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Due to the IMMENSE difficulty of Maya the Bee: Garden Adventures, you'll probably want to hack yourself some Honeycomb, Pollen and Nectar. Well listen up bitches, because if you're playing the game with VisualBoy Advance, you're in luck!

VisualBoy Advance has a nifty thing called a "Memory Viewer". Select it from the Tools Menu. To change your Honeycomb, Pollen and Nectar, you'll need to go to the correct offset, and change the value. The offsets are listed below. So, you'd type in an offset (listed below) and replace the two digits there with whatever you want, and voila. And Maya the Bee doesn't even use hexadecimal, so it's extra easy here!

The Honeycomb offset keeps track of how many hits Maya has taken. So, if you want her to have full health, enter "00" in that offset. If you are a heartless bastard, and you only want her to have 1 honeycomb segment, enter a "05" in that offset, to indicate that she has taken five hits.

Enough talk, here are the offsets:

D018 Honeycomb

D01A Nectar

D01C Pollen

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