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*The Enemies section contains bosses and some minor strats for those bosses, but the Bosses section will contain pictures of bosses and detailed strategies and pictures.

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Chapter 1: The World before Land (350 - 230 million years B.C.)

Name HP E.V.O. Points/HP gained Description/Strategy
Jellyfish 2 +10 +2 Small, slow jellyfish in the water. Quickly bite it twice to finish it off.
Sea Worm 3 +15 +2 Small worm-like creature that whips at you if provoked. Bite it two or three times quickly to kill it.
Sea Slime N/A N/A Cannot be killed. If attacked, splite into two Sea Slime Spawns.
Sea Slime Spawn 3 +20 +1 Small creature that swims in bursts. Bite it quickly to kill it.
Terodus 3 +25 +1 Shy creatures that run away from you if seen. Charge at them with your horn or charge and then bite when you get close.
Zinichthy 4 +50 +2 Grey fish that swims around. Will attack if it sees you, so sneak attack and then run away. Bite it again when you have the chance until you finish it off.
Sea Bouncer 4 +40 +2 Small snail-like creature that rolls into a ball and bounces around. Bite it while bouncing to kill it. Don't waste your time too much because they are extremely hard to bite.
Cepalas 4 +30 +1 ???
Squid 2 +40 +1 Charges upwards when you get near. Bite it quickly after it charges up to kill it.
Kuraselach 10 +80 +4 Grey, shark-like creatures that are tough and fast. They will bite you and hold on. Bite them consecutively on the head when they charge at you to defeat them.
Kuraselach Leader 75 +1000 +64 Large grey shark that charges at you and tries to bite. Also, it flaps its tail to ward off enemies from behind. Wait until it charges, then swim down or up. If it crashes into a rock, it will be dazed for a moment. Use this time to bite him. Repeat until he's dead.
Coelafish 3 +4 +2 Just bite them a few times to kill them. Not too hard.

Chapter 2: Early Creatures Of Land (350 - 230 million years B.C.)

Name HP E.V.O. Points/HP gained Description/Strategy
Timid Ikustega 2 +10 +2 These timid creatures won't attack you, they'll run away. Bite them quickly or jump on them to kill them.
Dragonfly 6 +30 +1 Small dragonflies that zip through the air without harming you unless you jump in their way. Can be easily killed.
Bull Ikustega 3 +15 +3 Looks like the Timid Ikustega with color change, but these Ikustega will attack you! They'll either jump on you or jump and then bite you. To counter the jump, jump at them at the same time and bite. To counter the bite, jump on their backs.
Plated amphibian 3 +30 +1 Little creatures with an arrow-shaped plate on their forehead, making them good headbutters. They will rush at you and headbutt you, so bite back or jump on their backs.
Boss Ikustega 60 +400 +36 This guy jumps quite a lot, and when he jumps on you, he deals considerable damage. If he misses, he'll try to spit some green slime on you. Don't judge a book by its cover, because they guy is strong and fast, though he might look slow.
Elder of Ikustega 50 +200 -999 Killing either the Elder or the Child will result in Eden asking you, bewildered what you are doing. If you eat the meat of any of these two, you will gain 200 E.V.O. Points but you will die.
Child of Ikustega 50 +200 -999 Killing either the Elder or the Child will result in Eden asking you, bewildered what you are doing. If you eat the meat of any of these two, you will gain 200 E.V.O. Points but you will die.
Profasu 6 +40 +1 Profasu are ancestors of cockroach and a lot of these little bugs will run at you. If you got the best jaws, then just keep going forward and bite when necessary. Or, if you feel lazy, just jump over them when you see any.
Giant Bee 5 +50 +1 These bugs will swoop down occasionally and grap a child Ikustega. Then they'll fly off. If you get them in midair they'll drop the child, and attempt to get them again.
Child Ikustega 20 +20 -5 If you rescue them only to eat them, you will get a -5 HP penalty, so leave them alone.
Warrior Ikustega ??? +1000 +44 He gives you a few words about how defeating the King Bee will result in the plants growing again, and gives you the meat he has gathered, giving you a whopping 1000 E.V.O. Points.
Larvae 3 +20 +1 The non-rocking eggs will hatch into Larvae when you get close, and they will jump around. Even though they only have 3 HP, they are very annoying as there are many of them.
King Bee 100 +1200 +56 The King Bee will attempt to fly a bit away from you, and then launch 4 stingers, which do 5 damage each even when you have the best armor. The trick is not to let him have the time. Jump and bite him continuoutly, and hopefully you'll beat him without him even attacking.
Dragonfly(Megausu) 6 +30 +1 Megausu is basically a normal dragonfly who gives you advice about the sandeaters up ahead.
Sand Eater ??? ??? These big sandeaters will spray sand at you, and don't even try to attack them, as they are invincible. Just jump and dodge their attacks and go past them to finish this level. About a third of the way through there will be a green crystal.

