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Game Basics


Crassus the Fighter. Crassus the Tank. Crassus the Weapon Master. Whatever is you call, Fighter does it good it it has something to do with weapons and hitting enemies with the part that hurts. Fighter has the second most HP, can use all weapons and can use shields. In general, he should be in the fray with any Dwarves, and defend any weaker members from attacks if such situations arise. Works best coupled with a Cleric to uncurse a weapon for him and to heal him. That Sword of Legend is a KILLER in his hands and can make short work of both Deathwing AND Synn! You'll remove the invisible bar on both in no time! Fighter has only one problem, and that would be the ability to do nothing else but fight. Hence the name Fighter.

Fighter is there to kick ass and to take no names. Have magic using folks to soften enemies up with their hand-weaving antics and Clerics to buff you up for the bosses, because, you can only fight. Casting spells is limited to the rings you pick up. Do remember you have a shield and you can use it, unless you prfer to use a two-handed sword or even dual-wield for more damage. Do practice defensive manoeuvres if you plan on using either attack mode instead of Sword & Shield. The shield is there to help you avoid damage. To dual-wield, simply pick up a short sword and equip it. Unfortunately, no mixing and matching, as you'll be limited to your default Normal Sword.

Default Equipment:

- Normal Sword, Shield, Plate mail, Arrow x2, Dagger x2, Burning Oilx2, Throwing Hammer x1

Fighter Differences

- Crassus the Fighter wears a silvery platemail and wears a tiara

- Jarred the Fighter wears a golden platemail and wears a helmet. Select him by pushing START instead of A when selecting your character.

Special Moves
Button Combo Name Effect
A+B Whirlwind Attack Attacks enemies all around you; Damages you if you hit
Double-tap B Defensive Hop Hop backwards
A + Backwards Guard Defends against frontal attacks; Not all attacks can be blocked. You need to be equipped with a shield to perform this.
Forward + A Smash Attack An attack that can stun and knock the enemy backwards.
Quarter Circle Forward + A Dash Attack Dashes and slashes forward; Can hit multiple enemies aswell as hitting 'em away
Down/Up + A Rising Slash Makes a two-hit strike combo in the air; Some bosses can be juggled with this!
D (No Item Attack) Kick A kick attack that knocks enemy backwards.

Stuff to look for:
- Helmet
- Bracelet for Attack Power
- Gauntlets of Ogre Power for even more attack power!
- A better shield in case you carry one
- Any extra Rings of Curing

- May Equip Most Weapons in the Game, including the most powerful
- Second Highest HP right after Dwarf
- Ability to enchance attack capabilities with dualwielding
- Long Default Weapon Range
- Able to equip shields
- A party player who becomes progressively powerful during gameplay.

- No natural spellcasting ability
- Dependant on Equipment
- HP capability needs many levels to be maximized

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