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Ah, lo and behold! 't is the The Elf Lucia, a fine lady of the forest! Like you would expect from your average Elf, she can use magic, as well as wield a nice sword. And shield. And bow. And UNLIMITED arrows. And various other items which I have no idea how she stores it on her person. Must be a pocket of holding or something. Green-wearing elves seem to have those.

Not having access to all spells, getting them at a slower speed, and them not being as powerful as the ones the Mage uses can be rather annoying. In fact, she only gains two levels during the whole game! But she more than makes up for it with her skills with the sword and the bow (although they aren't as good as other melee characters). She has many special moves, and like the Thief, she has an unremovable ranged weapon with unlimited ammunition, in her case, the bow. This can be really useful when there's a strong enemy on the opposite side of the screen. 5 Arrows in the face HURT. And it saves you a casting of Magic Missile.

The Elf is definately one of the most balanced characters, and is really good to play alone. With some friends, she isn't as useful as, say, the Fighter or the Mage, even tough her support spells can be really handy. And if you decide to leave the big weapons to the Fighters and the Dwarves, you can cause decent damage with a Bastard sword (Excellent for offsetting the low range and damage of your short sword) or a Frost Blade for magical damage and freezing capability.

All in all, she's not a kitten to handle without gloves, and useful in just about any situation. A solid choice for a character.

Default Equipment:

- Short Sword, Shield, Leather Armor, Unlimited Arrows, Dagger x2, Burning Oilx2, Throwing Hammer x2

Elf Differences

- Lucia the Elf wears a green tunic.

- Kayla the Elf wears a blue tunic and has her hair done into a ponytail. Select her by pushing START instead of A when selecting your character.

Special Moves
Button Combo Name Effect
A+B Desperation Attack Attacks enemies all around you with leaves; You'll take some damage if you score a hit
Double-tap B Defensive Hop Hop backwards
A + Backwards Guard Defends against frontal attacks; Not all attacks can be blocked. You need to be equipped with a shield to perform this.
Forward + A Smash Attack Swings your weapon with both hands to knock enemy backwards
Quarter Circle Forward + A Dash Attack Dashes and slashes forward; Knocks enemies backwards
Jump, Down + A/td> Downward stab Another move shared by elves in green. You can bounce on enemies indefinitely with this, if you readjust your position after each stab.
Down/Up + A Aerial Attack A multi-hitting slash-kick combo; an excellent boss-killing move if you learn to use it in right situations!
D (Repeatedly) Fast Shot Fires five arrows rapidly; Must have the Elf bow item equipped.
D (No Item Attack) Kick A somersault kick that knocks enemies backwards.

Elf Level Stage Gained At? Spell Level and Usage per Day
1 2 3 4 5
LVL8 Starting Level 4 3 2 1 -
LVL9 Man Scorpion / Dark Warrior 4 4 3 2 1
LVL10 Beholder / Ogre Brothers / Green Dragon 5 4 3 2 1
Displacer Beast 5 4 3 2 1
Red Dragon 5 4 3 2 1
Ezerhorden 5 4 3 2 1
Nagpa 5 4 3 2 1

Stuff to look for:
- A better weapon would not hurt
- Circlet/Tiara to offset her low HP
- Earrings for Spell Power
- Rod of choice to enchance your elemental attacks
- A better shield since you're stuck with one
- Any extra Rings of Curing

- Versatile team player with melee, spellcasting AND ranged attacks!
- May Equip decent weapons, including the most powerful in the game
- Immunity to Ghoul Paralysis
- Good special moves
- Immovable Unlimited Ranged Weapon
- Able to equip shields
- Versatile team player with melee, spellcasting AND ranged attacks!
- Haste shines as a support spell

- Second Lowest HP in the game
- No real growth on the second half of the game; Gains only two levels.
- Not as many spells as the Magic User; Spell capability maximized after second level up
- Haste shares spell level with two other bread-and-butter spells

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