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Cheat Name How to do the Cheat
Fight as Super Saiyan Goku Allow one of your weaker characters to die in the final battle against Frieza (Chaozu, Krillin, Yamcha, or Tien). Goku will become enraged transforming him to a super saiyan! His BP will now be 4,999,999! If you give him a sachioro card ,his BP will be 7,999,998! He is now a lot more powerful than Frieza! Don’t let Vegeta die if you want a surprise battle.
Fight Super Saiyan Vegeta To fight him you have to do the code above. After you kill Frieza wait for the credits to finish to battle Super Saiyan Vegeta!
Easy level up This trick can only be done with Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Piccolo. If they have 5 or less HP use a card that completely restores HP. They will then level up. Every thing will increase except for your exp. points.
Scouter trick Use a scouter before you fight Dodoria. After you beat him to a pulp, you train as Goku in the ship. You get the gravitrons HP, BP, and KI. When you’re training with Piccolo on King Kai’s planet you get the planets HP, BP, and KI. You also get Nappa’s and Raditz’s HP, BP, and KI.
Play as Captain Ginyu You will need a few healing cards for this. During the battle with Ginyu in Goku’s body, take out Jeice or Burter (which ever one you didn’t kill) so that Ginyu is your only target. Try to get Ginyu weakned enough to do his body switch attack. If Ginyu successfully switches with one of your Z fighters, switch that warrior with the order command with another warrior (The warrior Ginyu switched with will become Ginyu). Like everyone else I know, I used Tien. Keep the warrior Ginyu switched with out for the rest of the battle. If you use Ginyu in battle, he has a fireball attack and his body switch. He can body switch with anyone including Frieza and Super Saiyan Vegeta.