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The Beginning

This story begins in the mountains where a young boy named Goku is living. Goku is very hungry so he goes fishing. Here is your first mini game. All you have to do is predict where the fish will pop up out of the water. You have 3 choices:
When you finally get it right, Goku will kick the fish (killing it), and take it back home to eat. On his way back home he is attacked by a girl in a car. Goku automatically thinks that she is a monster. Time for your first real fight!

Battle with Bulma's Car

Use the L and R buttons to power up to your maximum (100) and use any attack you want. Hit the car once and the battle should end. After the battle you will have two new defense techniques. Bind them to any combination you want.

After that, Bulma explains that she is a girl. Goku hasn't seen a human in years. The last one he seen was his grandpa. Goku then asks Bulma why she doesn't have a tail. Bulma doesn't answer but thinks that Goku's tail is fake. Goku takes Bulma to his house. Inside he talks to his grandpa (the 4 star db). When Bulma sees it she gets excited that she finally found it. Goku tells her not to touch it since it was his grandpa's. Bulma then explains about the dbs. Bulma tries to convince Goku to give the db to her. Goku refuses. She then shows Goku her hip telling him he can touch it for the dragonball. You now have 2 choices:
2.Don't touch
I woudn't recommend touching it since it didn't happen in the manga. Either way Goku will refuse to give it to her. Bulma asks Goku to at least help her search. Goku agrees to it. As they leave Bulma throws out a Hoipoi Capsule with a motorbike inside. Goku is amazed and calls Bulma a witch. Not too far down the road Bulma has to go to the bathroom. You have 2 choices:
2.Play with the Bike
You should stay if you want a fight to test yourself. If you wanna have some fun play with the bike. Since it doesn't happen in the manga I wouldn't recommend it.

Battle with Pteranadon

This fight is easy. Just power up and pummel him with whatever moves you want and he'll go down.

After that Bulma throws a Hoipoi Capsule with a house inside. Bulma tells Goku that he needs to take a bath...but...he doesn't know what a bath is. Bulma is freaked that Goku doesn't know what a bath is, so she just decides that she might as well just give Goku a bath. She asks Goku to remove his tail...then finds out that it is real. At night Goku remembers how he use to use his Grandpa's thigh as a pillow. When Goku lays his head down on Bulma's thigh he finds that it isn't he takes her pants off and finds out that...she has no balls O_o. Bulma hears Goku say "No balls, no balls!!!" and wakes up. She then says "They're right here!" and holds up the three dragonballs they have. When Goku goes outside you'll find turtle. He'll ask for some salt water and sea weed. Bulma gives him some. Then he asks if you will take him to the ocean. Push the X button to consult things with Bulma. She will say no. Take him anyway. On their way they run into a Wolf Bandit.

Battle with Wolf Bandit

Power up. Use your scissors attack to dizzy him. Then use your Extending Nyoibo attack. Repeat this process to defeat him with ease.

After this battle you obtain a new speacial attack. Bind it to one of your A button attacks. At the beach you meet Kame. He thinks you for returning turtle to him by giving Goku the Kintoun. Only those pure of heart may ride it. Kame hops on and falls through, as does Bulma. Goku hops on and takes off flying. Bulma becomes jealous and demands something. Kame agrees to give her something...if Bulma will show him her...I'll leave that up to your imagination. Kame then gives Bulma the 3 star dragonball. The two then return to the capsule house...where Bulma finds her underwear on the bed. Goku explains about what happened last night. Bulma then goes wild and begins to pound on Goku. Afterwards they continue their journey and reach a small village. Goku gets attacked by a man who thought he was Uron. Uron is a person who can transform into just about anything. He took most of the girls from the village and take another today. The team agree to beat Uron for a dragonball that one of the village elders have. You are then faced with two choices:
If you transform, Goku will dress up like a little girl to fool Uron just like in the show and manga. A villager then announces that Uron has arrived. Uron looks at Goku and asks him if he his ready to get married. Goku really has to use the bathroom...he ends up peeing on the street. Needless to say, Uron found out that Goku was a boy. Uron gets mad and transforms into a bull. He demands a fight. Bye the time Uron gets ready to attack he leaves(???). The thing is...Uron can only stay transformed for 5 minutes. He had to leave before they seen his true form. He then returns, after a minute of rest, as what appears to be a knight. As they prepare for battle, Uron accidentally dips his thumb into the hot bowl of soup he is holding. He thought Goku burned him somehow. He asks Goku how he did it. Goku said he had done nothing. Uron then retreats. Goku chases after Uron discovering his true form. They force him to take them to his house where all their girls are at. After that they are given the dragonball. Save your game at this new screen. Our friends depart along river with Uron as they head to Fire Mountain. Uron gets scared and tries to run away. Bulma manages to catch Uron with...her underwear O_o. Bulma gives Uron a piece of candy if he will help them. He agrees to this. The boat then runs out of gas. When Bulma pulls over to the riverbank Uron runs away. Bulma just shouts "PIGGY!" and Uron reappears with diarrhea. As they reach a desert, Bulma gets tired and demands a rest. In a house far away we find Yamcha and Puar. They begin to discuss plans...
The scene switches back to our heroes where they are attacked by Yamcha.

Battle With Yamcha: Part 1

Goku attacks Yamcha with his nyoibo, that Yamcha dodges. Yamcha then attacks Goku with his "Wolf Fang Fist" attack. You can't dodge. Your health will be knocked down to 75. There is an easy way to beat Yamcha...use your scissors attack to dizzy him, then take your next turn to attack him! Do this repeatedly and the battle should end. Yamcha will run off and Goku will complain about how he is too hungry to fight.

After nightfall the team rests in Uron's "wagon house". Goku gets something to eat and Bulma takes a bath. Goku now has 2 more defenses techniques. Bind them to any combination you want. After Yamcha and Puar do some more planning...Goku explains to Uron about the dragonballs. Yamcha and Puar arrive at the "house wagon". After some shape shifting nonsense between Puar and Uron trying to steal the dragonballs, morning comes. Bulma is kinda mad since she has to wear a bunny costume. Yamcha follows Goku and the rest of the gang. Goku and Yamcha continue their fight.

