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Kuraselach Leader

Location: Chapter 1: The World Before Land, Cave or Origin

Tactic: The Kuraselache Leader will start off the fight by ramming you with his body, and trying to bite you. His bites can take off quite a bit of HP, so swim upwards or downwards to evade his bites. If he misses, he will double around and attack you again. Keep moving until he bumps into a rock. Then he will be dazed for a few moments. Use this time to attack. Attack his back with caution because he can swing his tail back and forth, dealing damage. Try to use your E.V.O. points wisely to heal, and he shouldn't be too tough.

Boss Ikustega

Location: Chapter 2: Early Creatures of Land, Land of Boss Ikustega

Tactic: When Boss Ikustega tries to spit his green slime at you, jump out of the way. This should be fairly easy to dodge as that if you do not remain in his spitting range, he will not try this move. If he does, however, the green slime can hurt you for quite a bit. After the spitting move, if he does it, he will most likely attempt to jump on you, causing some damage. The way to avoid this is to bite him in mid-air, or to out-jump him, which is more difficult, unless you have developed special fins with enable super-high jumping. Just repeat this process of dodging and biting/jumping.

King Bee

Location: Chapter 2: Early Creatures of Land, Cave of King Bee

Tactic: The King Bee will fire several needle projectiles at you, causing a good amount of damage each. If you get hit by one, the ones that follow will also hit. So, the trick is to not give him a chance at all, and follow him when he flies, and bite quickly. You can get through this without a scrape. However, if you're not the type to attack so aggressively, run along the ground, heal with minor evolutions, and wear him down with attacks in between his projectile attacks either by biting, which is the most effective method, or by jumping on him, which can be difficult.

Queen Bee

Location: Chapter 2: Early Creatures of Land, Domain of Queen Bee

Tactic: Queen Bee is a lot tougher than her husband. What you really have to watch out for is her dive-bite attack, so keep on the defensive, running when she fires spikes, and counter when he dives down to attack you. When she misses, she will chomp down on air for a few seconds. Use this time to attack her agressively at least once. The most important thing when fighting her is to keep moving along the ground with the charge move.

Mother of Prime Frog

Location: Chapter 3: Age of Dinosaurs, Domain of Prime Frog

Tactic: Mother of Prime Frog will release smaller frogs at you. Don't try to kill them all, because you can't. She has an endless amount of these little spawns. Aim for the mother frog, bite her and try to predict where she will land. Head to there and bite her as she or a bit after she lands. This boss is fairly easy, as her froglets are really much less tougher than normal enemies.

Mammoth Brothers(3 Mammoths)

Location: Chapter 4: Ice Age, Domain of Mammoth

Tactic: If you can, try to corner them into the right side of the screen and bite them continuously. If you can't, dodge the bubbles but watch out most for their charging attacks, as they do a LOT more damage. Attack them when they pause in between attacks, and repeat this three times to win.


Location: Chapter 4: Ice Age, Fort Bird-man

Tactic: Bird-King will fire crystals at you. If you get hit, they can do quite a bit of damage, even if your body is good. So, corner him in the left and DON'T GIVE HIM A CHANCE! Keep attacking and he should be cornered and helpless. If you do it right, you'll come out without a scratch. Otherwise, keep healing with those minor evolutions!


Location: Chapter 4: Ice Age, Domain of Hynodon

Tactic: Yeti will attack you aggressively, so try to bite him as he comes, or jump on him a few times. Just dodge his attacks and try to heal frequently with minor evolutions. He seems to be quite slow in attacking, so use this opportunity to heal or attack him. Also, try to observe a trend in his attacking.

Yeti Mother

Location: Chapter 4: Ice Age, Domain of Hynodon

Tactic: When she releases icy breath at you, jump to dodge them, and when she jumps at you, getting ready to clap, you can bite here, or dodge and when she lands, bite her as she's getting ready for the next icy breath. The trick is to attack her when she's preparing for an attack or while she's pausing. The counterattack when she prepare to clap on you is very difficult to perform, but nevertheless possible. Repeat your attack process and headbutt her a few times if she's cornering you.


