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You can see enemies' HP at the top right of the screen. An enemy can have up to 40 HP; since there are 20 red dots, each dot represents 2 HP. A small red dot means 1 of the HP of that dot is left. (A small dark red dot means that HP is totally gone.)

Edward Castle

Bat HP: 3
Quite simple; just flies around doing nothing.
Ribber HP: 6
Occasionally he'll stop and throw a crescent-shaped bone at you. You can dodge it or block it with telekinesis. Jump attacks should work fine.
Canal Worm HP: 5
Look for spaces in the railing along the water. When bubbles appear there, a canal worm is about to rise. Attack it with regular attacks until its eye turns all the way toward you, then hold L or R to block its fireball, then continue attacking. Even if it ducks back inside, it'll still have lost its HP from your attacks.
King Bat HP: 10
Only appears once, and he's accompanied by a bunch of other Bats. He doesn't have any special moves, though.
Skull Chaser HP: 14
After you defeat it, its head will fly around and chase you. The head is rather quick, so watch out.

Moon Tribe Camp / Incan Ruins

Slugger HP: 6
Sometimes it'll roll up and dash at you, but it'll still be vulnerable then. Just hack away.
Mudpit HP: 8
Periodically it'll dash at you and try to hit you with a punch, but it's still vulnerable. Jump attacks work.
Four Way HP: 9
It can't move. It will spin around, then its eyes will flash and it'll spit out projectiles in four directions (either up/down/right/left or the four diagonals). Just go up to it and hack at it, then hold L or R when you see it stop moving.
Splop HP: 6
It can sink into the ground, and you can't hit it until it comes back up. Still, not very tough. They can jump up, but you hopefully won't give them a chance.
Scuttlebug HP: 6
Basically identical to the Slugger.
Whirligig HP: 8
It usually starts off stationary, then when you approach it starts whirling around you. However, it basically can never actually hit you unless you run right into it. More or less used as targets to open paths.
Stone Lord HP: 11
When you approach it (or hit a switch) it'll come to life. It can shoot fire, but only in a straight line. If it's facing right or left, the line will be from its feet. Take advantage of this and hit it from the top right or top left.
Stone Guard HP: 11
Like the Stone Lord, but it throws spears instead of fire. Hit this one from the bottom right or bottom left.

Diamond Mine

Flayzer HP: 10
It can throw its flail, but it usually misses you, especially if you're on a diagonal from it (unless it's throwing it horizontal and you're to its top right or top left). Jump attacks are great.
Grundit HP: 5
When you come near, it'll emerge from the ground, waver a bit, throw a slow-moving, blockable fireball which homes in on your location, and go back inside. Only a real threat if it attacks in groups.
Eye Stalker HP: 5
It can shoot a unblockable laser beam, but it moves slowly enough that you can dodge it easily. If you get too close it'll turn to stone; walk away a bit to get it to turn back so you can hit it again.

Sky Garden

Blue Cyber HP: 16
When you're far away, it'll rotate its head and shoot unblockable laser beams randomly. When you get close, it'll shoot its arms at you and grow new ones (you can block the arms). Tough in short quarters or in groups.
Dynapede HP: 12
Very stupid animal. Keep hitting it and just make sure you're not below it when it dies; always hit it from above.
Red Cyber HP: 16
Same as the Blue Cyber, but its arms come back (so it can hit you on the way back too).
Nitropede HP: 12
Unlike the Dynapede, this one's smart: it can hop around, and don't get near it when it dies; it'll drop its body parts from the sky, damaging you. Never run in and grab the Dark Gem right away. If you're not on the same horizontal level as it, chances are you won't get hit.

Seaside Palace/Mu

Slipper HP: 12
It can hop at you; be on your guard. Jump attacks usually aren't necessary.
Skuddle HP: 8
Beware: Even if it's imprisoned in rock, it can jump through it. Not very tough, though.
Cyclops HP: 26
Nasty. You can hit it if it's sitting down and its eye isn't showing. Once you do, it'll blink and get up (it's invincible at that time). It'll periodically throw blockable rocks in a straight line, and if you get it mad it'll turn red and throw them in 8 directions at once (still blockable though). Jump attacks are great for it but watch out for other enemies.
Flasher HP: 22
It'll periodically appear and disappear. If you hit it as soon as it appears, great. If not, it'll flash, then send out a blockable beam. It'll travel for about .75 seconds, then change its direction to where Will is. So if he's to the top right of the Flasher and the Flasher appears facing up, face left and hold L or R to block the beam.

Angel Village (Path to Ishtar's Studio)

Dive Bat HP: 5
True to its name, it'll hover at the top of the screen, then dive when you get close. Face up and hack away to beat it easily.
Steelbones HP: 20
It can do some heavy damage when it rushes at you or when it throws its bones (like the early Ribber enemy) but it's fairly stupid. Just keep hitting it regularly.
Draco HP: 10
It blocks doorways. Its head is the only vulnerable part, and it stretches on a long neck. It has low defense, though, so a few jump attacks should do it.
Ramskull HP: 10
It'll just sit there and send out two blockable beams (one left, one right) every so often. One Psycho Slide will usually do the trick, sometimes hitting a few at once!