Battle With Yamcha: Part 2

Power up. Your power now goes up to 140. Use the same strategy as last time. Use your Janken Combo to take him done quickly. Follow these instructions and you will emerge victorious. After the battle you obtain the Goku's Tail attack.

After arriving at Fire Mountain, Goku goes off to find Ox King's Daughter, Chichi, and the bansho fan from Kame. You are faced with 2 choices:
1.Go up the road
2.Go down the road
Choosing 2 get you into 3 pteranadon fights, then you meet Chichi. The first option takes you straight to Chichi. You might wanna choose the first option since it happens in the manga...and Goku won't..."tap" Chichi's crotch and discover that she is a girl like in the manga. They fly over to Kame's house and ask him for the bansho fan...but...HE THREW IT OUT!?!?!? Kame then decides to go put out the flames himself, if Bulma will go on a midnight stroll with him. Goku tells Kame that she will. Kame reaches Fire Mountain, and scold Ox King for all the veil he had done. Kame then uses the Kamehameha technique, that took him 50 years to master. Now its time for Goku to do it in...5 seconds? Just do as the directions tell you, hold down L and R to power up, then press A to fire it. His Kamehameha works, but only blows the tire off of a car. After this the Kamehameha will be in your move list. Bind it to one of your A button combos.

Find the Dragonball!

Its time for another mini game! All you have to do is hit X to bring up the dragon radar. The little triangle represents you. When you are close to the dragonball hit A to search the groung for it. When you find it, Goku will hold it up. After Uron transforms into Bulma (as a favovor to her) and lets Kame get his part of the deal, its time to save your game again! The gang will eventually arrive at a desert town. The people here are afraid of Bulma in her bunny suit, because of the Rabbit Gang that terrorizes the town. You are then faced with three options. Here are the two paths to get on with the game:
Path 1:1), 2), 2)
Path 2:2), 2), 2)
Take both paths, in that order. Then you should make it back to the Gas Station avoiding the Capsule Shop (Bulma will lose them if you go back to the shop). Bulma get excited when she sees Yamcha hiding on the left side of the screen. Just then, the Rabbit Gang will arrive. Bulma says that Goku will beat the crap out of them if they don't leave. You are now presented with 2 choices:
1.All right
Choose the first option. Goku will happily begin a fight with them.

Battle With Rabbit Gang

Power up (be aware this is the last time I'm going to say this, since you should know when to power up after me saying it more than enough :P). These guys are easy. You can dizzy them and try to pull off a Kamehameha if you wanna. If that doesn't finish them just attack regularly. They'll go down easily. After their defeat, Boss Rabbit comes along and turns Bulma into a carrot O_o. Yamcha kicks all of his henchmen out of the way, allowing Goku to fight boss rabbit by himself.

Battle With Boss Rabbit

DON'T TOUCH THIS GUY WITH YOUR BARE HANDS! If you do touch him, you'll be turned into a carrot and see.....that horrible game over screen *shudders*. Just hit him with your nyoibo. Now, when Goku flashes...wait for Boss to flash, then attack with your nyoibo. This will knock him all the way back. Now while he is backed up, try to pull off a Kamehameha. This strategy will have him down for the count.

After this battle you will have a new Defense Technique. Bind it to your liking. Bulma is finally returned to normal. Goku then ties the Rabbit Gang up, straps them to his nyoibo, and puts them on the Moon. Afterwards, the gang continues their journey until Pilaf's henchmen, Shao and Mai, steal all of the dragonballs except Goku's while they are sleeping. Goku sets off to find them, but is only left with their abandoned robot. You have another choice:
2.Turn back
Neither of these choices work. Just hit the X button to refuse to answer and Yamcha will jump out. Time to Save again! After saving the gang will proceed on to Emperor Pilaf's palace, where he is VERY VERY pissed at Shao and Mai for missing a dragonball. You are then put into a maze. The following combination will lead you right into a trap, which is meant to happen:
1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2.
Pilaf tries to torture Bulma hoping she'll give up the dragonball but fails, so he just gasses them all to sleep and sends Shao and Mai in to steal it from Goku. When they wake up, they discover that Pilaf has all 7 dragoballs and preparing to summon Shenlong and make his wish!!! GOku tries to blow up the wall with a Kamehameha, but only manages to make a small hole. You are presented 2 choices:
1.Try another Kamehameha
2.Yell out the hole
Neither choice will work. Hit X and you will have 3 choices now:
1.Try another Kamehameha
2.Yell out the hole
3.Send Uron and Puar out the hole
Option 3 does the job! Uron turns into a bat, interrupts Pilaf's wish, and wishes for a pair of underwear. The panties fall from the sky and the dragonballs fly away and scatter of the earth. The gang is now locked in a steel room with an unbreakable glass ceiling. They are to set there until day comes, and be fried by the sun. Goku and Yamcha contiously punch the walls, but they fail to put a dent in it. You have 3 choices:
1.Talk to Yamcha
2.Talk to Puar
3.Talk to Uron
Talk to all of them. Nothing really happens. Hit X and talk to Uron again. They will start talking about the full moon. Goku tells them about the monster that comes out at night when the moon is full, and how his grandpa was killed by the monster one night. Everyone realizes that Goku was the one who had transformed and killed his grandfather. Bulma tells Goku not to look at the moon no matter what. Goku looks at it and...nothing happens. Then the transformation begins. Goku smashes the castle letting everyone to escape. Puar turns herself into a pair of scissors and cuts off Goku's tail, turning him back to normal. After a lot of talking, Bulma & Yamcha start going out, everyone says good-bye, and Goku goes off on Kintoun to train with Kame (from here on out I'll refer to him as Master Roshi). Save your game here.

