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Game Basics


Choosing Moriah, the Thief as your adventurer profession means you gain access to plenty of skills and feats to perform, and become quite a valuable member to a party. Thief wields a wide variety of weapons and she's quite proficient in using them, but her HP and defensive capabilities aren't much to look at. You try taking plenty of hits wearing just a cape and a cowl! Dual-Jumps and Backflips should be enough to keep her alive in the hands of an experienced player, but I much prefer a shield, which she cannot use. Thief is a versatile class, meaning you need to co-ordinate accordingly in party play. Having her means you can have an extra melee fighter (Swords, j0.) or a backrow ranged attacker. (Sling, j0.) If you're joined in by a Fighter or a Dwarf, you should probably leave her an elemental weapon while the main melee character gets one of the legendary weapons.

D&D-wise, she possesses the abilities of Pickpocket, Backstab and Lockpicking. SoM provides her with inexhaustable burning oil attacks (see *), the fore-mentioned dual jump and and a sling with rapid fire capabilities. Finding keys for metal chests can be a pain at times, but not with a Thief around - She can open chests without ever using one up! She can also spot traps, marking the potential deathtrap with a red skull. No more dying to a petrifying trap in a chest! Certain bossfights can be seen as chances of acquiring excellent gear; Thief can pickpocket items off enemies just by running into them! Dark Warrior 2 drops a Morning Star which Clerics would LOVE to get their hands onto..

Thief is more of an advanced player's character - needs some training to get used to, but the rewards are well worth it.

Moves marked with * require no Burning Oils even though the animation is quite similar.

Default Equipment:

Normal Sword, Thief Cloak, Boots of Striding and Springing, Sling, Arrow x1, Dagger x3, Burning Oil x3, Throwing Hammer x1

Thief Differences

- Moriah the Thief wears a purple hood & top

- Shannon the Thief wears a white headband & top. Select her by pushing START instead of A when selecting your character.

Special Moves
Button Combo Name Effect
A+B Molotov Bombs Attacks enemies around you with several exploding projectiles. Requires some HP to pull off.*
Doubletap forward Pickpocket Run into an enemy for a chance of stealing an item off the enemy, just remember to pick it up as it drops from the enemy!
Walk behind enemy + A Backstab Jumps on enemy's back and stabs 'em several times for nice damage. Tends not to work on bosses.
Double-tap B Backflip Perform an evasive backflip; You're invincible during the move.
B (in the air) Double Jump Performs an air jump for enchances evasive and strategic purposes.
Forward + A Smash Attack A powerful swipe; Tends to knock enemy backwards.
Quarter Circle Forward + A Dash Attack A dash and slash forward using equipped weapon and a dagger; Can hit multiple times, knocking enemies down.
Down/Up + A Rising Slash The first hit is a slash in the air, the second hit is a burning oil attack.*
D, repeatedly Rapid Fire You'll need to equip the Sling to do this; Fires up to five stones rapidly.
D (No item attack) Kick Performs a kick attack that can knock enemies backwards.

Stuff to look for:

- Bosses with good loot
- A Hood for survivability
- Boots of speed for better maneuvrability
- Invisibility Rings for better backstabbing possibilites
- Rings of CSW

- Very good Special Moves
- Double Jump
- Can equip swords, including the best one.
- Non-removable Long Range Weapon
- Many party-beneficial abilities

- Requires Skill and an experienced party to use efficiently
- Cannot equip a shield
- Third Lowest HP; Takes damage very easily if forced to melee for longer periods.

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