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This Walkthrough is by Cless Alvein, and may not be distributed without the permission of the owner.

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*The first chapter will be full of spoilers and details. From chapter 2 to 4 there will be vague references to storyline, but no actual spoilers. See strategies for enemies or bosses if you get stuck

Chapter 1: The World before Land
500-450 Million B.C.

Suggested evolution path:

Improve jaws
Improve body
Improve tail
Improve horn
Improve jaws
Improve dorsal fin
Improve tail
Increase body size

Ocean of Origin

When you start out, go near one of the Jellyfish to get an introduction. But beware! Once you talk to one of the Jellyfish, they become your enemies and will not waste any more breath(No pun intended) talking to you! Attack them and get your first Evolution Points, or E.V.O. Points. This took me a while to figure(Yes, that was kind of stupid, but I simply didn't think of pressing SELECT) out but when you have enough points, simply press "Select" to bring up the Evolution capability screen, and using B as confirm and A as cancel, evolve accordingly.

The level is pretty straightforward. Bit the Jellyfish twice for a hunk of meat which gives you E.V.O. Points and HP. The white points are E.V.O. Points and the red ones are HP. The brightly colored plants and shrimp along the bottom are not just decoration, if you chomp down on them, you will be awarded a bonus +3 HP, but no E.V.O. Points.

Now that the basics are explained, let's go on. Before you swim towards the right and cross over to the next screen, effectively beating the whole level, I suggest you take two minutes of your time and get 200 E.V.O. Points and Evolve the Kuraselaches Jaws. It gives you triple your original attack power.

You now should be at the field screen. Press up to go to the next level and press B to enter it.

Cave of Guidance

Beat the Jellyfish in the area to get some E.V.O. Points and then enter through the hole near the bottom, to the right. There should be some Sea Worms in the cave, having 1 more HP and being faster, but they should be no problem, especially if you have the Kuraselaches Jaw, whiches finishes them off in one bite.

Go on and you should see a yellow shiny ball. This is a crystal. But before you get it, swim down to the cucmbers(The two brown moving clusters at the bottom). After you listen to their gossip, eat them if you need to for a +3 HP recovery. Then, swallow the crystal to go on. The crystal will then speak and give you an explanation on the effects of evolving different body parts. Go back the way you came from the exit the Cave of Guidance.

Cave of Temptation

Dispose of the Jellyfish and Sea Worms swimming around, and use those E.V.O. points, along with the ones you've gained from before, to get a Scaly Body. Notice that all Jellyfish and Sea Worm attacks will now do 1 damage, instead of two.

Enter the cave at the bottom and defeat the new Sea Slime enemies by quickly biting it after it splits. Since they only have 3 HP, one bite should finish them off.

Further into the cave, eat the plants for +3 HP if need to, and you'll hear them advise you to eat the Red Crystal to evolve into a strange creature. When a crystal transforms you, it'll last less than ten minutes, but the crystals almost always transform you into a more powerful creature, so use that time wisely. Anyways, you'll transform into an eel of a stingray, depending on how your current body is, and it'll be better than your current body. Anyways, go back and beat the worms, or, if you really don't want to, press R to exit to the Field Screen. At the Field Screen, go down and then right, and then up to reach the next level.

Ocean of Terodus

You'll see some small Yellow Fish, know as the Terodus. They'll start to run away, but chase them by pressing forward twice quickly, and when they reach the edge, corner them and start chomping. By the time you chase them there and back, you'll probably realise that there is no way out. Oh well, use this time to chase some more Terodus and get E.V.O. Points. BE PATIENT. After a while, the floor will begin to rumble and the volcanos will start to explode. Hurry out of there before the rocks, which deal 1 to 3 damage, kill you. Go either way. When you get out, you'll see that the next level has opened. Go there and press B.