Training With Master Roshi

Goku arrives at Master Roshi's house requesting to become his pupil. Roshi doesn't accept students any more...but...if Goku can find a "plump" girl to live with Roshi, he will train Goku. Time for just about everyone's least favorite mini game:
Find Master Roshi a girl!!! This will be fun...

You have 2 options:
2.Go somewhere else
If you go you have the same 2 options. If you say you have 3 more options. Since there are more than 3 all together here are some examples:
The outcome of what you do is kinda randomized, so chose wisely. Afterwards Roshi takes Goku inside and shows him two pictures. He asks Goku which one he thinks looks good. You have three choices:
1.The one on the right
2.The one on the left
Since Goku doesn't answer in the manga, choose number 3. Now that Goku knows what he's looking for, he sets out to find a pretty girl. The things's a mermaid O_o. Roshi tries to make a move on her and gets slapped in the face with her tail and leaves (LOL). Krillin then arrives on the island. He asks to become Roshi's pupil as well...after he slips Roshi a porn mag (where's min- er...). Roshi then sends Krillin to help Goku find a "plump" girl. You have the dame three options as last time. This time continue choosing the third option, "Move somewhere else" until you come a across a blonde woman being chased by the police. She sneezes and turns into a black haired nice girl. Goku and Krillin hear her screams for help and go to beat up the police. This fight is so EASY I'm not gonna make a section for it. Just pummel them with whatever you want and their gone. Goku and Krillin return with their new friend Lunch (or Launch). After you take her back yo Roshi's they will move the House onto another island, using a hoipoi capsule. Now for the training. Roshi makes the Goku and Krillin run 100 yards to see how fast they are. Krillin came in with a time of 10.4 seconds, and Goku came in with a 9.8 sec. Roshi then decides to give it a try. He gets a time of 5.6 sec!!! Now for my "favorite" part. Roshi will throw a rock into the forest. This is my favorite part of the game. You must find the rock to get supper. Here is a recommened path:
Choose 1 until you run into Krillin. After this choose 3, 2, then 3. You will run into a Pteranadon. After this choose 2 then 1. You'll run into Krillin again. Now choose 2, 3, 1, 1, 2,1. You'll meet Krillin...again. Now select 1, then 1 for another Pteranadon fight. Then 1, and 1 again for the last Pteranadon fight. Choose 2 and you'll find the stone. Krillin then tricks Goku and takes the rock from him. Time to beat Krillin to a pulp and take the rock back.

Battle with Krillin

This battle is easy. You can either use a dizzying attack and two Kamehamehas or just pummel him. Do which ever you want. Your much stronger than him. After the battle you have the Dash Kick. Bind it to a B combo.

Krillin tricks Goku by giving him the wrong rock. Goku doesn't get supper that night, while Krillin and the rest of the gang eat up. Save here. Goku wakes up next to Lunch's violent-self and kicks her in the face for shooting at him. Roshi then tells Goku and Krillin its time to go running. You have to hit the A button to make then run, until they are completely off screen. The gang runs through a valley, across a river, a forest, and a desert with a dinosaur chasing them. Time for the Plowing the Field minigame. You must alternate between pressing the A and Y buttons to make them dig. Do this until they are finished. Now for the Catch the Dirt minigame. This is just like hitting the fish in the beginning of the game. You have three choices:
Just keep guessing until you catch the dirt. Time to try and move a giant boulder. You all are too weak to do it. Press A far a while. You can't do it can ya? :P Now the gang has to do their training again with 20 kilo turtle shells on their backs. The training is the same as last time. Run, plow, catch, push. Only this time they're not as tired as they were the first time. You can't push the rock again either. They must repeat the process once more with 40 kilo shells. This time when you push the moves. Congrats! Days go by and the boys have been training with heavier shells. Roshi tells them to take their shells off. They are surprised at how light they feel. Roshi tells them to jump as high as they can. When they do, they're up in the sky!!! They've gotten much stronger without knowing it! Time to save again.

Tournament Time: The Tenkai-chi Budoukai!

Its finally time for the Tenkai-chi Budokai!!! Master Roshi takes the boys to test their skills against the strongest fighters in the world. After passing his first two rounds, Goku finally gets a worthy challenge, Ranran.

Battle with Ranran
This is another easy fight. Your power now goes up to 350. Try out your Dash Kick and pummel him with whatever you want. He'll go down. After the battle you obtain Dash Punch. Bind it to a Y button combo.

The gang finally meets up with Yamcha, Bulma, Puar, and Uron. Yamcha cut his hair so it takes a minute for Goku to realize who he was. Its now time to start the real tournament. Krillin has to fight a man named Bacterion (a man who has never taken a bath in his life). Krillin is successful. He defeated him by...pulling down his pants and farting right in hs face. O_o Yamcha gets beat by a man named Jackie Chun, who looks suspiciously like Master Roshi with out Sunglasses...
Goku must now fight a Dragon name Giron.

Battle with Giron
Another easy battle. Hit him a few times with whatever ya want. He'll eventually wrap Goku up that a lougie??? The games leaves out a part where Goku is thrown out of the ring and brought back by Kintoun. The games just skips to where Goku breaks free. What do ya know! Goku got his tail back! After Goku tries out a few moves Giron turns tail and runs. Goku now has the Body attack. Bind it to a Y button combo.

You should have the Flaming Kick attack. Bind it to an A combo as well. Yamcha believes the Jackie is really Roshi. Jackie denies this. Its time for Jackie and Krillin to fight. Krillin takes out a pair of panties to distract Jackie and kicks him out of the ring. Jackie then uses a Kamehameha wave to propel himself back into the ring and defeats Krillin. Yamcha tries pulling off Jackie's hair but it won't come off. It's now time for Goku to battle Namu, who is fighting for the prize money to save his people from dying of thirst!

Battle with Namu

This battle is one of the hardest battles in the tournament (unless you've mastered the battle system). If your quick enough, you can get the first hit. Use one of your dizzying attacks (preferably Scissors so you don't lose any energy) to insure the next hit. You can either dizzy him again and again, or pummel him, charging after each attack. The easiest way is to dizzy, attack, dizzy, attack, dizzy, attack, and so on. You should probably charge up after each attack too. Keep up this pattern and you should emerge victorious. After the battle you have 3 new attacks! 2 A combos, and 1 X combo! Bind them to your liking.

