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Pablo Honey

One day, Maya, a very friendly little bee, was out playing with her friend Willi. Then some NOT SO FRIENDLY hornets came and kidnapped Willi for no other reason than that they're big meanies!
Maya had to get a pot of honey for the dastardly hornets to save Willi. She rushed to her hive as fast as her wings would carry her! She decided to go to the left here and search.
Maya approached a bee, and she noticed a ? appear in the upper-right corner of the screen, indicating she could communicate with it by pressing "A". The bee was sad because he lost his honey scoop. Maya is a friendly little bee, so she decided to help!
Maya walked two screens to the right and found a honey scoop, and wondered if it was the same scoop that the poor bee had lost. She also noticed that she cannot go upstairs yet, since only working bees can go up there. She decided she had better return the scoop to the bee post-haste!
Maya returned the scoop to the bee, and he was very happy. The bee went upstairs to work, and Maya followed him up.
Maya decided to grab a jug to fill with honey, but a guard bee wouldn't let her pass! What will she do now?
Maya went upstairs and into the room on the right. There she encountered Ms. Cassandra, who advised that she ask the queen bee for permission to gather honey for the hornets. In this room, she also learned the basics of the items she will encounter on her journey.
Maya headed to the left and found where they store the honey. However, she reminded herself that she did not have a jug yet, and that she needs to talk to the queen first.
Maya went up the stairs, and she saw the queen's guards. She remembered how protective the guards are of the queen, so she decided that the best course of action would be to stealthily sneak past them, as if she was paying an homage to Metal Gear or something.
Maya carefully made her way past the guards, which were immune to pollen, and damaged her if they made contact. She explained her situation to the queen, who readily gave Maya permission to gather honey.
Maya worked her way back downstairs, pleased that the guards stopped trying to kill her. She returned to the area she saw the jug at and took it with her.
With jar in hand, Maya rushed back to the honey-storage room and filled it up with the sweet liquid. With thoughts of Willi buzzing through her head, she blurted out a reference to a popular 1993 movie.
Maya rushed her way out of the hive and gave the honey to the hornets, who did not set him free! At about that time, Maya's best friend Flip saw Maya and asked why she was sad. Maya explained her plight and Flip sagely suggested that they rescue Willi themselves. Flip explained to Maya that the Hornets' nest is behind the Anthill, east of the Bee Hive, and Maya decided to pay the hornets a visit...
Maya headed east to the ants' turf. She noticed a hole south of her, but it was blocked by a rock, so she did not pay much attention to it. She walked north and encountered an ant guard who informed her that only friends of the ants may pass. Curious as to why the ants did not consider such a friendly little bee as herself a friend, Maya dejected walked away.
Maya did not get far before Flip hopped up again. Flip explained that Maya needed to befriend the ants, and that she could accomplish that by giving the ants a plan of the wasps' nest. To assist her in this quest, Flip tells Maya to find Puck the Fly.
Maya ran south as far as she could go, and then she turned to the left. It was there that she found Puck. Unfortunately, Puck was busy looking for his glasses. Maya, being a friendly little bee, decided to help Puck find them.
Maya did not have to search very long until she found the glasses, one screen to the right of Puck. She also saw Flip sleeping, and she wondered why Flip wasn't doing more to help Willi. She decided that it was best not to think about that, and she returned the glasses to Puck.
Puck informed Maya that the Molehole south of the ant led to the Wasps' Nest, and that he'd get Kurt to help move the rock blocking the hole. Maya ran back to the screen just south of the ant guard, where she met up with Puck and Kurt. Kurt was a strong bug, so he had already moved the rock by the time Maya arrived. Maya was so excited that she secreted a new password! With the password, Maya knew she could return to this part of the game whenever she wanted! She gazed into the hole with anticipation and a bit of fear... what dangers would she find within?

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