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Maya the Bee - Maya's a friendly little bee who is fond of playing oh so happily. She's always busy buzzing here and buzzing there... busy buzzing everywhere. Maya loves and Maya cares. Maya gives, and Maya shares. Maya likes to play around, but she'll never let you down. Oh, and she's on a quest to rescue Willi from the Hornets.

Ant Queen - The Ant Queen does absolutely nothing but sit on her fat ass. She won't even talk to Maya. She's sporting a pretty slick beard, though...

Flip the Grasshopper - Maya's omnipresent grasshopper friend. He acts as a guide throughout Maya's adventure, giving Maya direction when she needs it.

Hornet Colonel - The apparent leader of the Hornets. You can bet your bottom dollar that you'll have to defeat him before you can rescue Willi.

Jimmy the Glow-Worm - Jimmy is a glow-worm, so he has the talent to light up dark places. When Maya finds that she cannot proceed due to the darkness, Jimmy lends her a hand by giving her mysterious, glowing Pollen.

Juppy the Maggot - Juppy is a maggot who prefers to eat vegetables rather than garbage or rotting flesh. Which is good, I guess. He can help you by eating through a pumpkin (and later, a potato) that's blocking your path.

Kurt the Beetle - Big, brawny Kurt spends most of his time snoozing away. However, when you help Puck find his glasses, he convinces Kurt to move a "boulder" (or rather a pebble) blocking your access to the Molehole.

Max the Earthworm - Max the Earthworm is unfortunately feeling ill at the moment. If he was healthy, he could help Maya by digging a tunnel to the Hornets' Nest. Supposedly, Flip knows how to cure him...

Ms. Cassandra - Ms. Cassandra is the Hive's resident teacher. She's available to help educate Maya on the various items she can find, as well as some other stuff.

Paul Emsig - Paul is an ant friend of Maya's. He can assist Maya in reaching the Hornets' Nest.

Puck the Fly - Puck the Fly knows the way to the Wasps' Nest. He will help you out if you help him find his glasses.

Queen Bee - The Queen Bee of Maya's hive. As supreme commander of her subjects, all decisions must go through her, including the procurement of honey. She also employs over-protective guards that tend to kill anybody that step in their paths...

Thekla the Spider - The biggest, baddest (and ugliest) spider there is. Thinks friendly little bees are delicious... a dangerous customer...

Wasp King - The ruler of the wasps. He hates friendly little bees and ants. He's too much of a coward to engage anybody in combat himself, though.

Willi the Bee - Willi is Maya's best friend. He's not as couragous as Maya, and he gets kidnapped by Hornets in the intro. Good for him.

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