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Chrono Trigger Walkthrough

Written by The Mynock

Crono's House - 1000 AD
     Items: 200 G
     Party: Crono
   After waking up go downstairs.  Crono's mom will tell you something
   about Lucca, then she'll walk away.  Make sure to talk to her again
   before you leave because she'll give you your allowance - 200 G.
   The first place you should go is the Mayor's Manor, which is the 
   left house in the group of buildings south of Crono's house.

Mayor's Manor - 1000 AD
     Items: Tonic, 100 G, 300 G
     Party: Crono
   This is where you'll learn the basics about Chrono Trigger.  Talk to
    the guy standing in the middle of the top floor twice for 300 G. Once
    you know the basics (and got the two chests) exit the Manor and head
    north to Leene Square.

Leene Square - 1000 AD
     Party: Crono, Marle
   Start by buying equipment.  The item ship is the purple tent to the
    left of the entrance, the armor shop is the blue tent above that, and
    the weapon shop is the guy wearing blue (Melchior).
   After buying whatever you need go north to the next section of Leene
    Square.  As you enter you'll see a girl run in from the side.  Walk 
    up to her and you'll end up bumping into her, sending her pendant
    flying.  What you do at this point will affect a later event.  You 
    can either talk to the girl first (making sure she's alright) or grab
    the pendant first.  Return the pendant to the girl and she'll introduce
    herself as Marle and join your party.
   You are now free to run around and enjoy the fair.  There are 4 'games'
    you can play to earn Silver Points, which can be either turned in for
    gold (10 SP = 50 G) or used to play one of three games in Norstein 
    Bekker's lab for prizes (you need at least 10 SP).
                      THE GAMES TO EARN SILVER POINTS
   Ring the Bell  -  on the left side of the bottom section
         To play: face the bell and press 'A', press 'A' again when
                  you're as far away from the bell as possible.
         Prize: 1 silver point
   The Race       -  the blue tent to the right of Melchior
         To play: when the racers are lined up talk to the guy in the
                  tent.  Choose which racer you think will win.  The
                  racers will run around the fairgrounds.  If the racer 
                  you picked wins talk to the guy in the tent again for
                  your prize.
                  The guy standing to the right of the starting line
                  will often tell you who will win.
         Prize: 20 silver points
   Battle Trainer -  left side of the top section
         To play: Talk to the giant robot (Gato).  This'll start a fight.
                  If you win you not only get silver points but also
                  10 exp and 1 Tech. point.
         Prize: 15 silver points
   Soda Guzzling contest - right side of top section
         To play: Simply press 'A' as fast as you can.  If you can 
                  guzzle 8 sodas you win.  (Rapid fire controllers
                  work very good here).
         Prize: 5 silver points
   Before playing in the lab, I suggest saving your game.  That way if
   you lose you can reset and try again without having to collect all
   those silver points again.
   Norstein Bekkler's lab - big tent on right side of lower section
         10 silver pt. game:  Follow the Soldier
             Vicks, Wedge, and Piette will mix themselves up and then
             tell you to find one of them.  Pick the correct one and
             you win.
            Prize: Poyozo doll (it will be in Crono's room.  If you
                   examine it, the music will change).
         40 silver pt. game:  Crono says
             L..Left Arm        R..Right Arm
             Y..Laugh           A..Surprise!
             Press the correct buttons to mimic the clones moves.
             (Note: when the clone raises his right arm, which would 
              be the one on your left, you need to press L to raise
              Crono's Left Arm.  Do the opposite for the clone's left
            Prize: Crono's clone (it will be in Crono's room)
         80 silver pt. game:  Knock 'em back
             Shoot the critters back into the cage while keeping the 
             hostage out of the fire.
            Prize: A cat (it'll be in Crono's house).
     Playing any of these games a second time will win you cat food
         (which will be in the bowl next to the desk in Crono's room).
        If you keep putting more and more food in the cat's dish, you'll
         get more and more cats.
    More things to do in Leene's Square:
     -Talk to Melchior again.  He'll ask you to try and talk Marle into
      selling her pendant.  The way you respond will affect a later event.
     -On the right side of the top section you'll find a tribal dance
      being carried out.  Press X, Y, L, & R buttons to dance (this 
      doesn't affect any later events).
     -Talk to the little girl near the Soda Guzzling game.  She'll say
      her cat is missing.  If you decide to be nice and find her cat
      for her, go over to the other side of the top section (near where
      you found the Robot Trainer game).  Here you'll find a cat.  Stand
      so half your head is above the cat and then press 'A' to examine
      it.  It'll meow and then follow you (don't examine it more than
      once or it'll run).  Lead the cat over to the little girl.  Whether
      you do this or not will affect a later event.
     -The guy near to where the cat you just took to the little girl was
      is just about to eat lunch.  The pink bundle on the table is his 
      lunch.  If you want to be mean, examine the bundle to eat it.
      Whether you eat it or not will affect a later event.