Cave Of Zinichthys

Stick around the cave entrance and get 800 E.V.O. Points, and evolve the Zinichthy Jaw(You want to fight the Zinichthys on even terms, right?). And, if you want to be even more prepred, fight for a few minutes more and evolve the Shelled Body. While you're at it, throw in a dorsal fin(Original or Sailing are fine, but it would help a lot if you got a Kuraselaches Fin. Now that you're all ready, go on into the cave.

The Zinichthy are grey fish that look calm, but are really agressive. If they see you, they will charge at you, and then attempt to bite you. To beat them, let them charge and bite them when they're close, or dodge them until you are out of their sight, behind them, and sneak up on them. Quickly make your way to the bottom(Just keep going down) and if you see any Sea Bouncers(Round orange balls), ignore them as they are too hard to kill and not really worth the effort unless you can sneak up behind them.

At a certain part, volcanoes will start to explode. Quickly rush through this part and try not to lose too much HP. One last Zinichthy awaits you at the end. If you have enough HP and skill, kill him. If you don't, run past him to finish off the level.

Domain Of Cepalas

Kill the Cepalas around here. They should be fairly easy and you should rake E.V.O. Points from them. When you've had enough, go to the right to exit this level.

Cave of Origin

This is different from the Ocean of Origin from which you started out with, although there is only Jellyfish near the cave entrance. Go into the cave to meet lots of Bouncers. Rush past them and you'll see a new enemy, a small Squid. Small Squids only have 2 HP, so don't be afraid of them. Near the end of the cave you'll hear gossip between Seaweed. Exit this part.

Now, in the next part, you'll come face to face with two Kuraselaches(Which look a lot like sharks) right away. Kill them for E.V.O. Points.

There are a lot of Kuraselaches in this section, so be careful and if you don't need the E.V.O. Points, charge through. When you get near the end you'll hear two Strolites complain. Go on into the cave down below and face your first boss. If you don't, and go on to the right, you'll have nothing to do except go onto land, where you'll die of suffocation.

Boss Tactic:
Kuraselach Leader

Kuraselach Leader will start off by ramming you and taking off around 13 HP, depending on your body. Then, if you ram him with your horn from behind, he will swish his tail. If he sees you he will charge and attempt to bite you, sometimes twice in a row. So, you can either ram him and them run away until you see the chance to ram him again, or you can evade his attacks while biting him whenever you have a chance. Evolving some fins and tails are crucial if you want to dodge his attacks.

After you defeat the boss, he will spew out four huge chunks of meat, each giving you a total of 1000 E.V.O. Points and 64 HP back!

Go back out the cave and up towards the right. End this chapter.


Chapter 2: Early Creatures of Land
300-230 Million B.C.

Suggested evolution path:

Improve jaws
Improve body
Improve jaws
Improve tail
Improve horn
Improve body
Improve dorsal fin
Improve back of the head
Improve jaws
Improve body

Coast of Pange

You will notice that your E.V.O. points have returned to zero. Unfortunately, there are no enemies here that you can defeat for E.V.O. Points. Swallow the crystal for some advice and go on.

Now, you will see that you have two choices for where to go. First, go up for some important information.

Empty Land

Here, you will hear two flying creatures' gossip. This land has no enemies(Why else would it be called, "Empty Land"?). Go out and take the other way.

Ocean of Pange

Jump into the ocean and you'll evolve back into a swimming creature. Go near one of the Coelafish for some info about them. Then, defeat them for E.V.O. Points if you want to, but as they only give 4 at a time, it's not really worth it. Go on towards the right and jump back onto land to beat the level.

Land of timid Ikustega

If you attack, or even go near one of the Timid Ikustega, they'll start to run away, so if you bite them, quickly bite them a lot of times to finish them off.(Sometimes, though they do a tongue whip, which does only 1 damage anyways) You'll see some dragonflies flying by in the air but you can't reach them because you can't jump high enough *_* You'll have to evolve your tail if you want to kill some dragonflies. Keep going to the right to beat this level.

