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1. Helmet Name is the often abbreviated name of the helmet as found in the game.
2. Full Name is (arguably) the complete name of the helmet.
3. Defence Power is a measure of how powerful the helmet is. The higher the number, the less damage a character equipped with it will receive.
4. Who can use it? notes whether Chezni, Midia or both of them can use the helmet.
5. Mercenaries equipped with it notes which mercenaries are equipped with the helmet. A dash indicates that no mercenaries equip the helmet.
6. Buying Price is the price of the helmet in gold as bought from a weapon shop. A dash indicates that the helmet cannot be bought.
7. Selling Price is the value of the helmet in gold when sold. A dash indicates that the helmet cannot be sold.
8. Notes notes whether the helmet has any other features, such as attribute bonuses or whether it has an effect when used in battle.
9. Found at? notes where the helmet can be bought or found or from what enemies it can be won.

Helmets are listed in order of increasing defence power.

Regular Helmets

Helmet Name
Full Name
Defence Power
Who can use it?
Mercenaries equipped with it
Buying Price
Selling Price
Found At?
Learn hLearning Hat3Chezni--10-Found in the Magic School.
Lth hLeather Hat4BothFritz3819-For sale in Rasturk.
Fth hFeather Hat4ChezniTiger; Wind-30Attack Speed +2Received from the elder of the Skuruu Mobile Camp.
HtHelmet5ChezniSmash; Gorf12060-For sale in Hagudo and Jurayn. Randomly dropped by SusAgents.
PowermetPower Helmet6ChezniDestry; Slayer200100-For sale in Doubor (main shop). Found in Jurayn.
Kormu HtKormu's Helmet10Chezni----Found in the Helm Temple.
Hair ornHair Ornament14MidiaLilie4,0002,000Attack +2 and casts DazeFor sale in Roki.
Cosmo mtCosmo Helmet17Both--7-Found in the Underworld.
Sph crSophie's Crown18Midia---Heals 300 HP to the wearer and opens the door with the fire crest.Received from the elder of Rasturk.
Rage HtRage Helmet23ChezniJ. Rasav10,0005,000Casts BoltGFor sale in Barsas.
Sun hlSun Helmet24ChezniMouth6,5003,250Casts FireGFor sale in Grantsurk. Randomly dropped by Airdivers.
Kormu Ht (2)Kormu's Helmet25Chezni----Received in the Home of Sophie and Kormu.

Regular Helmets

These are the helmets that are only equipped by mercenaries.

Helmet Name
Full Name
Defence Power
Who can use it?
Mercenaries equipped with it
Eng bmEnergy Beam0-Attack +50; It is meant to be used as a weaponNails
GH ornGreat Hair Ornament3--Chill
Soa's crSoa's Crown7-Causes Lightning to strike an enemy.Hawk
Anq hlAntique Helmet9Chezni-Bean
Com mtCombat Helmet12--Grunt, Fiery, Blades
Wing htWinged Helmet12-Speed +10Peppi
Face mkFace Mask14-Attack +5G. Rasav
Flm mtFlame Helmet15--Checan

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