Chapter 3: Age Of Dinosaurs (200 - 65 million years B.C.)

Name HP E.V.O. Points/HP gained Description/Strategy
Edosaurus 15 +80 +9 Don't attempt to continuously bite these things, they will fight back with their fins. Instead, jump on them, and when they bury their head in the sand, bite them.
Mosuchop 9 +60 +4 Mosuchop like to hide in the sand and surprise you, so be on the lookout for these things. Jump when you see one and bite them afterwards.
Queen Bee 150 +2000 +76 The Queen Bee is much tougher than her husband, and bites you as well as throws stingers your way. To dodge the stingers, just run under her and the stingers should fall behind you. When she bites you, jump or bite back.
Tecodonto 2 +12 +2 These shy creatures will run away from you, and because they only have 2 HP, they shouldn't be too much of a problem for your new body.
Prime Frog 2 +10 +1 These frog will lash out at you with their tongue, but shouldn't be too much trouble.
Polsaurus 3 +20 +1 These guys might give you a hard time with their head-bashings, but a few quick jumps and bites should kill them.
Syrocosaurus ??? ??? This dinosaur gives you information about how his child is missing. Do not annoy him as he has unlimited HP and cannot be killed.
Brosaurus 30 +80 +1 These calm leaf-eaters will eat leaves until you attack them three times, then they will charge at you and headbutt you continuously. If your attack does 10 or more you should be able to finish them off without ever getting them mad.
Prasauro 10 +50 +1 These dinosaurs are generally peaceful, but if attacked, they will build sound in their lungs and release it, dealing damage to you. Try not to give them a chance to yell, keep biting them until they die.
Segosaurus 15 +80 +1 Be careful with these creatures, if you bite them they will try to attack you with their tail, and while they wave their back flaps, do not try to jump on them as you will get hurt.
Mother of Prime Frog 120 +2000 +8 Horns are very useful when dealing with her, because you can usually charge under the little frogs and get at the mother frog. Sometimes you can land on her back throught jumping, and also you can just bite your way through to the mother.
Tritops 25 +90 +1 Kill these dinosaur on sight as they are agressive and will charge you no matter what. The best way to get rid of them is to charge them twice with the Dual horn, although this way is a little expensive, EVO points-wise.
Sea Squid 10 +500 +1 These things will roll into its shell and attack you, but try to kill them and you will be awarded with a whopping 500 E.V.O. Points.
Flipper Dinosaur 20 +100 +1 These dinosaur are not very dangerous, although they attack quickly, just avoid them if you are in a hurry and kill them if you are in need of E.V.O. Points.
Pterosaurus 28 +100 +1 These bird-like dinosaur will take you and drop you from a height, hurting you. When they swoop down to get you, try to jump and bite them.
Deltadium 2 +10 +2 If you become a bird, the mountain level contains two rats, also known as Deltadium.
Pronesaurus 10 +200 +2 Once attacked, these creatures will spin towards you for a little while. Simply dodge and attack after they've finished spinning.
Omosaurus 40 +200 +7 These dinosaurs are rather aggressive, so just bite continuously until they die.
Tyrosaurus 80 +250 +22 These dinosaur have a very powerful bite, so don't give them a chance to bite you. Either jump on them of bite them before they bite you.

Chapter 4: Ice Age (65 - 36 million years B.C.)