Land of Bull Ikustega

Bull Ikustega are more agressive, but 3 consecutive bites should finish them off, especially if you catch them off guard.

Land of Amphibians

Same strategy for Bull Ikustega. But those other reptiles, the are tricker. Bite them if they come charging towards you, but you have a second option of jumping on their backs and defeating them that way.

Land of Boss Ikustega

Boss Ikustega

Watch out for his jumping on you AND his slime attack. Both are very dangerous and can cause some serious damage, so make sure you're well-prepared and evolved before facing him. When he spits slime at you, try to dodge or jump on his back. When he comes jumping towards you, try to intercept him in mid-air and bite him.

Afterwards, two Ikustega will come and further the plot for you.

Domain of Profasu

If you want to bother with these pesky creatures, you have to have a fast finger. When they're almost at you, bite them and they should be thrown back. Then, if they aren't already dead yet, they'll try to charge you again. Simply bite them. Again.

Otherwise, just try to keep jumping until you're at the end of the level.

Domain of Giant Bee

Here, giant bees will be in their domaines and they'll swoop down and pick up children Ikustega. The bees aren't that much harm since they're very focused on their task. Simply jump and bite. If you try to kill the child Ikustega and eat its meat, you will suffer a HP penalty, because Ikustega are the "good guys".

Land of Insect

Actually, only Giant Bees are here, so same strategy as above.

Cave of King Bee

An Ikustega will come out and tell you his story, then you'll gain some extra E.V.O. Points. Prep yourself up for a big battle with your newly acquired E.V.O. Points and go in.

In this later part of the cave, you will see a lot of eggs. The ROCKING ones are good. They don't do anything except wait for you to eat them and they give you a +3 HP bonus. The NON-ROCKING ones are bad. They hatch into annoying little blue larvae, and are hard to kill, unless you're a good jumper. After you've killed off all of them, the King Bee should appear near the end of the level.

King Bee

King Bee tends to go for a swoop-and-dive strategy. These should be fairly easy to dodge, and keep at it until you develop a good counterattack strategy. It involves turning in mid-air, so it can be a bit tricky, but you should have no problem with him, as he is a fairly easy boss. You can also go for the agreesive tactic and continuously attack him whenever he even tries to fly.

After Megasu gives you a few hints, remember and follow his advice.

Desert of Sand Eater

Dodge, jump, do whatever you can to just... avoid these things. There is a green crystal somewhere near the end of the level.

Desert of Edosaurus

Edosaurus are very alert once you bite them. so try to jump on them as much as possible, unless they're hiding their heads in the sand.

Desert of Mosuchop

The only reason you have to watchout for Mosuchop is because of their surprise attacks by buring themselves in the sand. Otherwise, they're quite low on HP and are quite harmless.

Desert Time Trans

Queen Bee

Watch out as the Queen Bee starts out the attack by charge-biting you. There are ways to dodge her techniques. For the spikes, just charge under her and the spikes should land behind you. For her charge and bite, jump up and down and when she misses, there's a good chance you'll end up on top and land on her, dealing damage.

Chapter 3: Age of Dinosaurs
200-65 Million B.C.

Suggested evolution path:

Improve jaws
Improve body
Improve tail
Improve jaws
Improve body
Improve horns
Improve dorsal fin
Improve body
Improve back of the head
Improve tail

Door to Dina Continent

Get the yellow crystal for a EVO tip. All there is to it.

Marsh of Prime Frog

Watch out for their lashing tongues, but they should be some good practice for your new body.

Marsh of Amphibians

Take care of them the same way you did before, jumping, biting, dodging their attacks.

Domain of Tecodonto

Kill lots of these these, as they are quite cowardly and are pretty much harmless.

Domain of Polsaurus

Take the green crystal in this level and defeat these guys by biting them when they're distracted from headbutting each other. Try to save up for some good body parts.

Domain of Syrocosaurus

Don't attack the Syrocosaurus as it has infinite HP, so just walk right past.