    Once you're all set, go talk to the armor shopkeeper.  He'll tell you
     Lucca's device is set up at the north end of the Square (past where
     the two guards were before).  When you're about to leave the top 
     section of the Square, Marle will stop you and say she wants some 
     candy.  Just stand there for a bit and she'll pick what she want.
     (Whether yo move or not will affect a later event).  Now continue
    When Lucca and Taban are finished blabbing, talk to Lucca.  When she
     moves out of the way step onto the telepad where she was.  You'll
     be transported over to the other telepad.  You can do it
     as many times as you like.  When you're ready to continue talk to 
     Marle and she'll try using the device.
     (NOTE: if you're playing the NEW GAME + mode, there is a shimmering
      dot on the right telepad.  Examing it will open a special gate that
      will take you directly to the fight with Lavos).
    When Marle steps onto the telepad her Pendant will start to glow and
     a gate will open, sucking her in, leaving the pendant behind.  Step
     onto the pad and get the pendant.  Lucca and Taban will use the 
     machine to send Crono into the gate after Marle.

Truce Canyon - 600 AD
     Items: Tonic, PowerGlove
     Party: Crono
   You'll find yourself in opening up in some mountains.  Go left
    and then work your way down and out.  Go south and visit the people
    of Truce.  After gathering info, your next destination is the huge
    castle.  To get to it you'll need to go through Guardia Forest.

Guardia Forest - 600 AD
     Items: Power Tab, Shelter
     Party: Crono
   First thing to do is go right and then when yu have the choice
    between to routes, take the bottom one.  This will lead you to a
    small opening.  You should be able to see two shimmering dots
    (the one towards the top shimmers in and out of sight).  The
    bottom of the two shimmers will get you attacked if you examine
    it.  The other one is a Power Tab.  Wander around the forest until
    you reach the northern exit. Examining moving bushes will either
    cause you to be attacked or in one case, scare a monster out of the
    bushes that will drop a Shelter (you can get this everytime you
    enter the forest).

Guardia Castle - 600 AD
     Items: 100 G, BronzeMail, Ether (x2), Tonic
     Party: Crono, Lucca
   As you enter, the soldiers will stop you.  The queen will tell them
    to let you through.  Go up and talk to the king and then the
    chancellor.  The queen's room is to the right of the throne room.
    Explore the rest of the castle before going there.  
   You can rest in the Knight's quarters if you want.  If you sit in
    the upper left corner of the left table in the dining room you can
    order one of 3 meals to restore your hps, mps, or both.  
   Once you get to the queen's room, talk to her.  She'll send her
    attendants out of the room and then tell you to come closer.  Do as
    she says.  She'll now reveal her true identity - Marle.  After a bit
    of blabbering she'll disappear in thin air.  Head back to the throne
    room.  When you're almost there, Lucca will run up to you.  She
    explaings how you must find the real queen in order to save Marle
    (AKA Princess Nadia), and then she'll join your party.  Exit the 
    castle, go back through Guardia Forest, and then go west to the

