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Event Items are listed in the order they're found.

Scoop Bee Hive A Working Bee has lost his Scoop. Return it to him to go up the stairs in the Bee Hive.
Jug Bee Hive You need to the Jug to carry the honey to deliver to the Hornets. You cannot get the Jug until you talk to the Queen. After you get the Jug, fill it with honey and exit the Hive.
Glasses Corn-Poppy Meadow Puck's lost glasses, one screen to the right of Puck. Return them to him and he'll help you access the Molehole.
Glowing Pollen Corn-Poppy Meadow Given to Maya by Jimmy the Glow-Worm when she discovers the Molehole is too dark. It allows her to access the darkest parts of the Molehole.
Key Wasps' Nest A Key found behind the throne in the Wasps' Nest. It unlocks the door leading to the Plan.
Plan Wasps' Nest The Wasps' Nest Plan. You must give this to the ants to befriend them and gain access to the Ant Hill.
Pass Ant Hill The Pass is needed to go up the stairs in the Ant Hill. It is lying on the ground in the room north of the stairs.
Stick Pond The Stick is needed to rescue Flip from the carnivorous plant. It is found just south of the plant and Flip.
Mushroom Mushroom Patch The Mushroom is found in the Mushroom Patch, near the Swamp. You need to get it and deliver it to Max the Earthworm to heal him so he can dig an entrance to the Hornets' Nest.
Gearwheel Hornets' Nest The Gearwheel is needed to activate the machines that remove the bars from some doors in the Hornets' Nest.
Key Hornets' Nest Dropped by the Hornet Colonel. It is needed to unlock the door near the entrance in the Hornets' Nest.
Crank Hornets' Nest Behind the locked door in the Hornets' Nest. Using this in the room north of where you fought the Hornet Colonel allows you to lower Willi's cage to the ground.

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