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How To Play

As you may have already guessed, Ninja Boy II is a very simple RPG to pick up and play. If you have played Super Ninja Boy, you will be very familiar with the gameplay; it's pretty much the same thing. However, this section is for those of you who are new to the series.

First of all, let me tell you the controller or keyboard functions.

Control Pad: Moves your character on the World Map/Battle screens. Scrolls between different commands on the Menu screens. Press Left or Right and then press and hold the same direction to run in battle.

Select Button: N/A

Start Button: Starts the game (did you expect it to make your character jump? It says START!). This button also brings up the menu during battle and on the field.

B Button: In battles, executes a jump. Press B and a direction on the control pad to execute a Moonsault Kick! It's also the Cancel button on menu screens.

A Button: In battles, executes a punch. It's also the Accept button on menu screens.

Now for an explanation of the different screens, as well as the game's "flow."

Like any other RPG, you wander the world map searching for towns/dungeons and the like. Enemies randomly appear at times... you know, the usual. There are also towns, where you can talk to people and gather info, as you might have guessed.

Basically, you go to a town and gather info, talking to main characters and gathering info/magic/items and buying supplies. Then you set out on whatever your quest might be, fighting random battles for experience points and sen (money). Eventually, you face off against a big bad boss character. Then you do it all again. Such is the flow of the RPG... hehe.

A word about equipment: Unlike most RPGS, equipment (shields, armour, etc) is equipped automatically, and only one piece of each equipment will be carried at a time, which will be the strongest possible at the time.

Now, here are a few sample screens from the game, as well as some explanations of the things you'll see on the screens.

The World Map

This is the thing you travel along to find towns, dungeons, etc. Press Start at any time to bring up the menu. Walk into locations to enter. Enemies randomly attack you on this screen.

The Town Screen

While in towns, you can enter buildings with open doors, and talk to people by approaching them and pressing the A button. Most buildings will switch the screen to a dialogue screen or a shop menu.

Item Shop Screen

What's to explain, really? Move the cursor to the item you want to purchase, and press the A button to buy it. If it is equipment, keep in mind you will not be able to buy anything weaker than what you have equipped.


Pretty much the same as the World Map, except you're indoors and there are treasures and stuff around! Flashing tiles indicate staircases up or down.

The Menu Screen

This can be brought up on the World Map, Dungeon, or Town screens by pressing Start. Here is an explanation of all the things on this screen.

ITEMS: Use items such as Sweet Buns, Meat Buns, or Boo Bombs.

MAGIC: Use magic spells.

EQUIP: View equipped items.

STRENGTH: Look at your character's statistics, such as attack, defense, Max HP, etc.

TREASURE: View all the treasures (Rare Items) you have collected.

On the bottom of the screen, your current HP, NP, M, Level and name are displayed.

That's pretty much it for the "RPG" elements you'll see in the game. Now for the battle screens/controls/moves.

Battle Start Screen

This is the screen you will see when a battle starts up. Choose either Bout (to fight the enemy), or Run (to run away).

The Battle Screen

Ahh, here is the best part of the game! Battles in Ninja Boy II are fully controllable, not command-selecting turn-based combat. Basically, you move up, down, left and right around the combat arena, fighting off enemies, and avoiding any traps on the screen.

Here are the battle controls.

Control Pad: Move around. Tap Left or Right twice to start running.

A: Punch at the enemy.

B: Jump. Press B while pressing a direction to do the Moonsault Kick.

A and B: Miracle Kick START: Brings up a different Menu Screen, which lets you use ITEMS, MAGIC, or EQUIP swords and stuff.

ITEMS: Use Items in battle.

MAGIC: Use spells like Robo Chameleon, or equip various types of throwing stars.

EQUIP: Equip (or de-equip) a sword, or expend 6 M Points to use the powerful Mighty Ball attack, which grants you temporary invincibility and allows you to kill enemies by running into them.


Mighty Ball

All that's really left to explain now is the Boss Battles.

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