Don't worry about Namu and his village. Jackie admits to Namu that he is Master Roshi, and gives Namu an empty hoipoi capsule to put water in. Namu didn'y know that water was free in this part of the world. Heheheh. Now its time for the toughest fight you'll have.

Battle with Jackie Chun

No matter what, Jackie will get the first hit. Just charge up and get ready to block. You'll get the next hit. I'd suggest a dizzying move. Then attack him with the Afterimage (if you bound it). If not use your Dash Kick. After you two beat on each other for a while, Jackie will speak. He will then use an attack that takes all the energy in the body and turns it into electricity. This attack paralyzes Goku. Around this time...Goku sees a full moon in the sky. Goku transforms into an oozaru and begins to destroy Tenkai Budoukai stadium. Jackie fires a very powerful Kamehameha at Goku, before Yamcha tells him that he needs to cut off his tail. Everyone is surprised to see that Goku is nowhere to be found. After Jackie hears Bulma, Yamcha, Puar, Uron, and Krillin's yelling at him, he tells them to look up. There's no moon!!! He wasn't aiming for Goku at all! After Goku borrows Krillin's clothes, he gets back to fighting. Jackie starts by saying that his last Kamehameha took all of his energy. Dizzy him and throw one at him. You can just repeat the strategy above or the one for Namu. Both work just fine. Eventually Jackie will suggests you fight hand to hand. They both kick each other in the head. The first to stand up and claim victory is the winner. Goku stands up first "I...I'm the...the...champi-". Unfortunately he fell asleep without the last syllable. Jackie stands up and "I'm the champion! Yes, I'm the champion!".

After the tournament Jackie takes off his disguise and rejoins the group. Roshi treats everyone to supper. After everybody eats and Goku has 57 full course meals O_o Roshi loses all the prize money he had. Time to save.

After the Tournament

It has now been a year since the dragonballs were used, so Goku goes out to find his Grandpa's 4 star dragonball using his Kintoun. After he spots the location of the dragonball (where 2 Red Ribbon soldiers are at) he lands to try and find it. Time for the Find the Dragonball mini game. After you have it, the Red Ribbon soldiers try to steal it from you. Time to show them who the weak little kid is. Just pummel this guy. He'll go down easily. After the fight, the leader of this gruoup of Red Ribbon soldiers, has fired a bazooka shot at Goku to try and knock him out of the sky. You now has 2 choices:
1.Move right
2.Move left
Choose either one. The rocket might hit you, or not. Either way you're supposed to get shot down. Time to fight Silver.

Battle with Silver

This guy is easy. Pummel him with some combos. Remember to charge up between turns. He'll go down with ease. After the battle you have 2 new attacks. Bind them to a Y and X button combo.

Goku will go inside the RR soldier's capsule house. He goes outside and throws a capsule...out of it comes a robot. He throws another one with a jet inside. Goku gets the robot to pilot the jet. They're doing well until they enter the harsh cold. Time to save. Goku finds himself rescued at the hands of a cute little girl. All of a sudden 2 RR soldiers burst into the house. When Goku realizes that they are bad, he pummels them with pleasure. Afterwards he goes out into the harsh cold to pound away at the rest of them. You're given a choice:
1.Move on to Muscle Tower
2.Go back to the little girls house
Choose 2 and get Goku a coat and hat. Much warmer Goku sets off again. On your way through the tower, Goku will beat the crap out of all the wimps. Eventually you meet someone for you to beat on!

Battle with Metallic

Go ahead and dizzy him then throw a Kamehameha at him. Afterwards just pummel him with whatever ya want. He's somewhat of a push over. Goku runs up to the next floor, which turns out to be a Japanese garden. Goku notices someone hiding in a tree and...hits them in the face with a rock. Its the ninja Murasaki, who just happens to be employed by the RR army.

Battle with Murasaki

Hit him a few times and they'll talk. After there little chat, Murasaki throws a boomerang at Goku. Goku dodges and laughs at the pitiful attack...until it hits him in the back of the head. Murasaki is kinda surprised to see Goku get up after that blow to the head. Time to beat him to a pulp just for that. I'll let you use whatever attacks you want in this part of the fight. He goes down with ease. After the fight you obtain a new kick move. Bind it to whatever you want.

Murasaki then tries to force the mighty Android #8. to attack Goku. He refuses, so Murasaki threatens to blow him up with the switch he is holding. Goku smashes the switch to save the robot. After giving #8 a new name, Hachan, you are given a choice:
1.Take Hachan with you
2.Leave Hachan behind
You know which one to pick. That's right...1. Hachan leads Goku to the main tower room, but are dropped through a trap door. You are given an option:
1.Refuse to give the dragonball away
2.Give up the dragonball
Choose 1. Time to fight a fat pink monster.

Battle with Buyon

Its kinda hard to hurt him. Most of your attacks bounce off of him. After a while Goku will remember what the little girl that saved him him, told him about how things freeze. Goku then blasts a hole in the wall. Buyon freezes into a block of ice. Goku then kicks it into a million pieces. You should now have a new guard move. Bind it. Goku busts throught the ceiling and raises Hachan up on his Nyoibo. Time far a fight.

Battle with Howitt

How many easy fights can they put in one game? Pound away on him. Dizzy him, throw a Kamehameha, and pound on him some more! Do whatever you want to this little wimp. After this he surrenders....and then takes a scientist hostage. Howitt will then shoot Goku in the head, knocking him out. Hachan becomes enraged (thinking that Goku is dead), and knocks Howitt through the wall, and a few miles away from the tower. After this little incident, the gang goes back to the little girl's house. Goku receives the #2 star dragonball that Hachan had. Hachan decides to stay with the family, Goku calls Kintoun for a ride, and everyone says their good-byes. Time to save.