Name HP E.V.O. Points/HP gained Description/Strategy
Aadvark 15 +50 +1 These aadvark-like creatures spit bubbles if aroused, but are generally harmless.
Sparrow 8 +30 +1 These birds will fly at you and peck at you, so try to avoid them unless you want the E.V.O. Points or is bored.
Hynodon 20 +100 +2 These cat-creatures will leap at you, so be quick with your bite and be careful.
Balruim 25 +90 +1 Sometimes aggressive, these creatures will charge at you. Jump on their backs to defeat them.
Penguins 10 +50 +1 Simply keep biting, while they are shocked, or jump on their heads. They're not too dangerous.
Seals 30 +100 +2 Bite them while they are asleep and keep on attacking, but watch out for their spinning leap.
Mammoth 80 +250 +22 If you have a good body and strong jaws, just take their bubbles and keep biting.
Mammoth Gal 80 +250 +22 Same strategy as Mammoths.
Bird-man 15 +50 +1 Wait until they attack you before attacking, but they have a fairly weak attack.
Mounted Bird-man 20 +50 +1 Justs dodge their arrows and bite the beast, they are one enemy.
Eagle Warrior 20 +100 +7 When they charge with their sword, jump on them or bite them, and they'll never get to hit you.
Bird-King 200 +1600 +88 If you are a quick biter, this guy shouldn't be a problem at all.
Yeti 225 +200 +27 Again, quick bites don't even give him a chance to attack.
Yeti Mother 275 +2000 +128 Quick bites for her slaps, and quick jumps when she slaps you. Don't forget to evolve minor things to replenish your health.

Chapter 5: Early Man (26 - 3 million years B.C.)

Name HP E.V.O. Points/HP gained Description/Strategy
Sincerous 15 +70 +7 Just jump on their backs or bite them when they try to charge you. Not too much trouble.
Pirahnna 5 +30 +1 If you're a bird, just fly over because these fish are too much trouble for so few E.V.O. Points.
Otter 15 +50 +2 Watch out for them when they lie on their backs and start throwing shells. The shells are weak, but are annoying as there are numerous otters.
Alligator 15 +70 +7 They're relatively slow, but watch out when they jump to bite you.
Grizzly 30 +150 +12 These guys are strong, but they are beatable. Just jump on their backs when they're four-footed and bite them when they're standing.
Eohip 20 +100 +7 Watch out for their kicks, they can do quite a lot. Simply bite and dodge.
Saber Tiger 25 +150 +12 Bite them when they jump to attack you to defeat them.
Condor 25 +100 +17 These creatures are generally passive, but will dive into you if you attack them.
Monkey Human 20 +50 +7 Watch out as they have many attacks, just dodge quicky and attack hard.
Yeti(2) 150 +1000 +88 Try to cut him off when he flips in to the air, and cutting him off each time will make the battle short and easy.
Ditryma 25 +80 +12 Take advantage of them when they're crying towards the sky, and afterwards just finish them off.
Rogon 25 +100 +7 Watch out for their plasma guns, but they're generally easy enemies.
Rogon King 225 +1200 +128 He attacks very slow. As long as you're not bothered too much by his blind, you'll beat him easily.
Queen Bee(2) 150 +400 +48 She's even faster and more powerful this time, so bite her whenever you get the chance, and don't forget to evolve little things to replenish HP.
Cro-Maine 375 +5000 +210 He is very hard and has lots of HP, but just keep whittling away at it while he jumps.
Dino-People 50 +175 +17 Watch out for their varied attacks, but a few quick bites should finish them off. +17 health should be enough to replenish what you lost.
Bolbox ??? ??? Don't try to kill Bolbox yet. You can't. You have to kill all other creatures made by the crystals first.
Giant Jellyfish 300 +100 +92 Orange ridged crystal, simply bite many times and watch out for tentacles.
Giant Profasu 275 +100 +92 Red armored crystal, just jump on him many times to defeat him, and when he's in the air, bite him.
Debustega 320 +150 +92 Yellow scaly crystal, same strategy as boss Debustega.
Giant Zinichthy 280 +200 +92 Green mossy crystal, horns are your best friend in this boss.
Child Ikustega 15 +20 -5 White plain crystal, if you needed this guide to beat him, then I'm VERY surprised you made it this far. He runs away the first chance he gets. Bolbox got suckered.
Falcon Warrior 180 +120 +92 Purple cratered crystal, just bite him and run, bite him and run.
Giant Prasauro 300 +300 +92 Orange spiked crystal, just don't give him too many chances to scream, keep biting him.
Bolbox(2) 100 ??? He's easy. Just attack him 5 times and he's done for.

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