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Game Basics


There's quite a lot of neat stuff to be picked up, to loot, to steal from your fellow party member's clutches, to be bragged over. ("I got the diamond and you didn't, sucka!") This section concentrates on the various treasure you can pick up and how much (Experience) points they are worth. While the points don't help you gain levels, they can still put you on top of the High Score list after a hard multiplayer session, and Bling! The fabled Final Strike spell which requires a whopping total of 2 million Exp to be cast. Fortunately, you also gain exp from slaying enemies, so all is not lost if you happen to be caught in a bloodlust during your play. Potions are also an important pick-up, so if in a party game, share. If your HPs are full and there are no dangers, you can pick a potion up for 2000 exp. Nice. Applies to all other held items aswell; Keep that in mind, so you won't make any useless pickups!


+ = Usable by character. - = Not usable by character. U = Unlimited Ammo.


Item Name Item Icon Value
Agate 10 Points
Ruby 5000 Points
Garnet 100 Points
Amber 100 Points
Diamond 10,000 Points
Aquamarine 1000 Points
Opal 1000 Points
Emerald 5000 Points
Onyx 50 Points


Item Name Item Icon Use
Potion of Healing Heals a bit of HP
Potion of Super Healing Heals a decent amount of HP
Potion of Speed Makes you act as if under the spell of Haste for a moment; Cannot pick up items!
Potion of Strenght Increases damage done by physical attacks
Potion of Diminution Allows you to explore the Gnome Village; Doesn't cost money even though the game says so

Attack Items

Item Name Item Icon Use Fighter Cleric Dwarf Elf Thief Mage
Arrow A full-screen lenght shot; decent damage. + - + U + -
Silver Arrow As Arrow, but more powerful. + - + + + -
Burning Arrow As arrow, but more damage + fire damage. + - + + + -
Dagger Fast, but not too powerful. These things stun enemies pretty often. + - + + + +
Silver Dagger As dagger, but a bit more powerful. + - + + + +
Throwing Hammer Hammers which bounce forward. Actually useful, since you can get several hits in on a big boss creature. + + + + + -
Burning Oil Creates a burning patch on the ground; Enemies burnt by it attempt to douse it, jumping around. Good. + + + + + +
Large Burning Oil As burning oil, but creates a wave of fire instead, and knocks enemies around. Excellent + + + + + +
Sling A projectile weapon, like a weaker bow. Rapid fire and infinite ammo capability. Found on Thief only. - - - - U -

Magical Rings and Attack Items

Item Name Item Icon Use
Efreet Bottle Basically, duplicates the effect of a Conjure Fire* Elemental.
Egg of Wonder Summons a friendly Owlbear to fight on your side for a moment.
Ring of Magic Missile Fires a lone Magic Missile.
Ring of Fireball Fires a Fireball; Smaller splash effect than normal.
Ring of Lightningbolt Fires a Lightningbolt; Straight line only.
Ring of Invisibility Makes you invisible upon activation.
Ring of Polymorph Other Turns enemy affected into a harmless animal.
Ring of Cure Serious Wounds Duplicates the effect of Cure Serious Wounds; Save these up!
Ring of Continual Light As Continual Light; Blinds enemies (and some bosses) in front of you.
Ring of Djinn Summoning Summons a Djinn who controls whirlwinds.

Other Items

Item Name Item Icon Value
Book 1000
Tome (Open Book) 4000
Perfume 5000
Sculpture 2500

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