Back in the Warm City

Goku is very happy to be back in a warm climate. Since the dragon radar is broken, he heads back to the city, to find Bulma. Goku comes across a fighter on the street named the "great" Lee. He asks Goku if he wants to fight for $100000. You now have an option:
2.Don't fight and look for Bulma
Goku wouldn't pass up a fight. Choose 1. This guy is easier then fighting Murasaki. Pummel him with whatever you want. Goku gets $100000 for barely fighting. You have a new kick move. You know what to do now.

Some thugs think they'll try to steal some of Goku's cash. Beat on the boar and lets move on. Goku asks a pretty woman if she can help him. She tells him that he should ask a policeman. Goku gives her the $100000 he earned for her help. Goku asak a policeman if he knows where Bulma lives. He asks Goku to draw a picture of her. He does, but since its really sketchy (sloppy) it doesn't help too much. The policeman looks at his little computer for all the Bulmas in the city. The first one is a fat ugly one, and the second one is Bulma. The policeman can't believe Goku couldn't find her. She's the wealthy daughter of the founder of Capsule Corp! He takes Goku to her doorstep. After he yells for her, she takes him to meet her father, Dr. Briefs. The RR army is planning Goku's capture in the Command Room. Bulma lets Goku see a demonstration of her microband. Its a type of bracelet that lets her shrink herself down to a couple of inches. And she uh..heh...gets stepped on by her mom.

After a bunch of talking, Bulma gives Goku the dragon radar. Bulma then shrinks herself so she can ride on Kintoun, inside Goku's shirt. While the duo are flying over the water, Bulma discovers a dragonball. Goku lands so they can go down and get it. Bulma throws out her capsules and comes to find that she grabbed her father's capsule. They're full of porn! Looks like someone has some connections with Roshi >_>

Goku dives into the water and looks around for a little while. When he comes back up he find Bulma being chased and shot at by RR soldiers. This fight is easy. Pound away on them and they're gone. Since they really don't know what the heck to do next, they go to Master Roshi's island. Roshi asks Bulma if he borrow her microband. He gets kinda excited when she says yes. Whats the horny old man up to now? What do you know! Roshi used it to peep at Lunch! After Krillin rejoins the team, the three of them take a submarine to get the dragonball that was underwater. Back at Kame House, some RR soldiers show up. Roshi pummels them all easily, but Lunch is being held at gunpoint! Turtle decides to tickle her nose with a leaf. She turns into her bad self, and kicks some arse! Goku, Krillin, and Bulma have made their way into a sea cave. They come to a spear trap that is very dangerous. Goku and Krillin jump across without a sweat. Bulma can't really do that so, Goku pulls her over on his Nyoibo. The RR soldiers didn't make it too well. The gang ends up at a pirate hideout. Goku eventually comes in contact with a skeleton robot thing.

Battle with Robot Skeleton

Goku should dizzy him and attack. Throw a Kamehameha if you get the chance. After you defeat him he blows up. You should have the smash punch now. Bind it. Go ahead and save. Bulma and Krillin ran away during Goku's fight. Time to find them. You have 2 choices:
Choose 1. Goku will eventually fall through a hole...on top of and octapus!?

Battle with Giant Octapus

Goku should try and dizzy him and pull off a Kamehameha. Or you can just try and pull off the Kamehameha. If/when you do, Goku will fire another one and cook him. After the battle you have the Kikoudan attack. Bind it to an A combo. Goku finally finds Bulma and Krillin, who have come upon a giant pirates chest but Blue is attacking them. Time to beat anoter guy into a small pulp.

Battle with Blue

This guy is too easy. Pummel him for a while until Goku talks. Blue then uses a paralyzing stare on Goku, rendering him defenseless. Blue beats the crap out of Goku...until a mouse comes onto the scene and scares the little baby Blue. Now that Goku is free...its payback time! After the battle you have a new punch. Bind it if you wanna.

The cave begins to collapse. Bulma and Krillin run like mad to the submarine. Goku dives into some near by water and gets the dragonball. You now have a choice:
1.Look for the mouse
2.Run for the submarine
Choose 1, 3 times and Goku should find the mouse. Goku puts the mouse in his mouth so he can run. Rocks begin to fall. you have to dodge the rocks here:
This is almost like the fish and catch the dirt. Its completely random. You have to make the right choice 5 times. Goku blasts a Kamehameha through the back windshield of the sub to propel them out of the water. Goku calls kintoun and catches Bulma, the mouse, and Krillin before they fall back in. What do ya know? Bulma managed to get a gem out! Goku seems a little sad that he found the #3 dragonball, and not his Grandpa's. The gang returns to Kame house.

The violent form Lunch steals the gem Bulma had, hops into one of the left behind RR airship, and takes off! Not to long after that, Blue arrives and ties everyone up with his phsyic powers. He steals the three dragonballs from the gang and places a time bomb next to everyone...and leaves. Lunch comes back in her nonvioilent form curious about what the heck happened. She unties Goku just before the bomb blows up. Goku throws the bomb into the sky, saving everyone, and hops onto Kintoun to chase after Blue.

Blue's jet ends up crashing into a mountain. Goku tries to get the dragonaballs and succeeds. Bulma shows up and the gang flies off. Time to save. Around Korin tower, a native child, Wuupa, is being kidnapped by an ace pilot under the employment of the RR army. Pummel him with whatever you want. He's too easy. Kintoun catches Wuupa and sets him on the ground. Goku sees that a native, Bora, has his Granfather's 4 star dragonball! Bora gives it to him for saving Wuupa. Back at RR HQ Blue presents the the dragon radar to his superiors. They could care less and asks their professional killer, Tao Paipai, to handle it. He just kills him and says to heck with it. He then leaves and heads for Goku. Tao crashes near Goku and his new friends. Bora tries to attack, but is killed. The enraged Goku begins battle.

