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Lady of the Lake

Maya rushed to the ant guard, and presented him with the Plan. The guard agreed that she had done a good job, and decided she could be the ants' friend after all.
Maya went north to the ant hill, where she decided she should look for her friend Paul Emsig. Maya did not get far before a guard told her that she needed a Pass to proceed. Maya was not ready to give up yet, so she decided to look for a Pass.
Luckily for Maya, she was able to find a Pass in the room just above her. She presented it to the guard, who was more than willing to let Maya go upstairs.
Maya was pleased to find out that the Ant Hill was very easy to navigate. She made her way to the Queen's room, where she found Paul Emsig. Paul told her to meet him in the stockpile.
Maya decided that Paul must be referring to the room where she found the Pass, so she met up with him there. He told her to search for Max the Earthworm in the Pumpkin Patch to dig a hole to the Hornets' Nest.
The Wasp King discovered that Maya was headed to the Pumpkins, so he sent several Wasps to invade that area. And Maya noticed that this time, more than one Wasp listened...
Maya returned to the Pumpkin Field, and headed south, where she found Max. Maya was saddened to learn the Max was ill, so he wouldn't be able to help. Max told Maya that Flip knew the cure to his ailment, and that he was in the swamp to the west.
Maya headed to the northwest corner of the meadow, where Juppy had already eaten his new potato-home. "At least now I can access the swamp!" Maya thought to herself.
Maya heard a scream for help when she entered the swamp. After carefully analyzing the voice, she decided that it must have come from Flip. "Oh no!" Maya thought.
Maya began working her way through the swamp, which was filled with dragonflies and spitting fish. Maya discovered that the dragonflies were vulnerable to Pollen, but the fish weren't. She went west, and then north in her pursuit of Flip.
Here Maya discovered a frog! Maya knew that if she flew too close to the Frog, it would eat her, so she flew around it, and headed to the northwest corner of the screen.
It was here that Maya discovered Flip, who had been eaten by a carnivorous plant! Flip told Maya to find a stick so that she could save him by hitting the plant.
Maya flew south a bit, where she fortunately found a stick. She mustered all her strength and stuck the plant with it, and Flip was freed. Flip told Maya to find a special mushroom to cure Max. Maya then devised a new password.

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