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Here is the Equipment Section of the Ninja Boy II shrine, which is basically a compilation of charts containing the different types of equipment: Punches, Helmets, Armor, Shields, and Swords. Note that all equipment is equipped automatically. Also note that the higher level punch you have equipped, the more rapid your punches will be. However, the Thunder Punch completely messes up that rule and gives you a very slow attack... in other words.. DO NOT BUY THE THUNDER PUNCH!

Armor List
Armor Name Location Cost Description
Norm Uniform Sandstar, Egymid, and White Castle item shops 40 Sen The first armor in the game. Don't miss it!
War Uniform Mecha Colony and Nightlander item shops 300 Sen War Uniform? What the heck? We're off to war now? Ahh well... purchase one of these.
Crust Armor Beatle Town item shop 1200 Sen Mmm... I like crusts! Buy it as soon as you can.
Psyche Armor Yukimura item shop 2500 Sen Silly name, but very good armour. Buy it!

Helmet List
Helmet Name Location Cost Description
Space Helmet Egymid and White Castle item shops 50 Sen Yes, it's probably one of those goofy space helmets. And yes, it's good for you to wear. So purchase one.
Combat Helmet Mecha Colony and Nightlander item shops 520 Sen It's better than that goofy Space Helmet!
Crust Helmet Beatle Town item shop 1000 Sen It's even better than the Combat Helmet!
Psyky Helmet Village Bunnme item shop 2200 Sen Geez, you spelled "Psyche" correctly the last time... why bother changing it?

Punch List
Punch Name Location Cost Description
Speed Punch Initial equipment N/A You start with this. It's not exactly what the name implies, but it will do.
Cosmic Punch White Castle and Nightlander item shops 150 Sen Be sure to pick it up!
Meteor Punch Beatle Town item shop 1000 Sen Finally, a new punch. Buying it should be your top priority.
Comet Punch Flotown item shop 5000 Sen Ooh, sounds strong! Purchase it as soon as possible.
Thunder Punch Yukimura item shop 8000 Sen Crash! Bang! Boom! This punch is horrible... it sometimes stuns enemies, but it is much slower and less effective then the Comet Punch. Stick with that.
Fire Punch Second Hidden item shop 20000 Sen Best. Punch. Ev0r. Seriously, this punch may be slow, but it hits harder than anything in the game. Even the Stealth Six will crumble with this baby equipped!

Shield List
Shield Name Location Cost Description
Saur Shield Sold in White Castle item shop 150 Sen A prehistoric buckler. Worth buying.
Shell Shield Flotown item shop 2000 Sen A shield made from a beautiful shell. Not sure what kind of shell (turtle?), but it's good protection.

Sword List
Sword Name Location Cost Description
Dragon Sword Given to you by Dragon Fighter N/A The official blade of the Dragon Soldiers of Fanta Land. Cool!
Storm Blade Acquired after defeating Ninja Master Puma N/A The mightiest sword in the game.

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