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1. Weapon Name is the often abbreviated name of the weapon as found in the game.
2. Full Name is (arguably) the complete name of the weapon.
3. Attack Power is a measure of how powerful the weapon is. The higher the number, the more damage that weapon will inclict.
4. Who can use it? notes whether Chezni, Midia or both of them can use that weapon.
5. Mercenaries equipped with it notes which mercenaries are equipped with the weapon. A dash indicates that no mercenaries equip the weapon.
6. Target(s) notes how many enemies the weapon can smite. Single indicates that the weapon can smite one enemy. Group indicates that the weapon can smite a group of enemies. All indicates that the weapon can smite all enemies.
7. Hands notes whether the weapon requires one or two hands to wield.
8. Buying Price is the price of the weapon in gold as bought from a weapon shop. A dash indicates that the weapon cannot be bought.
9. Selling Price is the value of the weapon in gold when sold. A dash indicates that the weapon cannot be sold.
10. Notes notes whether the weapon has any other features, such as attribute bonuses or whether it inflicts a certain type of elemental damage.
11. Found at? notes where this weapon can be bought or found or from what enemies it can be won.

Weapons are listed in order of increasing attack power.

Regular Weapons

Weapon Name
Full Name
Attack Power
Who can use it?
Mercenaries equipped with it
Buying Price
Selling Price
Found At?
KnKnife2Both-Single12613-Chezni begins with it. For sale in Rasturk.
Para knParalysis Knife3Midia-Single1-25Randomly stuns target.Midia begins with it. Randomly dropped by Kongs.
DaggerDagger4BothTigerSingle17035-For sale in Rasturk and Hagudo. Found on Resutar Island.
PickaxePickaxe7ChezniSmash; GorfSingle115075-For sale in Hagudo. Found in Hagudo Well.
BmgBoomerang8MidiaZuranGroup1400200-For sale in Jurayn.
Light swLight Sword10Chezni-Single1270135-For sale in Hagudo and Jurayn.
BowBow12BothFritzSingle29447Defence +4 For sale in Rasturk. Found in cave to Hagudo.
Pwr bmgPower Boomerang12Midia-Group1600300-For sale in Doubor(hidden shop), Lagon and Rekuon. Found on the Throne of the Immortals. Randomly dropped by Bronzas.
Mid swMiddle Sword15Chezni-Single1420210-For sale in Doubor (main shop). Found in the Sky Temple.
Btl ctBattle Cutlass16MidiaDestry; FastjoGroup18,0004,000-For sale in Misuto and Conshiuto. Found in Roki.
Sword stSword Staff18Midia-Single1490245-For sale in Doubor (hidden shop) and Lagon. Found in Helm Temple.
Heavy swHeavy Sword20ChezniSlayerSingle1630315-For sale in Doubor (hidden shop) and Lagon.
MgtMorningstar28MidiaBladesSingle16,8003,400-For sale in Misuto and Conshiuto. Randomly dropped by Redjaws.
Pray stPrayer Staff30MidiaBeanGroup1-5Casts FreezeFound in the Ghost Tower.
Glow bowGlow Bow30MidiaWildGroup2-1-Found in Saskuot Tunnel.
Life whLife Whip35MidiaLilieSingle110,0005,000Each attack heals the wielder of half the damage they inflict.For sale in Roki.
Wind swWind Sword38ChezniJ. RasavSingle/Group1-6,500Makes 2 attacks per round on enemies within the same group.Found in Saskuot Laboratory.
Kormu swKormu's Sword40Chezni-Single1---Found in Dragon Mountain.
Psych bmPsycho Beam40Chezni-Single1-20Randomly causes confusion.Found in the Underworld.
Pht cnPhoton Cannon40Chezni-All2-38-Found on Dasdan Island.
Blood whBlood Whip45MidiaPeppiSingle124,00012,000-For sale in Barsas.
Aybro spAybro Spear50Chezni-Single2700350Defence +2For sale in Doubor (hidden shop), Lagon and Rekuon. Randomly dropped by Footsaurs.
Sph swSophie's Sword50Midia-Single1---Found in the Underworld.
Tdr saThunder Sabre70Both-All1-35Inflicts lightning damage.Found on Dasdan Island.
HST????80ChezniJ. RasavSingle118,0009,000-For sale in Grantsurk.
Kormu sw (2)Kormu's Sword85Chezni-Single1---Received in the Home of Sophie and Kormu.
Rgn swRegent Sword88Chezni-Single146,00023,000-For sale in Barsas.
Flame thFlame Thrower100ChezniNailsAll2-15Inflicts fire damage.Found in the Underworld.
GomutaiGomutai Sword300Chezni-Single2-1-Randomly dropped by Bigbosses.

Mercenary Weapons

These are the weapons that are only equipped by Mercenaries.

Weapon Name
Full Name
Attack Power
Who can use it?
Selling Price
Mercenaries who equip it
Glow sdGlowing Sword0---Appears to be dummied out and worthless.-
Raiga stRaiga staff0---Appears to be dummied out and worthless.-
Psn ndPoison Needle0-Single-Freezes an enemy.Fiery
Natrec????0-All-Destroys all enemiesMouth
Sing stSinging Staff0-Group-Frezes a group of enemies.Hawk
RazorRazor9-Single--Mean ma
TonfaTonfa10-Single-Attacks two times per round.Dan
Demon whDemon Whip11-Group--Fastjo
Com knCombat Knife12-Group--Grunt
G treeGreat Tree15-Group--Gunny
Eng drwEnergy Draw20-Group-User restores half the damage inflicted.Nails
BlowgnBlowgun25MidiaSingle1Confuses an enemy.Fiery
R cragRock Crag32-Single--Gunny
Anq swAntique Sword39ChezniSingle--Bean
Z eraserZero Eraser40-Group--Checan
Giga swGiga Sword60-Single--Mouth
Bow gnBowgun65-Single--Peppi
Seed swSeed Sword70-Single-Freezes an enemy.G. Rasav

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