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Here's where you will find all of Goku's attacks in this game. You kinda figured that out already though, didn't you?

How to use Attacks

The thing about Goku's attacks is that you have to put in combonations to use them. For example:
Goku's starts out with 5 A button attacks. Rock, Scissor, Paper, Nyoibo attack, and Extending Nyoibo. Here is an example of the combonations that Goku starts out with:
A: Rock
A+up: Scissors
A+right: Paper
A+left: Nyoibo attack
A+down: Extending Nyoibo
You will have to "bind" Goku's new attacks into one of these combinations by going into the menu screen (hit Start while someone is speaking)and choosing Set Up. Here is what your looking for. Highlight the attack you want to bind and choose which combination to bind it to. What combination you wanna bind is totally up to you. The only combination that you can't bind anything to is the A, B, X, and Y buttons.

Special Attacks (A button)
AttackDescriptionPower Needed
RockA powerful punch.20
ScissorsThis move is worth keeping for a while. It dizzies your opponent giving you a better chance of attacking. This attack can also penetrate plenty of blocks and counters punches in the game.0
PaperA fast dashing attack.0
Janken ComboA rock-paper-scissors attack all in one!60
Nyoibo AttackA simple strike with the Nyoibo. There are 3 points in the game when you don't have your Nyoibo and can't use this attack.0
Extending NyoiboThe Nyoibo extends and hits the enemy somewhat hard.0
Flaming KickA very fast and strong kick.45
AfterimageA very fast speed combo.100
DiveA powerful diving attack.60
KikoudanAn energy blast. This attack is much faster than the Kamehameha.45
KamehamehaA powerful energy blast and one of Goku's favorite and strongest attacks.90
Winding Kamehameha A more powerful Kamehameha that curvs around to its target.900
Chou KamehamehaA very powerful Kamehameha. This is the strongest attack in the game!2500
Fakeout KamehamehaGoku fires a Kamehameha, backwards, and propels himself toward the enemy, hitting them.90
Kamehameha AttackA very powerful version of the Fakeout that uses the Chou version.2000

Punching Attacks (Y button)
AttackDescriptionPower Needed
PunchA simple punch.0
Dash PunchA powerful dashing punch.10
Smash PunchA punch combo that can stun your opponent.15
Triple PunchA triple punch combo.10
Burst PunchThis is the ultimate punch combo. It stuns your opponent as well.983
Dash AttackA little combo that doesn't deal much damage.30
Rushing PunchAn improved Dash punch that's harder to block.50
HeadbuttA dashing headbutt30

Kicking Attacks (B button)
AttackDescriptionPower Needed
KickA simple kick.0
Dash KickA dashing kick.12
Dashing Knee KickA more effective dash kick.24
Triple KickA triple kick combo.12
Kick RushA flaming kick combo. One of the best moves in the game.180
Tail AttackA powerful tail whip that's fast and hard to defend against. Obviously if Goku doesn't have his tail he can't use this attack.0
Jump KickA flying kick.50
Slash Down KickA flaming flying kick that shoots downward. Very effective.140
Gaurding Techniques (X button)
BlockA simple block. Very effective against punches and kicks.
DodgeA quick dodge to right.
Jump DodgeA high backward jump.
After Image DodgeUpgraded Jump dodge. Very effective.
Timely DodgeUpgraded dodge. Very useful.
Powered GuardA very effective block. You'll probably be using this throughout most of the game.
Spirit GuardPropels enemies projectile attacks.
Nyoibo GuardGoku blocks with his Nyoibo.
Counter PunchCounters punching attacks.
Counter KickCounters kicking attacks.
Counter ElbowCounters most attacks. More effective than the other counters.
Afterimage CounterAn extremely effective counter.

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