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Field Screen

Button Effect Description
Move The four directional buttons move you level from level, allowing you to revisit the levels you've been to to gather some extra Evolution Points or to beat some easy enemies to regain health. The places you've been to are marked with a solid red dot.
None This button does nothing on the world map.
Select/Confirm This is to enter a level that you've visited, or a level opened up by beating a previous level.
None This button, along with A, does nothing.
None This button is usually cancel but does nothing on the field screen because there really is no need for it.
None Same as the Select key, calls up the menu for use.
Main Menu Pressing this brings up the main menu and allows you to save your game, save your log and to view other creatures' log that you've saved. The game comes with 3 empty saving slots.
None This button does nothing.
None This button does nothing.

Battle Screen

Button Effect Description
Move The four buttons on the Battle Screen move you in the water if you're a fish, and if you're on land, in the two directions, left and right. If you're flying, it's to move you through the air. Tap the forward button twice to charge, which causes damage depending on your horn. Note that pressing "A" as you're charging causes your character to perform a dash attack, which deals a great amount of damage. This is especially useful if you can't evolve a horn.
Kick This button, when you're a mammal, allows you to kick. This attack is very useful if you evolve to be a horse as a mammal, especially against bosses that move around quickly.
Select/Confirm/Jump The B button does nothing when you're a fish, but as land creatures, if allows you to jump. It is also confirm in the Evolution Menu.
Swallow Pressing this swallows meat that floats to you. This move has no attack value but for some creatures whose primary attack isn't biting, this could come in useful.
Cancel/Previous/Attack This button is your primary attack, or in the Evolution Menu, cancel.
Pause To pause the game, simply press Start.
Evolution Menu/Save Menu To save a log of your creature, see your stats or evolve further, press Select and select your choice. The game comes with fifty record logs!
None This button does nothing.
Exit level Pressing this allows you to exit a level right away, providing that you already beat it at least once before.

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