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Red Jewels


All bosses have 40 HP besides for the Chaos Comet, who has 20. Both Vampires have 40 HP.


1) He will always be doing the following two things: A diamond surrounded by three fireballs will bounce around the room, and a fire chain will go from one end of the room to the other. To avoid the fire chain, stay at the very bottom of the screen, just tap the up direction to face upwards, and hit Castoth from there. For the diamond, just move out of the way; it doesn't go very fast.

2) He will try to smash you with his hands. Just mash away at the Attack button. It should take five hits to take out a hand; you should be able to get it down before it hits you.

3) When both hands are gone, Castoth's eyes will flash. Now's the time to go for the head. After a bit, he will shake violently and then start shooting lasers from his eyes. Run to the upper-right corner of the gap (against the gap, not the wall) and the lasers and fire chain should miss. When he's done, his hands will come back up and he will repeat his tactics.


1) He drops a cluster of 4 feathers in a cross-shape. It'll stop moving, and then burst into 4 feathers. Minimal damage.

2) He dives at you. Smack him with your sword.

3) He'll sit on the upper wall. MOVE AWAY FROM HIM! You'll see a little blue thing form near his mouth, and then he'll spit out a bunch of crystals. Heavy damage, but REAL easy to avoid. You should be able to get about 2 hits off when he's perched.

NOTE: You may think he only fires at a 45-degree angle. NO! He fires down too, so don't try to get under him for a few cheap shots, or you'll probably wind up wasting a herb.

4) He fires 6 feathers at you, sorta like a curve-shot. They level out and go horizontal, so if they curve your way, try to get between the bottom two sets.

There will also be a wind blowing throughout the battle; run against it to get nearer to him. Dark Friar may also help.


1) The vampire will stop at an intersection, then let go with four unblockable blue shots which travel straight in the four directions out from the intersection. Don't get too close if you can help it.
2) The vampire will be surrounded by four (or more) gray balls which whirl around him/her. Get away from him/her.
3) The two vampires will go near the center of the screen. You can get in a few hits, then start running. A giant ball, which can take off a lot of HP, will bounce after you; it'll exit the room through a horizontal wall (either the top or bottom walls in the room). Once one of the vampires is gone, this attack won't be able to be done.
DO NOT use Psycho Slider, it only makes life more painful. You CAN however, jump-attack over their shots.

The blond-haired one in my opinion is much easier. To kill her, just run up to her, hit her 3 times, then RUN AWAY FROM HER before her fireball attack can hurt you. When the two join together to fire an energy ball, get as far away as you can, and DON'T let yourself get hit. If your HP is low enough, it can kill you instantly.

To kill the other one, just get right up in his face when he stops moving and hack away. Then, back off. I successfully used up about 6 Herbs winning this battle, so don't expect this to be any sort of cakewalk.

Some people find that walking right up to them and hacking away is actually the most effective way of winning...

If you really really really really can't beat them, C2A5-44A2 is the Game Genie code for invincibility.

Yes, you CAN fight these two with Freedan! You do 2x the damage, so these guys are MUCH MUCH MUCH simpler! Dark Friar works decently, but just thwacking them with all you got works nice too!
[Cidolfas: You can charge up a Dark Friar before you even start the battle; to get past the conversations, use the B button instead of A. (You should be on the second upward path from the left; that's where the female vampire will be.) As soon as you can, let the Dark Friar go, then run up to the female vampire and slash away. She should be practically dead by the time she moves.]

Sand Fanger

Tactics: Sand Fanger can only be hit on his head. Spin Dash may help.
1) He will emerge from the sand, go straight up, wait a few seconds, then come straight back down very near where you are. You can get exactly one hit in both directions if you time it right.
2) He will emerge, then dive in and out of the sand until he exits the screen horizontally. If you follow him and go just below him, you can get him every time his head nears the ground.
3) He will emerge and stay there. He'll shoot out two gray balls. The ball is either a projectile which will whizz around, or an egg which hatches a mini-Fanger who also burrows into the ground. The mini-Fanger can also shoot blockable fireballs. They don't have a lot of HP, so go after them quickly. The Sand Fanger is most vulnerable when he shoots out these eggs, so hack away! Remember that the mini-Fangers do far less damage than the biggie.

Mummy Queen

Tactics: You can do this as any of the three forms. You can use Freedan's Dark Friar to your advantage, or Shadow's melting power (very useful against the ghosts); your choice. The setup of the room is that there are two puddles on the lower floor which zap you up to the top, and you can drop down the center of the top floor to land on the bottom.
-The Mummy Queen will materialize, do one of two attacks, then when you hit her she'll dematerialize.
Attacks: 1) She'll cause an earthquake which will send several blocks shooting down at you. Not hard to dodge.
2) She'll shoot fast, large fireballs at you. Move quickly.
When she dematerializes, two things may happen:
1) She'll split into eight invincible ghosts. They'll home in on your position for a set time (like the Goldcaps from Ankor Wat when they split) then go back to form the Queen again. To easily avoid them, if you're on the bottom floor, wait till they get very close, then enter the nearest puddle. If you're on the top, fall down to the bottom. This will fool the ghosts long enough so that they don't hit you before she rematerializes.
2) After a while, instead of the ghosts homing in on you, she'll split into a ring of eight ghosts. Seven of them flicker, the eighth one doesn't. If you hit the solid one, she'll rematerialize. The ring of ghosts will whirl around the room in a circle. If you're Freedan and have the upgraded Dark Friar, this part is easy. Shadow might take a hit or two.

Tower of Babel

All five bosses come back here for more. There are minor differences, but they're more or less negated (except in the case of the Mummy Queen) by being able to use Shadow to defeat them. His melting ability should come in very useful, plus he's way stronger. The only downside is that there's no Dark Space between the first and last battles, so good luck... you may have to use a herb or two, especially after the Vampires.

Solid Arm

He'll walk towards you, but can't go up or down the conveyor belts. You can block his fireballs, but since they home in on you, and he can fire three of them at once, this is really tough to do. If you're in one side of the room and try facing the other side and blocking, he'll just keep firing at you and you won't be able to move without being hit. You are going to use a LOT of herbs here.
Well, here's the extremely basic strategy: Don't use the center conveyer unless you like pain. Try to lure him to the side conveyers, block fireballs (difficult, but possible), and then jump-attack him. This takes a long time!

(Submitted by Gerko)
Another method is using Spin Dash repeatedly, and charging a new one while doing the one you're on. This maximizes damage and minimizes vulnerability. Try it, it might work!

Chaos Comet

This part is easy. Stay on the bottom of the screen, to either side of the mouth, and just keep sending Firebirds towards the mouth. When it opens, it'll take damage. To avoid the acid rain, you can just move out of the way, or use Aura to melt and avoid damage. Not hard. It has 20 HP but high defense.

Dark Gaia

1) The two pillars become electrified, then two giant energy balls head towards you. Use telekinesis to block them.
2) She'll make some blue spheres appear. You can shoot them with Firebirds to make them disappear, but be quick.
3) She'll open her mouth (this is the only time she's vulnerable - fire away) then emit a huge beam. You should fire 2 or 3 times, then use Aura to melt and avoid the attack. Stay under her mouth as much as possible, as that's the only place where you can really hit her. This might take a while; good luck.