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Boris the Spider

On Maya's way out, the King noticed that she had the Plan, and once again sicced his guards on her. Fortunately for Maya, there was still only the single guard on duty, so Maya was easily able to get past him with a single shot of Pollen.
Maya made her escape from the Wasps' Nest, but she discovered that the Wasps filled in the Molehole. Flip tells Maya that the only way to return to Corn-Poppy Meadow is to head south and make her way through the Spider-Turf.
Maya did not like the Spider area. It was full of sticky webs that slowed her down, but she was grateful that she could fly over them. There were also lots of mean spiders who shot webs at her. They were quick, but were vulnerable to pollen.
Maya decided that the quickest way to get out of the Spidery area was to head south as far as possible, then west. She did so, and then she encountered Thekla the Spider. "Hmmm, if my life was some sort of video game, I guess this would be a boss battle", Maya thought, as she prepared to do battle with the spider. Maya noticed some pollen at the bottom of the screen that would constantly reappear, essentially giving her unlimited ammo. Maya was able to beat Thekla by staying clear of the webs on the ground and the webs Thekla threw, and by hitting Thekla five times with pollen. Maya decided to stock up on Pollen on this screen before heading north and out of the Spider Area.
Maya found herself in a pumpkin patch. She knew that the way to the meadow was in the northwest corner of the patch, but there was a large pumpkin blocking her path... "What am I going to do now?" Maya thought worriedly.
Maya headed right one screen, where she encountered a little maggot named Juppy who was living in a potato. The maggot was sad, because he had almost eaten his entire potato home... Maya remembered seeing a potato in Corn-Poppy Meadow, and asked the maggot to help. The maggot agreed to eat the pumpkin along the path so they could return to the meadow. Juppy ate the pumpkin, and Maya was so pleased that she came up with another new password.

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