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Down in a Hole

Down in the Molehole, Maya discovered unfriendly red bugs who were extremely protective of their turf. Maya noticed that they would spear her if she got too close, but Maya also noticed that by throwing Pollen at them, she could freeze them in their tracks.
Maya worked her way to the hole bravely, but she finally decided that it was too dark, and had no choice but to turn back...
Outside the hole, Flip encountered Maya and she told him of her situation. Flip decided that she should seek the help of Jimmy, who is usually in the southwest corner of the meadow.
As dusk was falling, Maya found Jimmy the Glow Worm in the southwest corner of the meadow, just as Flip had said. After hearing of her situation, Jimmy decided to give Maya some of his special Glowing Pollen. Maya was skeptical, but graciously accepted the gift.
Back in the Molehole, Maya discovered that the Glowing Pollen did work well enough that she was able to advance. She found a chasm in the darkness, but she was able to fly over it. She also discovered some nasty beetles in the hole, but she dealt with them in the same manner as she dealt with the red bugs. After crossing the chasm, she headed east.
Maya made her way north, where she found a vine along the northern wall that led her back up to the light (much to her delight), and a room full of beetles (much to her dismay). She found some supplies in the south end of the room, and the way out of the room in the northeast part of the room.
Maya made her way outside, where she once again encountered Flip. Flip told her that she was right outside the Wasps' Nest. Finally she would have the chance to get that Plan!
Inside the Nest, Maya discovered that the nest was filled with spikes (that she could luckily fly over) and Wasps who shot pollen at her. "How unfriendly of them!", Maya thought to herself. Maya discovered that she was able to either go downstairs or upstairs. Downstairs was some Pollen and a Honeycomb, while going upstairs led her even closer to the Plan...
She went upstairs, and then to the left, where she found a room full of Pollen. "How lucky of me to have found all this pollen here!", Maya thought as she stocked up on ammunition.
Maya then went upstairs again, where she found the Wasp King, who commanded all his guards to attack Maya! Luckily for her, however, there was only one guard on duty, and Maya was easily able to handle him. Maya then found a key behind the king's throne, and used it to unlock a door to the left of the king.
There, Maya found the Plan. Maya was so pleased that she'd now have the opportunity to befriend the ants that she devised a new password on the spot.

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