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Picture Effect Description Location
Evolves you into different creatures. Small red crystal. Found throughout the worlds.
Gives you additional E.V.O. Points. Small blue crystal. Found in few levels, one in the first chapter, and one in the last chapter
Gives you hints about the game. Small yellow crystal. Scattered throughout the worlds.
If you save a log as the creature, if allows you to evolve into that creature for a while. Small green crystal. Found throughout the worlds.
Adds 3 HP. Red tentacle-waving coral-type things. Found in the sea, it's pretty obvious and stands out.
Adds 3 HP. Small arm-waving crab. Found near ocean coasts.
Adds 3 HP. Small shelled hermit crab. This crab is usually found near the coast of some kind of ocean.
Adds 3 HP. Curled up grass. Grass found on dry land.
Adds 3 HP. Small dragonfly hovering in mid-air. Found in insect areas/jungle areas.
Adds 3 HP. Small spotted mushroom. Found on ledges in small mammal habitats.
Adds 3 HP. A small mouse with a skull and crossbone above its head. Found in various places in the mammal world.
Adds 3 HP. A plant with a chunk of pot-like dirt under it. Found in jungle areas in the Jurassic period.
Adds 3 HP. A small egg that waves back and forth. Not to be confused with the egg that is stationary, which gives birth to blue slime when you go near it. Found in the King Bee's lair.
Adds 3 HP. Green seaweed. Wavy seaweed at the bottom of oceans.
Adds 3 HP. Small empty shell. Empty shell at the bottom of the ocean.
Adds 3 HP. Small waving shrimp in the water. Shrimp with tail attached to bottom of some kind of sea floor.
Adds 1 HP. A pile of bones of a dead dinosaur. Found in worlds in the Jurassic period and mammal period.
Adds 3 HP. A tiny version of the dangerous sand eater that waves back and forth. Found in desert areas.
Adds 3 HP. Tiny balls with spikes.(I don't see how this ADDS HP to you) In the ocean, near the top or bottom.
Adds 3 HP. Stretched out starfish. In the ocean, usually deep under.
Adds 3 HP. The green part of tropic trees. Found in the Jurassic period, dinosaurs eat them.
Adds 3 HP. Opening and closing venus flytraps. Mostly found on land, in jungle areas.
Adds 3 HP. Small black and green melon. Found on the ground of a secret dinosaur habitat in the mammal age.

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