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Red Jewels


Will: The hero of the game. The son of Olman the explorer (who died on an expedition to the Tower of Babel a year ago), Will is a brave young lad... er, not much else, really. He also doubles as the narrator of the game, an interesting twist. He later finds out that he has the power to change his form into Freedan, an ancient knight, and Shadow, a powerful shapeshifter.
Erik: A slightly nervous kid who somehow keeps getting captured. He's the supposed comic relief in the game, but doesn't do a very good job. His father is the richest man in South Cape.
Lance: An older child, Lance is a bit more adventurous than the rest. His father went on the Tower of Babel expedition with Olman. He finds out later on that he's fallen in love with Lilly.
Seth: The oldest of the playgroup, Seth is an aspiring scholar. However, he ends up not being able to help the journeyers much... he is eaten by a giant fish, Riverson, and later discovers himself having taken on Riverson's form. He retains all his intelligence, however, but, embarrassed of his form, disappears from the game until the very end.
Kara: The bratty princess of Edward Castle shoves herself into Will's journey. Will supposedly falls in love with Kara, but doesn't show it too much.
Hamlet: Kara's brave little piggy pet who has an intelligence far surpassing most pigs'.
Grandma Lola and Grandpa Bill: Will's grandparents live in South Cape. Grandpa Bill was the one who built Edward Castle, and Lola hails from Itory Village in the north. She can sing quite well, and cook quite inventively (snail pies?).
Lilly: A girl from Itory Village who can transform herself into some type of flower seed and fly around. At first it looks like she's going to argue with Kara over Will, but eventually she ends up with Lance.
Neil: Will's eccentric cousin is actually the heir for the giant Rolek company. Until then, he's contented himself by inventing all sorts of cool stuff, like a prehistoric camera, telescope, and even an airplane.
King Edward, Queen Edwarda: Quintessential nasty royal-type people. The King throws Will in the dungeons for no good reason, really.
The Jackal: An evil-looking mercenary hired by King Edward to hunt down Kara and bring her back.
Gaia: The spirit of Earth, who helps Will on his journey by healing him, saving his game, and giving him new abilities.