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Here you will find all of the enemies in the games and how to defeat them easily, and what techniques you obtain after fighting them. Enjoy! Thanks go to Rast, RedComet, and Ryuujin for making the transparent backgrounds.

You can knock an enemy all the way back by attacking them when they flash. But be quick about it, or they'll get the hit on you!
Enemy PicNameStrategyTechniques Obtained
Bulma's CarHit it once and it should go down.Jump and Nyoibo Block
PteranadonDizzy him (with Scissors), attack, dizzy him, attack, dizzy him and attack. Keep this up until he goes down.None
Wolf BanditJust dizzy him and attack. Be sure to block with your X button combos, when necessary. The most effective against his sword would be the Nyoibo Block, considering you'll take no damage.Janken Combo
YamchaDizzy him, use your Janken Combo to do so damage, and attack with your Nyoboi. Use this same strategy with both of your fights with him. During your second fight use your Powered Guard so that his Wolf Fang Fist, doesn't hurt you at all!Dodge, Powered Gaurd, and Tail attack
Rabbit GangDizzy them, use your Janken Combo, and fire a Kamehameha if you want to. Keep this up until they go down.None
Boss RabbitDon't make physical contact with him! You want to hit him with your nyoibo when he flashes so you knock him all the way back, fire a Kamehameha, and another Nyoibo will finish him off.Counter Punch
PoliceDizzy them and use you Janken Combo a few times and they're down.None
KrillinDizzy him then throw 2 Kamehamehas at him, and the match is over.Dash Kick
RanranDizzy him, Janken Combo, try out your new Dash Kick, Dizzy him, and fire a KamehamehaDash Punch
GironAttack him twice with whatever you want. He'll wrap you up in his "sticky gum", which Goku will break free of.Headbutt
NamuTry and get to the center as fast as you can! Otherwsie he'll get the first hit! Try and dizzy him. Use your Janken Combo, dizzy him, and fire a Kamehameha. Do this twice and the match is yours!Flame Kick, Afterimage, Dive attack, and Afterimage Dodge
Jackie ChunYou'll have to block his first attack, and then dizzy him. Its possible to get the first hit (none of them got a hit on me until I started this section :P). After you dizzy him, try to again when he starts to flash. While he's knocked back try an pull off a Kamehameha. Try and keep this up until he talks. Repeat this process, when the match begins again.Jump Kick
Red Ribbon SoldierThis guy is easy. Try out your new jump kick, dizzy him, and fire a Kamehameha.Counter Kick
SilverDizzy him, Janken Combo, a Kamehameha, and another Janken Combo.Triple Punch
MetallicDizzy him, Jump Kick, dizzy, Janken Combo, dizzy, and a Kamehameha!None
MurasakiDizzy, Kamehameha, and Janken Combo. They will begin to speak. When the match resumes, repeat this process.Triple Kick
BuyonYour best bet on getting any hits on this guy is waiting for him to flash. Try and dizzy him, then try to pull off a Kamehameha. If you can't use your Janken Combo or Jump Kick. Goku will eventually freeze him and kill him.Spirit Guard
HowittDizzy, Kamehameha, Janken Combo, dizzy, jump kick.None
Great LeeDizzy, Jump kick, dizzy, Janken Combo, and a jump kick.Dashing Knee Kick
WuruJump kick, Janken Combo, and jump kick.None
RR AirforceDizzy, jump kick, janken combo, jump kick, dizzy, and a Kamehameha.None
Robot SkeletonDizzy, Kamehameha, Janken Combo, Dizzy, and one more Kamehameha to finish it off.None
Giant OctopusWait for him to flash then dizzy him so he's knocked all the way back and fire a kamehameha. Goku will fry it!None
BlueDizzy, Kamehameha, and a Jump kick. Blue will then paralyze Goku. When the battle resumes, dizzy him, Janken combo, and a Kamehameha will finish him off!None
AeroDizzy, Kamehameha, and one more kamehameha will do the job.None
Tao PaipaiHe might get the first hit if you don't block or counter. Dizzy him, Kamehameha, dizzy, kamehameha. Tao will use an attack on Goku that will bring your HP to zero. When the battle resumes Janken Combo, Kamehameha, dizzy, Kamehameha, and maybe just one more Jump kick.None
BlackDizzy, Jump kick, Janken Combo, and another Jump Kick.None
Black's it's not really a robot since he can jump inside, but oh well. Dizzy him, Kamehameha, Rock, Janken Combo, Jump kick, and another Janken Combo should do the trick.None
Miira-CunHe's not so tough. Jump kick, Janken Combo, Kamehameha, and another Jump Kick will do the job!Counter Elbow
AkkmanDizzy him and use a Kamehameha. When that little scene is over, Janken Combo, Jump kick, Janken Combo, and one Rock should finish him. If not throw in an extra Jump Kick!Slash Down Kick
Mysterious Old ManDizzy him, Kamehameha, Slash Down Kick, Dizzy, Kamehameha, and a Janken Combo will put the old guy on the floor.Burst Punch
Pilaf MachineDizzy it and then launch two more Kamehameha's at it.None
Pilaf Machine 2Dizzy it and launch another two Kamehameha's just like the first battle with it.None
ChappaDizzy, Slash Down Kick, Janken Combo, Jump Kick, and a Kamehameha.None
PanputtoUse your Slash Down kick. If he dodges it, Dizzy him, then use your Slash Down Kick, and then finish the job with your Janken Combo.None
KrillinSlash Down Kick, Dizzy, Kamehameha, and Janken Combo.Counter Afterimage
TienThis will be one of your hardest fights if you haven't gotten use to the battle system. Dizzy him, Slash Down Kick, Dizzy, Janken Combo, and another Slash Down Kick. When the match resumes, Rock, Slash Down Kick, Dizzy, Janken Combo, Slash Down Kick, Dizzy, Janken Combo, and one more Slash Down Kick.None
TambourineDon't bother trying to attack. One hit from the guy and you HP goes down to zero.None
YajirobeeDizzy, SD Kick, Dash Knee, Janken Combo, Rock, and another SD Kick.None
TambourineTime to avenge you best friend! Wait for him to falsh to dizzy him, Kamehameha, SD Kick, Janken Combo, and one mor SD Kick.None
PiccoloAll you have to do is survive a couple of rounds. Block and Counter his punches! When you manage to hit him he will speak. The only thing you really have to do in this battle is keep you defenses up! He will eventually fire a beam at you that brings your HP down to zero.None
DrumDizzy, Kamehameha, SD Kick, Dizzy, and the Janken Combo.None
Final Boss: PiccoloIt's possible to get the first hit. You just need to get to the center and Flash not too long after he does. First thing you should do is dizzy him! Fire your Chou Kamehameha, SD Kick. When he tries to attack you, either block it or counter it! Again, use your SD kick, Dizzy him, SD Kick, Dizzy, Janken Combo, Dizzy, SD Kick, Burst Punch. Piccolo will then blow up the area! Tien saved him though! He'll probably open up this round with an attack that I have never dodged or blocked. Its a very hard move to counter! When you finally get a turn to hit, dizzy him when he flashes. Now throw a Chou Kamehameha at him. Now dizzy him, SD Kick, dizzy, Burst Punch, dizzy, and finish him off with another SD Kick!The Final Boss. Why would you get any?

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