Domain of Brosasaurus

For three attacks, these guys will ignore you, so if you are strong enough, you can kill them without any resistance at all. Otherwise they'll start charging and headbutting you. Try to kill a lot because they give decent E.V.O. Points and are easy.

Domain of Prasauro

Attack them continuously, and don't give them a second to spare because if you do, they will scream, and the sound will damage you continuously for several turns.

Domain of Segosaurus

When they wave their backs, don't jump on them. Generally bite them a few times and they should be dead.

Domain of Prime Frog

You'll see two frogs hurting a Sycosaurus child when you enter. The Sycosaurus child will run, and the frogs too. Dispatch of the frogs if you wish. Exit and re-enter.

Mother of Prime Frog

She will continuously let out small frogs. The small frogs shouldn't be much of a problem. Just try to get close enough to get in a bite or two on the Mother of Prime Frog.

Domain of Tritops

Despite their peaceful appearance, they are agressive, so bite them when they charge you, as their charges are quite powerful.

Domain of Plesasaur

Even though you are in the water, these guys are very easy, and can be killed quickly. Because they give a good amount of E.V.O. points, try to evolve and improve a lot of your body parts.

Mt. Brave

The flying birds will occasionally pick you up and drop you, so be careful. Climb to the top of this stage, and jump off the left side. You will be awarded with the transformation of your body into a flying dinosaur.

Secret Level: River of Asteroid

I'll give you a hint for this level: Notice how there's a cloud that hovers over some certain levels? Well after you become a bird...

Mt. Hidden Mammals

Not much here. Squirrels live here, but they're not worth the effort. Jump off the cliff to the right to exit this level.

Domain of Pronesaurus

When they spin to attack you, simply run away and come back to bite again. Do this until they are eliminated.

Domain of Omosaurus

Bite them continuously when they try to bite you. Just jump on them if you run into too much trouble.

Domain of Tyrasaurus

When the Tyrasaurus ask you if you want to rule the world with them, say no as the game will tell you a story and bring you back to the beginning of the level, which you already are in. Just bite them when they charge, and you should be okay. Later, some asteroids will come and kill everyone off. You escape through a time gate that Gaia opens for you.

Chapter 4: Ice Age
65 - 36 Million B.C.

Suggested evolution path:

Improve jaws
Improve body
Improve body
Improve tail
Improve back of head
Improve tail
Save up EVO Points for final boss

Iced Coast

Take the yellow crystal and leave. It's an empty level.

Cave of Judgement

This is where you choose whether to get a new body. The new body opens up more choices but it weak to start. You can keep your old body if you wish..

Cave of Deltadium

Deltadium are a good source of E.V.O. points for your new body. If you haven't evolve, just move on..

Door to Mt. Snow

If you choose to go through the inside, make sure you have your old body, as the enemies inside are fairly hard. If you have the new body, up the cliff and over.

Domain Paramis

These guys are really fast, and unless you happen to be extra powerful or can hurt them a few times in a row, don't bother.

Domain of Great Bird

These birds will try to knock you off of your feet, and if you fall down you have to start the level over. So, be careful when they come to attack, and try to rush through.

Exit of Mt. Snow

Just go through to the right.

Land of Survival

Apparently dinosaurs weren't all extinct after all. Kill them if you want to, but they're a bit tough.

Land of Survival

Tyrosaurs are still alive, and deal with them same strategy as before.

Domain of Balrium

They are fairly weak, but their attacks are sometimes annoying. Just bite them a few times and they're dead.

The North Pole

The seal and penguin are easy prey if you have strong jaws. Just bite them when they try to attack you. Someone at Enix screwed up. Penguins and North Pole just don't mix.

Domain of Mammoth

Mammoth Brothers

You are mistaken for the Yeti,and three mammoths attack, one coming in to replace another. They shoot bubbles and try to charge you. Dodge the bubbles, or better yet, corner them and bite continuously. After this a female mammoth comes and tells you some information.

