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Character Pic Name Information
Goku A saiyan warrior that learns of his heritage during his encounter with Raditz. For those of you new to this game and the series, Goku is a pure hearted,Saiyan who fights for the sake of Earth, and sometimes for fun! He is the main character of the game (and series). Though you might not get to play as him as much as you do Gohan, it makes sense. You don’t wanna beat the game in just 1-2 hours do you?
Gohan The son of Goku. He is half saiyan and half human. You play as him through out most of the game. He may seem weaker than the other Z warriors, but that will change as you progress in the game. He also has the ability to go oozaru (the giant ape form).
Piccolo An old enemy of Goku’s. He teaches Gohan how to fight after the Raditz incident. Piccolo is one of the strongest characters on the game. He was also introduced at the 23rd Tenkai Budokai (after the 22nd for the one Goku killed).
Tien Tien was introduced in the 22nd Tenkai Budokai. He put up quite a challenge for Goku. Tien and Goku went into aerial combat. Goku used a speacial kamehameha that launched him toward Tien. They began to fall. Goku ended up hitting the ground before Tien did. Afterwards, Tien joined up with Goku and the rest of the gang.
Krillin Good old Krillin. An old friend of Goku’s. They met when both of them ended up at Kame’s for training. The only reason Krillin was trained is because he slipped Kame a porn mag.
Yamcha Yamcha was once a bandit. He was quite powerful and posed a challenge to Goku. Then before the 21st Tenkai Budokai, he went into the woods and became much stronger. He was amazed to see what Roshi’s training done to Goku.
Chaozu A friend of Tien’s. He appeared in the 22nd Tenkai Budokai like Tien. He got beat by Krillin after he confused him with math problems.
Master Roshi Goku and Krillin’s old teacher. He competed against them in the 21st and 22nd Tenkai Budokai, disguised as Jackie Chun.
Bulma Another old friend of Goku and Krillin. She was the first girl, and person, he had ever seen besides his Grandpa. She provided the Dragon Radar to Goku when ever he needed it.
Raditz Goku’s older brother. He came and kidnapped Gohan trying to force Goku to kill 100 humans within a day. He is a very powerful opponent in the game.
Vegeta A very powerful saiyan. He poses a dangerous threat to Earth at the beginning of the game. He was Prince of the planet Vegeta (no its not named after him). He is one of the strongest characters in the game.
Nappa Vegeta’s friend. He killed Piccolo and took a small beating from Goku and a death sentence from Vegeta. He also took out Chaozu and Tien.
King Kai He teaches Goku the kaioken and Spirit Bomb techniques. He owns the North quadron of this galaxy.
Dende A lil Namek kid. He comes in handy at level 3 with his healing ability. He becomes good friends with Gohan and Krillin. He eventually becomes the Guardian of Earth.
Nail A powerful Namekian warrior. He takes the Z warriors to Guru (the Eldest Namek) for his dragonball. The Z warriors also get a boost in power from Guru.
Guru The Eldest Namek. He awoke the Z warriors hidden powers. He also gave them the one star dragon ball.
Kuwi A very weak enemy. He battles you for your dragonball. He is just another one of Frieza’s cronies.
Dodoria Another one of Frieza’s cronies. He chases you in a "mini game" (though its not really a mini game since it only happens once) shooting Ki blasts at you.
Zarbon Oh boy. Another one of Frieza’s cronies. He has 2 forms. He proves to be stronger than Vegeta in his second form...until he is healed.
Guldo A member of Frieza’s beloved Ginyu Force. He has the ability to freeze time by holding his breathe. He uses this power to steal the dragonballs from Gohan and Vegeta in the show and game.
Recoome Another member of the Ginyu Force. In the show he beats the shit out of Vegeta. He is very powerful in both the show and game.
Burter Another member of the Ginyu Force. He is the fastest member of the team.
Jeice Yet another memeber of the Ginyu Force. The "ladies man" of the team.
Ginyu Finally! The leader of the Ginyu Force. He has the ability to body swap. He done this to Goku in the show and game. It took him a while before he understood how to use Goku’s body.
Frieza He is supposed to be the ultimate warrior. He proves to be a fierce opponent against Goku, until he kills Krillin, enraging Goku and pushing him to go Super Saiyan.