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In order to complete the game it is necessary to become a "Space Ace". When you shoot 20 enemy spaceships you have accomplished this task.

Sosarian Solar System
The Sosarian Solar System


Space ShuttleSpace ShuttleUse the Shuttle to return to Sosaria. Theoretically you can use the Shuttle for combat purposes, but due to the low amount of fuel in combination with the inferior shield this is not recommended.
Shield: 1000, Fuel: 1000
Space Fighter 1Space Fighter 1This spaceship carries a huge amount of fuel but has weak shields. Warning: Don't use this ship to return to Sosaria!
Shield: 1000, Fuel: 5000
Space Fighter 2Space Fighter 2This spaceship has very strong shields, but can't hold as much fuel as the other one. Warning: Don't use this ship to return to Sosaria!
Shield: 5000, Fuel: 2500
Space StationSpace StationDock to the Space Station to maximize your shield and fuel value. You can also board another ship, as long as it is available. When docking to the Space Station make sure that you fly exactly!! into the opening. Docking to the Space Station costs 500 coins!
Hostile SpacecraftHostile SpacecraftHit 20 of them to become a "Space Ace"

Sector Map:

If you want to travel to another system, you have to switch to front view and enter hyperspace.
Note: The Sosarian solar system is in the very middle of the map.

Sector Map

System with Space StationA Space Station is available in this system.
System with Hostile SpacecraftsThis system is plagued by enemies.
System with SunsThis system has a sun (there is no practical use for it though).
Empty SystemAn empty system.


Battle Scene
A Battle Scene

Aim at the enemy ships and shoot them down. Don't shoot or move around for fun or when it is unlikely that you hit them, because every action costs fuel. Don't follow enemy vessels that appear at the edge of the screen, because they will disappear soon anyway. You get a message on your screen when you managed to become a "Space Ace", so there is no need to count for yourself.

List of Fuel Consuming Actions:

Amount of Fuel neededAction
2Changing directions (in both views)
5Acceleration or Deceleration
10Firing your ship's weapons.
100Entering Hyperspace

Special Keyboard Commands for Space-Section:

Keyboard CommandAction
I(I)nform and Search - Switches to the Sector Map
F(F)ire your lasers. Works only in front view.
VToggles between front (v)iew and top view.
HEntering (H)yperspace. Works only in front view.

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