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Enemies are listed in order of appearence, and most names are made up by me.
If Maya gets hit by an enemy, she loses a Honeycomb Segment and is transported back to the entrance of the room.

Bee Guard Bee Hive These guys guard the Queen Bee in the Bee Hive. Apparently, they have orders to kill even their own hive-members if anybody approaches the queen. They walk back and forth, and stab anybody who gets in their path. They're also immune to Pollen, so you'll have to sneak past them. After talking to the Queen, they'll stop trying to kill you.
Red Bug Molehole I'm not sure exactly what these things are. They behave just like the Bee Guards... always walking back and forth, patrolling an area, and stabbing trespassers. However, they're vulnerable to Pollen, so let 'em have it!
Beetle Molehole These are basically the same as Red Bugs, despite the different appearence. They patrol an area and punch you if you get too close. Despite their large size, a single grain of Pollen is enough to put them out of commission.
Wasp Wasps' Nest, Pumpkin Patch Wasps also patrol an area. If they spot you, they'll start flying at you and will shoot Pollen at you. Hit them with Pollen before they hit you! Later in the game, they'll also appear in the Pumpkin Patch.
Spider Spider Area Spiders quickly scurry about, and if they see you, they'll shoot webbing at you. Not nice. You'll also have to deal with their webs covering the ground everywhere. Hit them with Pollen as quickly as possible.
Thekla Spider Area Thekla does not behave unlike the average spider, except Thekla takes five hits to go down. For every successful hit, Thekla retreats, so hit the spider, and when Thekla comes back down, fire again, lather, rinse, repeat.
Dragonfly Swamp, Pond Dragonflies merely fly back in forth over a small area of swamp. They don't even chase you or anything, so they're not much of a threat. Go ahead and hit them with Pollen if you're paranoid.
Fish Swamp Fish constantly pop their heads out of the water and spit water at you. Pollen has no effect on them, so just do your best to avoid them.
Frog Pond This picture is shown at half-size. Yeah, the Frog is BIG. Lucky for you, it doesn't do anything but sit there. Just don't fly too close to its mouth or it will eat you. Oh, and Pollen has no effect, so don't even try. Just fly around it.
Green Bug Mushroom Patch These surly little bugs are only found in a single screen in the entire game. They're pretty unspectacular... they just patrol an area and hit you with their wings if you get too close. If you want, you can Pollen them into submission.
Hornet Hornets' Nest Another patrolling enemy. If you get too close to them, they rush at you. They're very quick, so try to take them out with Pollen when you see them.
Whip Hornet Hornets' Nest You guessed it, these guys patrol an area and attack you if you get too close. They're not as quick as regular Hornets, but with their whips, they have longer range, so they're just as, if not more, dangerous. Take 'em out with Pollen!
Hornet Colonel Hornets' Nest The big cheese himself! He'll try to get close to you and slash you with his sword, but the fact that he has to get close to you is his biggest weakness. Just keep your distance and hit him with 8 Pollen shots and you'll have him begging for mercy.

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