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Pic Name Effect Cost
Bulma Gives back 25 HP. 3pt.
Kame Gives back 50 HP. 6pt.
Kami Gives full HP back. 10pt.
Puar Gives 10 Ki back. 4pt.
Mr. Popo Gives back all Ki. 10pt.
Korin Gives back all HP and Ki. 20pt.
Shenlong Gives back all HP and Ki to everyone in your party. 60pt.
Enma Changes attack to max (Z). 15pt.
Baba Changes defense to max (Z). 15pt.
Goku Changes card to Z-Z and makes it a favorite card. 40pt.
Piccolo Changes enemies attack and defense to one. 20pt.
Turtle Equals out the defense and attack of all cards. 6pt.
Chichi Changes attack card to Ki cards. 12 pt.
Oolong Changes all cards into new ones. 4pt.
Lunch Allows the person attacking to attack all enemies with one attack. The card will sometimes fail, causing Lunch to sneeze and become her nice self. 10pt.
Kaio Raises the BP of any character in battle by 25%. 20pt.
Sachioro Raises BP of any character in battle by 50%. 40pt.
ScouterA Allows you to see the BP of the enemies in three battles up to 23000. Also allows you to see their HP, Ki, and cards. 10pt.
ScouterB Allows you to see the BP of the enemies up to 199999 for 5 battles. Also allows you to see their HP, Ki, and cards. 20pt.
Grandpa Gohan Stuns an enemy. If your lucky the enemy will be stunned for more than a round. They might even come out of it immediately. 20pt.
Bubbles Allows you to fly, or walk, for a short period of time without random battles. 10pt.
Yajirobee Yajirobee attacks an enemy, doing damage or stunning them. You can get this card after giving Yajirobee the Namekian Toad. 20pt.
Vegeta A card well worth a boss battle. It calls Vegeta to help you in battle, though he can't be controlled. 20pt.
Escape Flies you to the nearest Bulma house, regeneration pod, and if your in a cave it takes you to the entrance you came in. 15pt.
Moon/Tail This is used in the fight with Vegeta, when Gohan gets there. This turns him oozaru and increases his power up 10 times. 80pt.
Porunga The Namekian dragon. He grants up to 3 wishes in battle. You obtain this if Nail does damage to Frieza. 150pt.
Dragon Radar Used to locate the dragonballs on Earth and Namek. Push A to zoom in a bit, again, and again. Pressing it again will take it back to its original scope. Can't Sell
Gohan Used in the battle against Raditz. At the end of the round used in, Gohan will fly out and hit Raditz in the chest. Can't Sell
Namekian Toad Here's how to get this. Buy a Lunch card and give it to Oolong. He'll give you the Namek toad. Can't Sell
Dragon Balls This is a dragonball. There a seven of these magical balls spread across the world. When all seven are together, the dragon Shenlong is summoned to grant one wish. After that wish the dragonballs turn to stone for a year. Can't Sell