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Battle System

Battle System

Now it's time to learn the battle system. Each character has his own speacial card. For example: Goku's speacial card has a symbol on it. To know which symbol is his, all you have to do is look under his face pic when choosing your card. After you choose his speacial card, he'll attack all enemies.

Now to explain the strength and weaknesses of the cards. The dots in the top left corner are your offense. The lines in the bottom right are your defense. Your maximum amount of dots in the up left corner are 7 and the Z (Z is the ultimate amount of damage you can do to the enemy). Its the same thing with the bottom right lines. The more lines (or the different symbols as well) the more damage you can handle! There is also a Z in the bottom right corner as well (meaning the best defense you can get). That wasn't so hard now was it?

Now it's time for the Ki card. The best card of them all. The Ki card allows the character to use their energy attacks. For example: If you want to use Goku's famous kamehameha attack, you must use a Ki card. Each character has their own Ki attacks. These Ki attacks do more damage than a regular attack. You might wanna save these cards for boss fights though.