Fort Bird-man

In this stage, walk right to be abducted to Fort Bird-man. Fight to the entrance of the fort, and go to the interior. If you could fly this is VERY helpful. Remember, running also makes you jump farther. Teleport and teleport until you find the bird king. There's a crystal here that'll turn you into an elephant. Refuse the Bird King's offer and fight him.

Bird King

He flies around and throws crystal balls at you. Try to corner him on the left side of the room and bite him continuously until he's gone.

Domain of Hynodon

The destruction of Fort Bird-Man made this place accessible, so go through now.


Yeti is fairly hard, just try to work up a pattern of attack and keep at it until he eventually dies. Heal with minor evolutions if necessary. He tends to bide his time and then unleash his attacks in one fell swoop, but in a regular pattern.

Yeti Mother

Yeti mother is, in my opinion, harder than Yeti. Defeat her by dodging her claps and biting her whenever you get a chance. She tends to be fairly quick, so keep moving all the time. Be careful around her, as your HP may go down faster than you think. She also has a fairly large amount of HP stored. Defeat her and go on to the next age.

Chapter 5: Early Man
26 - 3 Million B.C.

Suggested evolution path:

Improve everything that is available to you. If you cannot improve your creature further, save points up for the future so that you can replenish your HP with a minor evolution such as neck length or size and have plenty of E.V.O. points still in stock.

Final Step To Evolve

Don't even bother with these guys. Too much work.

Domain of Sincerous

Generally harmless, but try to stay out of antler range.

Domain of Fish of Prey

Pirahnna don't give a lot of E.V.O. points, so just skip them, if you can.

Domain of Sea Otter

Sea otter can be annoying with their shell throwing, so attack them while in the water.

Domain of Alligator

Jump when the alligator jumps to attack, and you'll be okay...

Domain of Grizzly

The bears will stand up and attack you if you attack them. They'll also jump really, REALLY high if you happen to be flying and annoy them. So, bit them, dodge, bite again.

Forest of Segosaurus

When he asks you to leave them alone, say Yes to obtain a hint on evolution, but then after you know this you can just go back and bother them again.

Domain Eohip

They'll kick when you get close, so bite and get away, or jump on them.

Domain of Sabre Tiger

Try to attack them while they're pouncing on you, and you'll finish them in no time.

Domain of Condor

After you hear some gossip, go to the top to get a blue crystal for 5000 E.V.O. points. Fly higher for something else...

Cave of Monkey Human

Monkeys will throw rocks, big and small at you, but shouldn't pose too much of a problem to your evolved body...

Yeti (2)

This one punches hard and fast, sometimes resulting in getting punched continuously. Just keep at it and evolve frequently to heal. He likes to do somersaults in the air and leap forward to attack. Take advantage of his fairly regular attack patterns.

Domain of Ditryma

These birds will attack you if provoked, and they'll just cry at the sky. They don't have a very strong attack, so just bite a few times. Press jump between the rock pillars in the background near the end of the level to warp to a different continent.

Domain of Queen Bee

Queen Bee (2)

Exactly same strategy as Queen Bee above.

Last Ocean

The Rogon will fire their plasma weapons at you, dodge them and bite them. They have a fair bit of HP, but you can kill them. When you get to the boss, say No to his offers. By the way, there is a special evolution in this level if you're a mammal, see if you can find it.

King Rogon

The blinding energy pulse will make you field of vision limited, but attack frequently and the sight thing shouldn't hinder you too much.

Domain of Tyrasaur

Tyrasaurs are harder then before, but dispatch them the same way.

Entrance to Eden

Get pass the pesky boss at the entrance,


If you can, just attack whenever he does anything. Quick reflexes will get you past him without getting hurt at all.


A lot of people had trouble with him because they tried to kill him early. Don't. Defeat all his crystal creatures before doing anything to Bolbox himself.

Enjoy the ending! You beat E.V.O.!

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