Cathedral - 600 AD
     Items: Revive, Tonic (x3), MaidenSuit, Ether (x2), SteelSaber, 
            Power Tab, 100 G, Defender, Speed Belt, Shelter, Heal,
            Iron Sword, Mid Ether
     Party: Crono, Lucca, Frog
     Boss: Yakra
   Talk to the nun by the organ.  Now examine the shimmering dot that
    appears, which will cause a battle.  When you win, Frog will be
    introduced.  After he joins you examine the organ to reveal a
    secret door.
   Once through the door go left to get the chest.  Continue left and
    go through the door.  Go up the stairs and enter the door.  Get
    the chests then examine the dresser to get Naga-ette Bromide (this
    is a special event item that doesn't appear on the items list) and
    will also cause a fight.  Exit the room and go right and then up to
    another chest.  To your left you can see some spikes.  Go between
    the spikes and the lower wall, and press the skull switch on the 
    other side.  Now enter the door.  Inside examine the shimmering dot
    that's in the pot for a Power Tab.  Now exit the room and work your
    way back down stairs.  Go right until you reach another set of 
    stairs.  Go up these stairs and enter the door.  Talk with the 
    monsters inside.  After talking to all 3 of them the one closest to
    the door will leave.  Follow it to another rom which has 2 chests and
    an exit leading off to the right.  Get the chests then go to the 
    right.  Here you'll find a statue of Magus, some monsters who'll
    attack you, and two more chests.  Exit this room once you've gotten
    the chests and then as you attempt to exit the room before it the 
    three people (who look like the king, queen, and a soldier) will
    turn into monsters and attack you.  Go back down the stairs
    and then go left.  This time go north through the hallway which
    will  bring to a door.
   On the other side of the door you'll find another big section of the
    Cathedral.  One welcome sight is the save spot to your left.  Save
    your game and use a shelter if you want, then go up the stairs.  Go
    left, get the chest, and then go down the stairs.  You can start a
    fight with the Hench if you want or you can keep going.  Thought the
    door you'll find a small room with another door leading north and a
    skull switch. Flick the switch and go through the door.  Now go right
    until you come to a door leading south (make sure to grab the two
    chests along the way).  Though this door you'll find another skull
    switch.  Press it and continue south.  Go up the stairs and left.
    You're now back where you started.  The two switch you pressed made
    the spikes drop in the room that lies though the door.  After 
    defeating the monsters that attack when you enter the room, get the
    chest and then examine the organ which opens a secret door.  Exit
    the room and go either left or right, either way you'll reach a 
    stairway.  Go down the stairway and north through two doors.  Now
    go the opposite direction that you chose before (ie if you went left
    before, go right now).  You should come to a door leading north that
    wasn't ther the last time you were in this hall.  
   After entering the door, keep going north.  A couple of fights later 
    you'll reach another door and a save spot.  Through the door you'll
    find the real queen and the chancellor.  The chancellor will reveal
    to you his true identity - Yakra.  After defeating Yakra, Queen Leene
    will thank you and then she'll go stand by the exit of the room.  
    Open the two chests (the one on the left contains the real chancellor)
    and then go talk to the queen to go back to the castle throne room.
    (NOTE: if you left the real chancellor in the chest he'll get out
      by himself and yell at you to wait up).

Guardia Castle - 600 AD
     Party: Crono, Lucca, Marle
   Back in the throne room, the king and queen thank you.  Frog says that
    he has disgraced himself by not protecting the queen and then leaves.
    Talk to Queen Leene and she'll mention the girl that was with you.
    This reminds Lucca about Princess Nadia (aka Marle).  Return to the
    queen's room (go up the stairs on the right side of the throne room).
    As you enter, Marle will reappear and rejoin your party.  Work
    your way down and out of the castle.  As you're leaving you'll find
    Frog who'll say he is departing for good.  Once again you'll have to 
    go through Guardia Forest.  It's now time to return to your own time,
    so go to Truce Canyon.  Go to the spot where you were originally
    transported to.  Here you'll find a gate back to Leene Square in
    1000 AD.

Leene Square - 1000 AD
     Party: Crono, Marle
   Back in your own time, Lucca will split and Marle will ask you to 
    escort her to her home, which is Guardia Castle.

Guardia Forest - 1000 AD
     Item: Power Tab
     Party: Crono, Marle
   First go right and then take the bottom of the two paths.  In the 
    upper right hand corner of the opening you come to, you'll find a
    shimmering dot (it's a Power Tab).  Now you can work your way up to
    the northern exit.

Guardia Castle - 1000 AD
     Party: Crono
   As you enter Crono will be arrested for abducting the princess and 
    then put on trial.  The outcome of the trial is based on your behavior
    earlier in the game.
   To be found innocent you should have:
      -Made sure Marle was alright before getting the Pendant.
      -Not eaten the man's sack lunch.
      -Found the cat and returned it to the little girl.
      -Not tried to talk marle into selling her pendant to Melchior.
      -Let Marle browse when looking at the candy.
      -Said that Marle's fortune didn't tempt you at all when asked during
       the trial.
   Even if you are found innocent you will still be sentenced to 3 days of
    solitary confinement as punishment for running off with the princess
    (which is the same punichment you'd get if you were found guilty).
   If you're found guilty you'd also get execution added to the punishment
    (the chancellor will add this himself once you get to the dungeons
    if you're found innocent).