China's Great Wall

Archer HP: 25
They can only shoot left and right, and their arrows are blockable. Hit them from above or below; Psycho Slide works great too. They can move up and down, but it takes them so long to set up their shot that they usually don't get a chance. Sometimes they hide as wooden statues; press Start and use the map to check their locations. Or you might notice that they look slightly different than the statues around them.
Eyesore HP: 22
They hang around and periodically throw out blasts of fire in arcs above them, to the left and right, simultaneously. The fire will land in random spots and will remain on the ground for a short period of time; watch out!
Fire Bug HP: 22
A bit tougher than Eyesore. They hover above you and then shoot a single flame which fills up an entire row of flames when it lands. The best way to get them is to see which way they're diving and intercept them with a slash as they come down, then move forward a bit and slash again, etc.
Asp HP: 15
They'll streak towards you when you get close. If they catch you, they'll stick to you, and drain HP every few seconds. Run around (press left and right quickly) to get them off you.

Mountain Temple

Skulker HP: 18
He'll make a beeline vertically or horizontally, but won't attack otherwise. Just keep using regular attacks on him.
Acid Spider HP: 18
They can jump from ledge to ledge using their webbing (which can't hurt you, by the way). They shoot acid. You can block the acid as it's flying, but if it hits the ground it'll stick there and hurt you if you step on it; you just have to wait for it to go away. Slash away at them while they're jumping ledges.
Yorrick HP:18
They move either left and right, or up and down. They'll face vertically if they're moving horizontally, and vice versa. They shoot blockable dual fireballs from their eyes. Use Dark Friar to take them out easily.
Fire Sprite HP: 15
They float around with flutes in their mouths. Periodically four fire wisps will come out and circle around them. Until the wisps are fully formed, they won't hurt you. Get close (within the circle of fire) and slash away.

Ankor Wat

Shrubber HP: 15
This guy hides as a bush; his main purpose is to confuse you in thinking there's no path when there is one. Use the START button to check around for enemies and just keep slashing them to kill them. They frequently team up to form a whole shrub wall.
Zip Fly HP: 7
These tiny things zip around; you have to have great reflexes (or the enhanced Dark Friar) to catch them.
Zombie HP: 20
The goal is to destroy the head, then the body. The problem is that you can only hurt the head when it's extended, and it'll heal itself totally if it gets back to the body in time. If you're Will, one Psycho Dash should do the trick; if you're Freedan, two or three sword hits should do it. Once the head is gone, the body opens an eye and starts rushing at you, but keep slashing to mow it down easily.
Goldcap HP: 25
Extremely annoying skullheads. They float around in a beeline. They'll weave up, then down (or vice versa), then split into two flashing, invincible halves. They'll follow you around for a short time, then speed back to their original spot (where they were before they split off). You have to catch it before it splits again. When they're following you, lead them around; don't get too far from the original split point or you'll be too late to catch it before it splits again!
Gorgon HP: 28
Periodically it'll stand in place and spin around. It's invincible when it does this. Will's Psycho Slider is great when they're vulnerable, or just use jump attacks. Freedan can use his sword; its reach is longer than the Gorgon's arms!
Frenzie HP: 20
A much more docile version of Goldcap. It sticks to walls and travels around them. Every time you hit it it'll speed up (not based on damage, but number of hits). The easiest thing to do is stay just out of its path and keep swiping away at it (I just use the speed-up key on my emulator and the turbo A button).
Wall Walker HP: 20/30
There appear to be two different versions of this annoying but stationary enemy. Both follow basically the same pattern. If you're far away, it'll shoot a small point of light which, although blockable, is really hard to block; just run away from it. If you're close to it, it'll drop a bunch of little green worms (1 HP each) which crawl around. Use hit-and-run tactics. The second version looks the same, but has more HP and less defense; its tactics seem to be slightly different as well, but not by much.


Mystic Ball HP: 20
These spheres can only move up or down, and they shoot lasers horizontally. Unfortunately, the lasers can't be blocked. If you have Freedan, let loose with Dark Friars; with Will, use Psycho Slide or Spin Dash. With Shadow, just go in there and attack, and hopefully you won't get hit more than once or twice. If you can, try getting to them from above or below.
Tuts HP: 30
The shield they hold means no attacks except from the back, unless they're in the midst of attacking. Psycho Slide works well; otherwise try to get around them.
Blaster HP: 25
They're initially invisible. There are two ways to detect them: use the map, or see if you're being hit by small round red shots (which can be blocked, by the way). Aim for the source of the shots. A second or two after they're hit, they'll flash visible. Once you find them, they're not tough.
Haunt HP: 12
Mummies which sometimes wait in the wall until you enter. They're pathetically easy by themselves, but they usually come in groups. Once you defeat it, it'll open up and its spirit will come out.
Haunt's Spirit HP: 28
The easiest way to beat these dudes? Just block them!

Gem's Mansion

These enemies are identical to the ones from Diamond Mine, except that they have higher defense, offense, and HP.

Flayzer 2 HP: 20
They haven't gotten any tougher, and this time you can use Psycho Slide or Spin Dash to take them out.
Grundit 2 HP: 30
They gang up a lot now, so watch it. Be careful, too: if you're trying to hit one below you, don't get too close, as they'll hit you even if you block.
Eye Stalker 2 HP: 16
There are more of them, and less room to maneuver. Use Spin Dash if you have time to charge it up; Psycho Slide also works OK.