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The thing about the items is only get to use the Dragon Radar and Nyoibo. But here is a list of the items found throughout the game.

Item PicNameDescription
Hoipoi CapsuleThis small capsule can carry almost anything. Travel bags, cars, motorcycles, aircrafts, and houses.
DragonballThis is a dragonball. When someone collects all seven they can awake the sleeping dragon, Shenron (Shenlong), and have one wish for anything. Immortality, bringing someone back to life, to become the absolute ruler of the world, wishing something back to the way it was, and just about anything you can think of.
Manga CoversYou'll obtain the first 14 volume coves of Dragon Ball as you progress through the game. Don't worry about looking for them, you gain them automatically.
NyoiboThis is the only weapon that Goku ever used...the nyoibo. Some of you might be saying "But thats Goku's power pole!". Your right. But I prefer the Japanese translation. Therefore it will be called "nyoibo" throughout all of this shrine.
Dragon RadarAh! The precious dragon radar! Bulma created this little gem to seek out the dragonballs.
KintounGoku got this flying cloud from Roshi, as a thanks for helping his turtle. He uses it alot throughout the game. It is also known as the Flying Nimbus.

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