Location: Chapter 5: Early Man, Cave of monkey human

Tactic: Yeti will land a few punches on you if you're not careful, and they hurt for quite a bit. So, watch for a pattern in his punching, or, you can jump on him frequently. When he does the little flip to the other side, you can follow him and bite him as he lands, which is quite helpful.

Queen Bee(2)

Location: Chapter 5: Early Man, Domain of Queen Bee

Tactic: Same tactic as Queen Bee above. They are the exact same Boss with color changes.

King Rogan

Location: Chapter 5: Early Man, Last Ocean

Tactic: King Rogan will fire a burst at you which will limit your field of vision for a little while. During this time, most people can just predict where King Rogan is, and attack correspondingly. It's almost impossible to dodge his blinding attacks, so get used to having a limited vision. Attack agressively and use your horn, and replace the horn if need be, both to heal and to have the attacking appendage.


Location: Chapter 5: Early Man, Entrance to Eden

Tactic: Cro-Maine is very annoying and powerful, so you must watch for the distinct pattern in his attacks and bite when the time is exactly right so that he'll be pushed back and you'll keep your position, and you can do this until he dies. If you miss an attack, however, he will hit you right out of the level, so the key to this is patience.


Location: Chapter 5: Early Man, Entrance to Eden

Tactic: Do not attack him yet. He is invincible as of now. Finish off all his crystals first. Note that after you attack him for about 80 HP, he will spit out a new crystal, and the crystals are emitted in random order.

Giant Jellyfish(Orange ridged crystal)

Location: Chapter 5: Early Man, Entrance to Eden

Tactic: Giant Jellyfish is quite easy. He starts out as a small one, and when you finish it off with quick attacks, he transforms into a bigger, meaner one. This one you just go in and out, attacking. He is quite slow compared to you, so take your time in defeating him. Do not stay stationary too close to him, or he'll get you with a stinger attack.

Giant Profasu(Red armored crystal)

Location: Chapter 5: Early Man, Entrance to Eden

Debustega(Yellow scaly crystal)

Location: Chapter 5: Early Man, Entrance to Eden

Tactic: Same strategy as Debustega Boss above, but you have to watch out for Bolbox's occasional punches also.

Giant Zinichthy(Green mossy crystal)

Location: Chapter 5: Early Man, Entrance to Eden

Tactic: Giant Zinichthy will attack aggressively, so you have to attack just one step ahead of him. Just combine your jumps with your attacks and you should be okay. Don't go into defensive mode, as it will probably get you nowhere. This is one of the harder crystal transformations Bolbox spits out. He has a tendancy to charge in a straight line, so use your horns if you have them. Remember to keep evolving to regain HP.

Child Ikustega(White plain crystal)

Location: Chapter 5: Early Man, Entrance to Eden

Tactic: Not even considered a boss. Psh. Just watch him run away, or if you feel like having a health PENALTY, kill him and eat the meat.

Falcon Warrior(Purple cratered crystal)

Location: Chapter 5: Early Man, Entrance to Eden

Tactic: Falcon Warrior is the same as regular Falcon Warriors. Bite or jump when he charges, and try to get ahead of him when he's trying to slice you.

Giant Prosauro(Orange spiked crystal)

Location: Chapter 5: Early Man, Entrance to Eden

Tactic: Attack VERY agressively! Don't give him a chance to scream at all! Keep biting him or attacking him, as if he gets a chance to scream you will be hit several times for a large amount of damage, with no way to stop it (even if it's not in visible range). If you see your HP running low, use your evolution points to evolve a minor body part.


Location: Chapter 5: Early Man, Entrance to Eden

Tactic: Few bites should finish him off. He's really easy, now that all his crystals are gone.

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