Battle with Tao Paipai

He's fast. If he tries to hit you with a punch or kick move, counter it! It will hit him. You should dizzy him and attack. You should be able to pull off a Kikoudan. After you hit him enough, he'll use a powerful attack on Goku...the "Do Don Pa". Tao takes the bag of dragonballs and gets ready to leave. Wuupa throws a rock at him, that he blows back, knocking her out. When Wuupa wakes up he buries Bora, then begins to bury Goku...but he's still alive! His Grandpa's 4 star dragonball saved him. Goku promises to get all 7 dragonballs and wish Bora back to life. Wuupa tells Goku about Korin tower, and if he climbs it to the top, Korin will help him. Time for the Climb Korin Tower mini game.

You must alternately hit A, Y, A, Y to make Goku climb. Your arms or hands might start to hurt while doing this. You can't stop or Goku will begin to slip. But when Goku talks, he rests in that area, giving you a rest. You should be able to make it to the top in a short while. Korin is a wise old cat. He has a special milk that Goku can drink to make him stronger, but Goku must catch him first! You have to hit the A button when he's in the center of the screen to catch him. You don't have that many tries at this eaither. And if you are thrown back tot he bottom of the tower, forced to climb again. When you catch him, he introduces the senzu bean to Goku. He gives him one to eat. His strength is restored! Now Goku must try to catch him again. After you do he gives Goku the milk. It seems to have had no affect, but Korin assures that it does. Goku thanks Korin, and heads back to Wuupa. Tao shows up right before Goku an attacks Wuupa. Goku races down on Kintoun and saves Wuupa. Time to show Paipai how much you love him!

Battle with Tao Paipai Part 2

Start out the battle by dizzying him and throwing a Kamehameha at him. They'll begin to talk for a minute. Pound away on him with moves that will dizzy him and cause a lot of damage. Sooner or later he pretends to give up, but will throw a grenade at you. Goku kicks it back his way, blowing up Tao Paipai. You now have a new kick and guard move. Bind them if you feel the need. Time to save. The gang at Kame house sent a robot with a camera out to keep an eye on Goku. As he reaches the RR HQ, its destroyed. The RR army spots Goku. He easily desposes 3 enemies. You have a choice:
1.Go inside the base
2.Run to the forest
Choose 1. Goku will pummel a bunch more soldiers. You have another choice:
1.Go right
2.Go Left
Choose 1. Goku will beat up some more goons. He eventually makes it to the roof top. He blows up 2 planes with a Kamehameha. Goku runs around for a while. You have yet another choice:
1.Go Right
2.Go straight
3.Go Left
It doesn't really matter which one you choose. I chose 3. Black finds out the Red only wants the dragonballs to get tall, so he kills him. Goku arrives around this time.

Battle with Black

Very easy. do whatever you want. He'll throw out a hoipoi capsule and jump into his robot. The battle continues. Pummel him and he blows up. After the battle you should have some new guard moves. You should have 6 out of 7 dragonballs now.

Goku leaves and heads off to meet up with the rest of the gang. Time to save again. Everyone goes back to Kame house. You are presented with 3 choices:
1.Talk to Krillin
2.Talk to Yamcha
3.Talk to Bulma
Choose all 3 in any order. Press X to talk to Roshi. He suggests that you go see the witch, Baba. After that talk to Yamcha again. Yamcha, Krillin, and Puar go with Goku. Over the ocean you have a choice:
1.Go to Korin Tower
2.Go to town and get some new Clothes
Choose 2. Goku's clothes were pretty beaten up while fighting Tao Paipai. The tailor says it will be a little while before the clothes are ready. You have a choice:
1.Go get Wuupa while you're waiting
2.Forget Wuupa and wait for the Clothes
Choose 1. Goku will pick up Wuupa and bring him back to town to intorduce him to the rest of the gang. Goku strips naked in the street, embarrassing the others, and puts on his new clothes. Now they're off to see Baba! Save here. When you arrive Baba's place, a little pink ghost asks you to wait until the big guys that went in are finished. When they come out they are badly beaten up. Now you meet Baba. She asks you for a lot of money. You have a choice:
2.Don't pay
Choose 2. The gang goes onto the fighting arena. Krillin is first fighting Dracula Man. He gets bitten badly, but that little pink ghost gives him a blood transfusion. Puar and Wuupa try to beat him next. Wuupa breathes out garlic breathe and Puar turns into a porcupine so it hurts when he bites her. He tries to fly away. Not gonna happen. Puar turns into a giant hand and slaps him into the water. Battle over. Next up is Yamcha. He has to fight the invisible man. Yamcha is getting the crap knocked out of him. Goku flies back to Kame house and brings back Roshi and Bulma. Krillin, pulls down Bulma's top, which really excites Master Roshi. He has a wild nose bleed and sprays blood on the invisible man.

Now that Yamcha can see him, he pays him back with pleasure. The group moves onto the inner-sanctum. Here Yamcha must fight Miira-cun. He gives up after getting the crap knocked out of him. Goku decides to step in. About time. Not too hard. Pummel him with whatever you want. After the battle you have a new guard move. Bind it if you want. Now its time to fight Devilman. This battle isn't that hard either. Pound away on him. He'll begin to talk about how you actually hit him. He then uses an attack that was supposed to defeat Goku instantly. Goku says that the pretty light around him is neat. No harm done. After that pound away until he's gone. Your next opponent is an old guy, with a rabbit mask, and halo.

Battle with the Mysterious Old Man

This guy is probably your first real challenge in the game. This guy can do the Kamehameha. But don't worry. You have plenty of time to attack him before he pulls it off. He blocks very well. Just dizzy him and attack, remembering to charge in between turns. Hit him a while and its over. After Goku thinks he won, the old man grabs Goku's tail and begins to start whacking him on the floor. Everyone is surprised that he knows of Goku's weak point. Pilaf, Mai, and Shao are watching the event via a satellite, and they are very pleased to see Goku be beaten so badly. Just then....Goku's tail pops off! He apologizes and reveals his true identity....its Goku's grandfather, Gohan!

