bomb Bug Normal Normal punches can't faze these guys. You'll either have to run at them and punch them, or Moonsault Kick them. These guys are pretty easy enemies though, stopping only to occasionally attack. Usually, they will fire mortars out of their back-mounted cannons, but they are very easy to dodge. As long as you stay relatively close, they can't hit you with them. So move in and keep tapping the Control Pad toward them while punching to dash punch them to death.
Ant Twerp Easy These guys are pushovers. They are very easy to beat up and kill, and their special attack (a giant boomerang) is easy to dodge and predict. Once they stop moving for a bit, they will toss it at you. Simply Moonsault Kick them once they start standing still.
Prop Termite Medium If you know how to approach these guys, they aren't all that bad. When they first enter the fray, give them a Moonsault Kick. Then, wait for them to fly away from the wall, and then climb up the wall, jump toward them, and punch them. They shouldn't take too many hits. Whatever you do though, don't stand under it; the shots it drops down on you cause petrification.
Snort Hard These guys are quite tricky when they gang up, or if they stay far away from you. They toss their heads at you, which follow you around, doing a dangerous amount of damage when they hit. The best way to take them on is to run across the screen if there is more than one to get them off-screen, and move in for the kill when there is only one on-screen.
Kite Easy These guys are a welcome breather from the rest of the enemies around the ending of the game. The best way to take them on is to stay in one spot and Moonsault Kick straight up when they fly by. Keep doing that. 8)
Claw Ninja Normal Think of these guys as Greybots, but tougher and equipped with a mean claw attack. Treat them as you would any other small enemy.
Hornet Very Hard Very, very difficult to defeat. This enemy usually flies side-to-side across the screen, and those who attempt to move in usually get hit by its two smaller hornet minions, which do a massive amount of damage. The best strategy is to run. Or if you absolutely must fight, wait until they are moving slow and use T-Stars or Magimine to bring them down.
Samurai Hard These guys are much like the Knight enemies from earlier, but with a more Eastern flair. Use the same strategies as before.
Mounted Samurai Hard Same as the Horseback Knight enemies from earlier, but with a more Eastern flair. Deal with them in the same matter.
Centipieces Normal Another enemy that flies across the screen, except this one only takes damage when hit in the head. Your best strategy is to keep Moonsault Kicking its head.

The Stealth Six

These six enemies are known as the Stealth Six. Each one resides on Fort Mars, near the end of the game. All of them are quite difficult to defeat without the Magimine Spell. As you progress into the game, you will find these guys as random encounters! Look out! Also note that when you fight these enemies as bosses, you will not be able to use Mighty Ball on them. Please note, however, that Fire Punch works extremely well on all of them, especially when you jump and punch them.

Enemy Name Difficulty Picture EXP/SEN Strategy
Old Bomb Brother Very Hard 400 EXP/ 400 SEN Hey GG Crono, look! It's Dark Helmet! Seriously though, these guys are really tough. They move at blinding speed, and fight like a really souped-up Greybot. To make matters worse, every time you hit them, they make an explosion. They have quite a bit of life, as well. I find the best strategy is to stand still, cast Robo Chameleon, and then beat them up with a sword as they attack your clone. Or you could just Magimine them.
Aracnatach Normal 1800 EXP/ 1600 SEN He's not so tough. You'll fight him in a room with two conveyor belts and a plain floor. Stand on the floor, and dodge the slow-moving worms that he drops on you. When he comes down for a closer inspection, smack him in the face with a few punches. Every so often, he might inch over a little to the right, so be careful. If he gets too close, cast Magimine to kill him.
Young Bomb Brother Very Hard 500 EXP/ 500 SEN Remarkably similar to Old Bomb Brother, except they can place little bombs on the floor. Handle them in the same way.
Smokester Very Hard 3000 EXP/ 3000 SEN A really difficult Hornet-type enemy, with spinning orbs that protect him. I suggest you wait for him to slow down, and then use Magimine once or twice to blow the orbs away. After that, you should be able to take him down with Moonsault Kicks.
Horneter Very Hard 5000 EXP/ 5000 SEN A tougher version of Hornet. Don't even bother trying to fight "properly." Use Magimine as soon as he enters the screen to get rid of him.
Castler Nigh Impossible 5000 EXP/ 8000 SEN Ouch... these pagoda-shaped guys are really tough. Think of them as an extremely powered up Golem enemy that takes a lot more hits. Thankfully, you only have to fight two of them. For strategy, I would suggest waiting until they stop moving, and then use Magimine. Three Magimines will kill them.

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