Guardia Dungeons - 1000 AD
     Items: Ether (x3), BronzeMail, Mid Tonic (x8+), Shelter (x2), 1500 G,
            Lode Sword
     Party: Crono, Lucca
     Boss: Dragon Tank
   You'll find yourself in a small jail cell.  There is a pink bundle
    setting on the bed containing an Ether (this may only be here if you
    were found innocent).  The cup in the upper right corner of the cell
    will refill your hps and mps.  Now you have two options to get out of
    the dungeons:
   1.  If you stay in your cell and don't cause any trouble the 3 days
      before execution will fly by and the supervisor will come to get
      you.  He'll take you to a room with a guillotine, put Crono's head
      in it, and then ask if there are any last words.  Just then Lucca 
      will come in, shhot the supervisor and the two guards, and then
      free you.
   2.  If you don't want to just sit in your cell, you can go up to the
      bars and make some noise.  Do this 3 times and the guard will come
      in to quiet you down.  As he is walking out you can either knock him
      out by pressing 'A' when standing behind him, or you can run around
      him and out of the cell.  If you run around him you'll have to fight 
      both guards instead of just one.  You are now free to work your way
      out of the dungeon, but you won't get Lucca in your party until 
      you reach the exit.
   Either of the above ways you choose will get you out of the dungeon
    but since way #1 get you Lucca faster I'm going to describe where all
    the chests are from the room where Lucca saves you.
   After Lucca joins your party, get the chest and exit the room.  Here 
    you'll find another chest and a guy with his head in a guillotine.
    Free him and he'll tell you his name and inites you to stop by his
    dad's shop when you're in Truce.  As you exit the room you'll see
    that Lucca knocked out the guard.  Search the body (NOTE: from here
    on out some guards can be snuck up on and knocked out.  Search their
    bodies and some will have Mid Tonics).  Go left, fight with a guard, 
    and go down the stairs.  This will bring you to a bridge.  In the
    middle of the bridge you'll be attacked by 2 guards.  Going through
    the door on the other side of the brdige will bring you to a room with
    four sets of stairs:

        1 Decendent fight   <---- 3        4 ----> back the way you came
        Your cell, save pt, <---- 1        2 ----> 4 chests, 1 Guard fight,
           HP/MP drink                                1 Omnicrone fight

   Down stairs 1 and 3 you'll find cell doors that will only open half
    way.  Don't worry about them, you can get the chests that are in the 
    cells later.  After exploring stairs 1, 2, and 3 go back the way you
    came (stairway #4).  This time go up the hallway you passed before.
    This will lead to another stairway and a guard.  Go up the stairs
    and across another bridge to another room with four sets of stairs:
         Hole in the wall   <---- 6        7 ----> continue onward
                  1 chest   <---- 5        8 ----> back the way you came

   Stairway #6 leads to a cell with a hole in its back wall.  Going 
    through the hole will take you outside.  You can climb down the wall   
    to where you'll find a hole leading back into the dungeon.  This is 
    one of the cells that the door would only open half way.  Grab the 
    chest and then examine the hole in the floor, you'll hop into it and
    climb down to the other cell thats door would only open half way.  
    Grab the two chests then examine the wall where you climbed in.  Now
    go back outside and climb up the wall.
   If you've already explored stairway 5 then you're ready to continue
    onward.  After going up stair #7 and then up a couple more flights
    of stairs, you'll be at the entrance to the dungeon.  Go through
    the door and you'll find the knocked-out supervidor, a save spot, 
    and a note.  (If you escaped from Crono's cell instead of waiting for
    them to take you to your execution, then Lucca will come in here).
   The note will give you a hint on the next boss's defenses.  Search
    the supervisor's body for 5 Mid Tonics and then leave the room.  On
    the other side of the bridge you'll have to fight the Dragon Tank.
    After beating it go through the door and you'll be back in the main

Guardia Castle - 1000 AD
     Item: Shelter
     Party: Crono, Lucca, Marle
   Make your way down the stairs.  When you reach some guards they'll 
    start "chasing" you.  Head towards the exit to the castle.  Here Marle
    will join you and you leave.  The guards chase you to Guardia 
    Forest where you are forced to run down the path to an opening.  Here
    you'll find a gate, which your party will enter.  Next stop... the

Bangor Dome - 2300 AD
     Party: Crono, Marle, Lucca
   Nothing much here except the gate you just came through and a door
    you can't open until later in the game.  Just exit and go south to
    Trann Dome.
   Don't stay outside the Domes too long, you'll take damage (apparently 
    the air is poisonous or something).

