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Me So Hornet

Maya rushed due south of the Frog until she came to the Mushroom Patch. Here she was able to locate a Mushroom. "I hope this is the right one" Maya thought, "I'm no expert on fungi... it would be a shame to give him a poisonous toadstool on accident!" Maya decided it was worth the risk, and headed back to Max.
Maya returned to Max and fed him the mushroom. Luckily, the mushroom healed Max. Max told Maya to meet him at the Ant Hill, where he would dig a hole to the Hornets' Nest.
Back at the Ant Hill, Max was eager to dig a hole to the Hornets' Nest. Maya was pleased to see the enthusiasm on Max's face. Before Maya realized it, Max was finished with his tunnel, and the path to the Hornet's Nest loomed before her...
Inside the Hornet's Nest, Maya discovered spikes, as well as two types of Hornet guards. One type flew at her quickly, and the other whipped her! "At least I've got my Pollen", Maya thought.
Maya continued to the north, until she found a locked door. She knew that she would need to find a key if she was to discover what was behind that door...
Maya continued to the north, past a door covered with bars, until she came into a room with a Gearwheel inside. "I wonder what this is for", Maya thought as she pilfered the Gearwheel.
Maya then went due south, where she happened upon a strange machine. Brimming with curiosity, Maya placed the Gearwheel in the machine, and with a rumble, something started to happen. Maya deduced that the machine must have done something somehow.
Maya discovered that she was able to go through the door that was previously blocked by bars. "I'm coming to rescue you Willi!", Maya said to herself as she advanced deeper into the Hornets' Nest.
Maya noted another door blocked by bars, but decided to go north first. Here she found Willi! Unfortunately, Willi was locked in a cage that was suspended far off the ground. Maya vowed she would find a way to rescue him.
Maya went into the room directly south of the barred door. Here she found another machine, similar to the one she found earlier. "If I only had another Gearwheel", Maya thought. She then looked in her inventory and found that she indeed had a Gearwheel still. Rather than contemplate how that could be possible, Maya thought it would be better to just activate the machine.
Past the barred door, Maya found the Hornet Colonel! "This is going to be tough", Maya thought... Maya also noticed that Pollen replenished itself in the northwest corner of the room. Maya knew that the Colonel could only attack from close range, so she kept her distance and hit him 8 times with Pollen. Then he dropped a key and ran away. Maya happily picked up the key.
Maya discovered the chain where Willi was hanging from in the room north of the Colonel. Unfortunately, she needed a Crank to let Willi down.
It was about this time that Maya remembered the locked door near the entrance of the Nest. She tried the key, and lo and behold it fit! Maya wondered what she would find behind the door as she entered it.
Maya couldn't believe her luck... she had found a crank behind the door! She knew she would have to use this to let Willi down.
Maya rushed back to the room with the chain and used the crank to lower Willi's cage. Dripping with anticipation, she decided to hurry to Willi as quickly as possible.
Maya returned to the room with Willi, and he was finally free! "I AM a friendly little bee!", Maya told herself. "I've made some new friends, and I've helped Willi when he needed me the most! What a busy day!"
And that, my friends, is how Maya was able to save Willi from the hornets. But don't take my word for it, go ahead and play the game yourself and see. Maya the Bee wants to share her adventure with everybody! And the next time you see a bee, remember that there's more there than meets the eye. And next time you see a hornet, go ahead spray it with Raid.

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