He explains how he was allowed to come down from heaven and challenge Goku once, and that he must now return. After saying farewell, he disappears. Bab uses her dragonball to locate the 1 star dragonball. Pilaf has it. Goku rushes off to get it. Shao, Mai, and Pilaf jump into three robots and combine them into one. Time to fight the Pilaf Machine. Pound away on them. Eventually it will transform. Just keep pummeling them and it blows up. Goku takes all seven dragonballs and goes back to get Wuupa. The both of them go back to Wuupa's camp and summon Shenlong. Wuupa wishes for Bora to return to life. Goku quickly jumps up and grabs his Grandpa's 4 star dragonball before it turns into stone. No more searching for a while. You also have new kick move. You really should bind it. Bora thanks Goku for his help. Goku heads back to Baba's place. Roshi tells Goku that he should train for the upcoming Tenkai Budoukai, so he should run home all the way home! Everyone thinks that that's a little to harsh, except for Goku. He runs home happily. Time to save.

Another Tenkai-chi Budoukai

Another year has passed, and its time for the next Tenkai Budoukai. Goku has learned plenty of new moves. Bind any of them. Everyone meets Chaozu and Tien for the first time as they enter. Goku arrives later than everyone else does. He had been training in the wilderness. Jackie has once again entered the tournament. Yamcha defeats his first opponent easily, as does Krillin and Tien. Goku's turn! Beat up on this guy with whatever. He's easy. Jackie defeats his first opponent without any effort. The rest of the qualify fights are skipped. Now for the real thing!

Yamcha fights Tien, and throws a Kamehameha at him, which he reflects back, which Yamcha dodges, and Tien smashes Yamcha into the ground, and breaks his left leg very badly. Puar turns into a flying carpet and carries Yamcha off. Jackie fights a dog-type guy. He throws a bone out of the ring, and he chases it. Chaozu fight Krillin ans uses his Do Don Pa. Krillin defeats him with math problems and knocks him out of the ring. Next Goku faces Panputto. How many more easy fights? Pound away on him until he's gone. Now Jackie fights Tien. They seem evenly matched. Tien fires an energy beam at Jackie, which he deflects. Jackie decides to jump out of the ring, hoping that Tien will fight Goku in the final round. Time for you to fight again.

Battle with Krillin

Krillin isn't as easy this time. Dizzy him, use a Kamehameha, then a Kikoudan. Krillin will begin to talk. He'll get behind Goku and grab his tail. Goku will fake a paralysis...then flips Krillin to the other side of the ring! Looks like he got over his weakness. Goku will now disappear, move from side to side in a blur, and hit Krillin out of the ring! You should have a new guard move. Wow. One fight after another! Time to battle Tien!

Battle with Tien

Hit him once. Goku will laugh. You should use the dizzy and attack strategy. Eventually, he will begin to pound away on Goku. The match will stop for a moment. The old guy who is in charge of Tien and Chaozu is angry because he can't get Chaozu to use his powers to help Tien. Roshi sees whats going on a blasts the old geezer out of the stadium with a Kamehameha. The match continues. He tends to block well...I think even better than Gohan! I know one move that has penetrated every block and counter. Its an old special move...Scissors! Keep using the dizzy and attack strategy. He'll eventually fall as if you won, but will stand back up and talk. Tien will float up in the air and perform his signature move, Kikohou! It blows up the entire tournament stage, but Goku has risen above it. Goku uses his fakeout Kamehameha.

The two of them begin to fall...Goku hits the groung first. He lost the tournament. The Tenkai is over...WHAT THE!? Krillin screams from inside the building. Goku rushes inside to find Krillin and his dragonball stolen!!! Angrily, Goku gets on Kintoun to catch the murderer. Roshi identifies the symbol left behind. Its the symbol of Piccolo. Hundreds of years ago when Roshi was young, his teacher sealed Piccolo up in a magic container, but it had cost him his life. Time to save. Goku pursues the demon to the northern woods. You've gotta make another choice. Choose 1 seven times, and you'll run into Tambourine. He's got Goku's 4 star dragonball, and talks about how easy it was to Krillin. Time to show him who's boss.

Battle with Tambourine

You can't win. One hit and its all over. Kintoun catches Gohu, but Tambourine then blows up Kintoun. Goku falls to the ground, unconscious. What do ya know Pilaf, Mai, and Shao are resorting with Piccolo, who is killing everyone on Earth who is of decent strength, one by one. He blows up the container he was trapped in. Tambourine returns and hands over the dragonball. They look at pictures of all the strong warriors in the world. Tambourine rips up the picture of Krillin, since he already killed him. Goku is next, but Tambourine says that he has already killed him as well.

Piccolo says some stuff then spits out an egg that hatches, and Cymbol pops out. Cymbol is sent out to kill the next strong opponent. The gang back at the Tenkai Budoukai is waiting for Goku to return. They eventually give up and go back to Kame house to plan a strategy. Tien decides to go with them. After Roshi gets beaten because he looked up Bulma's dress, they see a report on TV about Namu being attacked, and the seal of Piccolo, is left behind. Since something must be done, they load up and search for Goku. Goku isn't dead. He's just knocked out in a forest. He smells food! Help him find it. Choose 2, 2, 3, and 3. Goku finds the fish, and your giving a choice. Choose 1 to eat it. After Goku eats the fish, he pulls out the dragon radar to see if he figure out where he should go. Right then, somebody throws a boulder at him!!! It's Yajirobee. He's kinda mad at Goku for eating his food. About time for another fight.

Battle with Yajirobee

Dizzy him, Kamehameha, attack. Follow this pattern. He takes damage and gets dizzied twice in a row this way. Do this until he goes down. Cymbal arrives. Goku and Yajirobee do "Rock, Paper, Scissors" To see who gets to fight. Choose 2. Goku is supposed to lose. Yajirobee slices Cymbal in half! Piccolo senses Cymbal's death and telepathically tells Tambourine to deal with the situation. After Goku and Yajirobee talk, Tambourine arrives. Time to get vengence for the death of your best friend!

