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Dungeons often contain lots of dangers for the unwary adventurers- aside from enemies, there are also traps. I'll try to explain a bit about how to bypass or shrug off effect of any traps you may have springed. Note that you can't do anything about traps that you spring by opening a chest above it.

If you have a thief in your party, she'll passively show you any parts with traps, usually signalled by a red flashing skull.


Trap Identified by? Measures to be taken
Fire Trap The word "FIRE!" flashes and flames erupt from chest. You can push yourself away from the chest before the flames hit you. Not too dangerous, and as a bonus, it can burn enemies as well.
Petrification The word "PETRIFY!" appears and a thin beam erupts from the chest. You can evade this one by pushing down or wearing an orb, but if you're hit by this trap, START PUSHING LEFT AND RIGHT RAPIDLY, or you're petrified, DEAD!
Arrow Trap The word "Arrows!" appears and four arrows are shot from the chest diagonally. Block, backstep, step away from the chest in a non-diagonal direction, wear a cloak of displacement. Not very dangerous.
Gas Trap The word "GAS!" flashes, and gas erupts from the chest, along with a cadre of skeletons. Quick movement and Turn Undead could be highly recommended.
Dead Fall The words "DEAD FALL!" flashes and several rocks fall. Quick movement can once again save you from potential damage, and smart players use the rocks to damage their enemies.

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