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The vast majority of these items are story items; usually once they're used they disappear. Some items have no use other than to deliver a message.

AuraFound in the Dark Space in the Pyramid. Equip it as Shadow to allow you to melt into the floor.
Black Crystal GlassesFound in Ankor Wat. Equip it to enter the super-bright room and still be able to see. Can't be thrown away.
Crystal BallFour of them are in the Sky Garden; put them in the four round holes to create a pathway to the boss.
Crystal RingFound in the Tower of Babel. You need it to cross the first laser gate.
Diamond BlockPlace it in a diamond-shaped hole in Larai Cliffs to create a pathway.
Elevator KeyFound and used in the Diamond Mine.
Gorgon FlowerFound at the end of Ankor Wat. Use it on the statues in the Natives' Village to restore them to normal.
HerbRefills 8 HP. You can remove it if you want.
Hieroglyph StoneThere are six of these in the Pyramid. Put them in the correct order to open the path to the boss.
Incan Statue APlace it on the altar to reach the Larai Cliff boss.
Incan Statue BSee Incan Statue A.
Father's JournalGiven to you in Dao. It tells you the order of the Hieroglyph Stones. You can't throw it away.
Key to MuGiven to you by a man in the Seaside Palace; opens the door to Mu.
Letter from LanceHe leaves it in your pack once you sleep over in Watermia. This opens the option to go to China's Great Wall on the main map. This can't be thrown away.
Letter from LolaGiven to you in Dao. It tells you about Olman's journal. You can throw it away.
Lola's MelodyA tune from Itory. You can only play it if you're in Will's normal shape. It has various effects throughout the story. It never disappears.
MeatA yummy leg of yak. Used when Will is adrift with Kara.
Magic DustUse on Kara's painting in Angel Village to restore her to normal. Received after beating the puzzles in Ishtar's Studio.
Mine Key A and BFound and used in the Diamond Mine.
Mushroom DropsFound in the Mountain Temple and used to make cut-off vine ends grow together.
Mystic StatuesThey don't appear on the main item menu, but on pillars to either side. Your goal is to collect six of them.
NecklacePieces of a necklace Lance made for Lilly; found in China's Great Wall as an indication of where to go next.
Prison KeyOpens the door to Will's cell.
Purification StoneFound in a coffin in the Seaside Palace; throw it into the well to purify the water and turn the zombies back into people.
Rama's StatueThere are two of these in Mu. Put them in the final room to change it and open a pathway to the boss.
Red JewelOne of 50 scattered throughout the world. See Red Jewels for more info. When you use it, it flies to the Jeweler Gem.
Statue of HopeThere are two of these in Mu. Put them in the Room of Hope to lower the water level.
TeapotFound in the Mountain Temple. Use it in the screen with Neil's parents to restore their normal forms of spirits.
WillGiven to you by the Russian Glass champion. It allows you the use of his Kruks. Can be thrown away.
Wind MelodyHeard in Larai Cliffs. Use it to open a pathway.