Battle with Tambourine Part 2

I'll let you do what you want here. He did kill your best friend. Just pummel him until he dies. After the battle he retreats. You have a choice:
1.Fire a Kamehameha at him
2.Use your Nyoibo to follow him up into the air
Choose 2. Goku will extend his Nyoibo, ride it to the top of the sky, and throw a Kamehameha at Tambourine. Goku got his vengence. A ship flies over Goku a Yajirobee. Yajirobee realizes that the dragonball he's wearing that attracted Piccolo, he gladly gives it to Goku and runs away. Goku now faces Piccolo. He is faster than you, but you have to hold out a few rounds against him. Eventually he will speak, and zap Goku. Battle over. He takes Goku's dragonball and leaves. Meanwhile, Tien, Roshi, and Chaozu find the 3 star dragonball with the radar. They now have 5 of them, so they bury them and wait for Piccolo to arrive. Piccolo swallows his 2 dragonballs, so that no wish can be granted before he is ready.

When he arrives, Roshi Tien with some knock-out gas to keep him for getting in the way. He throws out a containment jar and begins to chant the spell that will cause Piccolo to get become trapped in it. Piccolo begins to swirl around, but narrowly escapes his capture. It has taken all of Roshi's strength to perfrom the spell. Even though it had failed, Master Roshi drops to the ground...dead. With him out of the way, Piccolo gather all 7 of the dragonballs and summons Shenlong. Chaozu tries to stop him, but he is killed.

Piccolo wishes for the return of his youth. Once he obtains it, he breathes fire on Shenlong and kills him?!?!?! The dragonballs fall to the ground, now useless round stones...forever. Time to save. Yajirobee comes back and finds Goku's body. Yajirobee thinks that Goku's dead, but suddenly hears a heartbeat. He runs Goku to a stream and ducks his head underwater to wake him up. They both head to Korin Tower to get stronger. They stop to talk to Wuupa and Bora to explain what's going on. Since Piccolo has no more user for Pilaf, Shao, or Mai...he throws them out of the ship. Goku and Yajirobee climb Korin Tower to get senzu beans from Korin. Korin asks them to eat only one but Yajirobee eats a lot and swells up like a baloon. Goku eats only one like he was asked. Since he is healed he gets ready to leave, but Korin suggests that he should drink some tea that will make him stronger, or he won't have a chance against Piccolo. You are given the last choice you have to make in the game:
1.Drink the tea
2.Don't drink the tea
Choose 1. You really want to drink it. Yajirobee dips his finger in it and puts it on his tongue. He falls over gasping and refuses to drink it. Goku decides to be a man and chugs it! He yells in agony for a little while, but then feels his Oozaru power awaken. He is much stronger than before. You now have 3 new Kamehamehas!!!! BIND THEM!!! ITS WORTH IT! Piccolo is taken over King Castle and killing all of the guards. The gang back at Kame house, is watching TV when they see an announcement with Piccolo. He says he is their supreme ruler. Tien flies off to fight him.

When he gets there, Piccolo spits out an egg and a new monster, Drum. Drum and Tien fight. Goku tries to summon Kintoun to take him to Piccolo, forgetting that it was destroyed. Korin shows Goku the cloud that Kintoun came from, and gives him a new one. He thanks Korin and leaves Yajirobee behind, and rushes off to beat Piccolo. Meanwhile, Tien is getting is but kicked. Right when Drum is getting ready to kill Tien, Goku knocks him across the field with a surprise attack. Goku then begins to fight with Drum.

Battle with Drum

All you have to do is beat up on this guy. He isn't that big of a challenege. After some talking, Goku and Piccolo begin to fight. Goku knocks Piccolo into his assistant, and the real fight begins.

Final Battle with Piccolo

Charge up. Piccolo might get the first couple of hits. If he tries to punch or kick you, counter it! Try not to let him dizzy you. After a few rounds they will speak. You really want to block his attacks as much as possilble. DON'T TRY TO PULL OFF A KAMEHAMEHA UNLESS YOU DIZZY HIM!!! Keep hitting him (remembering to block) until he speaks again. He is somewhat shocked to see how well your doing. He then gets angry and blows up the entire area! He believes that he has killed Goku, but sees that Tien had picked him up and carried him high into the air. Goku thanks Tien, and returns to the battle field. Charge up again. He might try to open up with his smash punch attack. This attack will dizzy you. Try to counter it. You should charge up, wait for Goku to flash, but don't attack. When you see Piccolo flash, attack! This will dizzy him and knock him all the way back. Try to pull off a Kamehameha now. Just keep blocking, countering, and attacking until he falls as if he was defeated. He will talk again. He then grabs Tien by the head and threatens to kill him. Tien urges Goku not to worry about him and finish the fight, but he can't. Goku tries his best to stand, but Piccolo throws rocks at him until he falls down. Piccolo flies up into the air, and prepares to ram Goku with the full force of his strength. Goku then feels the full strength of his ancestry eithin him, fires a Kamehameha at the ground, propelling him up to meet Piccolo on his descent. I'll let you watch what happens here. Piccolo spits out one last egg, and swears that he will obtain vengeance. Piccolo then explodes. Goku falls to the ground and is caught by Yajirobee. He takes Goku back to korin tower for a senzu bean. The whole world is very excited that Piccolo has been defeated. The gang walks off together, talking about how brave and strong Goku is.

Just watch the credits role. There's more. We return to Korin Tower, as Korin and Yajirobee talk. They tell Goku that they will take him to meet Kami and ask him to create a new set of dragonballs. They go to Kami's Lookout. There they meet Mr. Popo. Goku fights him, and doesn't stand a chance. We meet Kami who looks just like Piccolo! Kami tells them about how Kami rid himself of all his evil and Piccolo is his evil half. Afterwards, Kami creates a new set of dragonballs, which the gang uses to revive everyone that Piccolo had killed. Afterwards they talk about how Piccolo swore his revenge. We are now shown an egg hatching in the woods...adn out of it comes a tiny Piccolo, planning his revenge. Congratulations. You have now beaten Dragonball Z: Super Gokuden.