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This is where you will find the characters in the game. Enjoy!

Goku: The main character and hero of our story. He is very mischievious at the beginning of the game. This little boy is pure of heart and fights for the safety of all. He was trained by Master Roshi as well.
Bulma: She is a love sick woman in the game. She later hooks up with Yamcha. Bulma also created the dragon radar to find and collect all of the dragonballs.
Krillin: This is Goku's best friend. They first meet when Krillin arrives at Master Roshi's island. The only reason he was trained was because he slipped Roshi a porn mag.
Master Roshi: The famous Master Roshi! He trained Goku and Krillin by making them wear heavy shells on their backs. The man is also a pervert. He wouldn't put out the fire on Fire Mt. unless Bulma made a little deal...
Yamcha: This is Bulma's boyfriend. He was once a desert bandit. He met Goku when he tried to steal their supplies. Goku showed Yamcha what for though.
 Lunch(Launch): Goku and Krillin saved this poor girl. She has two different personalities. The one on the left is her bad self. The one on the right is her nice self. This is a problem that turns out to be a big help later on.
Uron: I know most of you are saying "Thats Oolong not Uron!". You are correct. This is his translated name so I'll refer to him as Uron. Uron has the ability to shape shift. He met Goku and Bulma when they saved the village from his terrible ways. Goku proved more than enough, considering Uron never bothered to throw a punch.
Puar: She is Yamcha's little friend. Puar also has the ability to shape shift. She met Goku the same time that Yamcha did.
Chichi: This is the daughter of the Ox King. She falls in love with Goku when they first meet.
Ox King: This is the almighty Ox King. He asks Goku to get the bansho fan from Master Roshi and find his daughter. The bansho fan was needed to put out Fire Mt.
Boss Rabbit: He owns the Rabbit gang that terrorizes a desert town. Whatever he touches turns into...a carrot. O_o
Namu: A strong warrior who entered the Tenkai Budoukai for the prize money to save his people.
Jackie Chun: This is actually Master Roshi in disquise. He entered the Tenkai Budoukai so that Goku would lose, and get even stronger to try and beat Jackie. He suceeded by pure luck.
Pilaf: This is Emperor Pilaf. He is searching for the dragonballs to rule the world.
Tien: This is Tien. He meets Goku after they fight each other in the Tenkai Budoukai. Jackie Chun (Master Roshi) decides to step oout of the ring so that Tien would fight Goku in the final round. He wins the Tenkai that year. Goku used the fakeout Kamehameha on him. They both fell to the ground, but Goku hit first.
Chaozu: He's Tien's friend. He also met Goku at the Tenkai Budoukai.
Red: This is the leader of the Red Ribbon Army.
Blue: This Colonel Blue, of the Red Ribbon Army.
Tao Paipai:An expert killer who is under the employment of the RR army.
Grandpa Gohan: This is Goku's Grandpa. Gohan trained Goku and was Master Roshi's friend. He lost his life when the "monster that comes out in the full moon" attacked. He was granted one day to leave heaven and come to Earth to fight Goku, just once.
 Piccolo: The mighty Piccolo. The final boss in the game. He is very powerful.

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