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Magic Spells

1. Spell Name is the often abbreviated name of the spell as found in the game.
2. Full Name is (arguably) the complete name of the spell.
3. HP Cost notes how HP must be expended to cast the spell.
4. Spirits notes which spirits are needed to be able to cast the spell.
5. Target(s) notes who the spell affects.
6. Effects explains what the spell does.

An error to note: Dft A (Defeat All) only affects one enemy and Dft S (Defeat Single) affects all enemies. Perhaps the translator was mixed up about these two spells.

Spell Name
Full Name
HP Cost
AntiPSAnti-poison4E1 allyCures poison.
AT SAttack Single1E + FAll enemiesCauses enemies to focus their attacks on the caster.
ATbackAttack Back30A + Ht1 allyReflects physical attacks back at attackers for half damage.
BlowupBlow Up80F + LAll enemiesDamages enemies with an explosion. It can be avoided.
BoltABolt All40A + LAll enemiesDamages enemies with lightning.
BoltGBolt Group24L + Sk1 enemy groupDamages enemies with lightning.
BoltSBolt Single18L1 enemyDamages an enemy with lightning.
BreakABreak All36Ht + SkAll enemiesDamages enemies with breakage.
BreakGBreak Group30Sk + W1 enemy groupDamages enemies with breakage.
BreakSBreak Single24Sk1 enemyDamages an enemy with breakage.
BuryBury110A + EAll enemiesDamages non-flying enemies with earth.
CrushCrush130Ht + SpAll enemiesDamages enemies with crushing pressure. It does not always work, though.
DazeDaze60L + W1 enemyCauses confusion.
DFdownDefence Down60Sk + Sp1 enemyHalves an enemy's defence power.
Dft ADefeat All5F + W1 enemyInstantly kills an enemy.
Dft PDefeat Person100E + HtAll alliesSacrifices the caster, healing party members with their remaining HP (evenly divided).
Dft SDefeat Single20Ht + LAll enemiesInstantly kills enemies.
DFupDefence Up55W1 allyTemporarily raises defence power for one battle.
EscapeEscape100APartyTeleports the party out of a dungeon. Does not work in some areas.
FireAFire All28A + FAll enemiesDamages enemies with fire.
FireGFire Group18F + Sp1 enemy groupDamages enemies with fire.
FireSFire Single12F1 enemyDamages an enemy with fire.
FreezeFreeze24Sp1 enemy groupStuns enemies.
HealupHeal Up8E + L1 allyCures paralysis and confusion.
HeatHeat95F + SkAll enemiesDamages enemies with a heatwave.
HireHire150Ht + WNoneAllows the party to hire a previously hired mercenary from anywhere (except battle).
LStormLightning Storm120A + WAll enemiesDamages enemies with a windstorm.
MGdownMagic Down50L + SpAll alliesReflects magical attacks back at casters for half damage.
MGWallMagic Wall40A + SpAll alliesTemporarily increases magic defence for one battle.
PeacePeace60HtPartyPrevents random enemy encounters for a short period of time. Only enemies who are significantly weaker than the party are repelled, though.
SpiritSpirit250All 81 enemyDamages an enemy with pure spirit (non-elemental).
SPupSpeed Up32E + SpAll alliesTemporarily raises attack speed for one battle.
StormStorm100Sp + WAll enemiesDamages enemies with a snowstorm.
STRupStrength Up70E + Sk1 allyTemporarily raises attack power for one battle.
takeHPTake HP2F + Ht1 enemySteals an enemy's HP.
WallWall70E + W1 allyCreates a barrier that soaks a number of physical attacks.
WarpWarp80A + SkPartyTeleports the party to the most recently visited town.

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