Trann Dome - 2300 AD
     Party: Crono, Marle, Lucca
   Here you'll learn about where you are.  You can also buy equipment
    and rest in the Enertron (just examine it to use it).  Once you're
    ready exit the Dome and go north to Lab 16.

Lab 16 - 2300 AD
     Items: Berserker, LodeSword, Lode Bow, Ether
     Party: Crono, Marle, Lucca
   Beware the rats, the will steal a Tonic from you if they touch you.
    Explore the ruins and work your way up to the upper right corner where
    you'll find a path to the next section of the ruins.
   In this section you'll find monsters that are strong against normal
    physical attacks, so use techniques.  Work your way to the upper
    right corner of this section to find the exit.  Now that you're out,
    head east to Arris Dome.

Arris Dome - 2300 AD
     Items: Mid Ether (x2), Bike Key
     Party: Crono, Marle, Lucca
     Boss: Guardian
   Once you've talked to everyone, bought whatever equipment you need,
    and used the Enertron if needed, go down the ladder into the basement.
   The consoles need a password which you'll get a bit later.  For now
    use the ladder that's in the upper left corner.  Work your way to the 
    top of the room the ladder leads to.  From here go north into the next
    room.  An alarm will go off.  If you stand still you'll be attacked
    by lesser enemies and if you try to enter the door on the otherside
    you'll be attacked by the boss - Guardian.  
   After defeating Guardian, go through the door it was guarding into
    the storeroom.  Get the chest and then examine the body.  You'll
    learn that you have to catch the rat statue.  Go back to the room
    with the rafters.
   The rat statue will be within sight.  Hold 'B' to dash after it.  
    When you reach it press 'A' to catch it.  If you don't catch it, exit
    the room, re-enter, and try again.  When you catch it, it'll reveal
    the password for the consoles in the first room (hold 'L' and 'R' and
    press 'A').  Return to the room with the consoles.
   Stand in front of the one on the right (where the shimmer is) and use
    the password.  Enter the door you can now get to.  Work your way to 
    the top of this room and enter the door.
   At the top of this room you'll find another console, one of those 
    black doors you can't open yet, and a normal door.  The same password
    you used previously works on this console, but all it does is let
    you get to the black door.  Enter the normal door to get to the info
   Here you'll learn about the time period you're in, where the gate is
    located to leave this time period, and about 1999 AD - The Day of
    Lavos.  You can see either visual over if you want by examining one
    of the two consoles.  When you're ready work your way back to where
    the people of this Dome are waiting.  Doan will give you a Bike Key
    and tell you to go through Lab 32.  Use the Enertron and replenish 
    your supplies if needed, then exit the Dome.  You don't have to go
    through it right now but to the east is the Sewer Access.  The 
    monsters in it aren't too tough plus you can get better equipment
    inside, so it may be worth going through right now.  (If you don't
    want to yet, head north to Lab 32 and skip the next couple sections).

Sewer Access - 2300 AD
     Items: 600 G, Rage Band, Bolt Sword
     Party: Crono, Marle, Lucca (if entering before Lab 32, otherwise
            whoever you want)
     Boss: Krawlie
   First go right to get a treasure chest, and then go back and go left.
    You'll evesdrop on a couple of creatures.  Follow them down the
    stairs.  If you find the battles too tough, try to avoid them (most
    of them can be avoided quite easily).
   Go left and read the note.  It says someting about being attacked when
    making the slightest noise.  Now go right.  If you examine the cat
    you come to, it'll meow and you'll be attacked by 3 Nereids.  
    Continue along the parth and you'll find a tin can and a trash can.
    Examining the can will cause you to kick it into the trash and you'll
    be attacked by 4 Nereids.  Keep going and you'll find a wedge of
    cheese.  If you examine it a rat and 2 Nereids will attack you.
    The last object you'll encounter on the path is a save spot.  
    Stepping on it will cause it to disappear and you'll get attacked
    by 3 Nereids.  Past this you'll find a ladder going up.
   When you come to a spot where it looks like there is a space between
    two walls, press up against the wall and go through to the other 
    side.  Press the switch on the wall and the go back through the gap.
    Now go up to the edge of the water and press right.  Follow the
    path (you won't be able to see yourself most of the way) and you'll
    come out the door you just opened.  Continue along the path and
    you'll come upon a chest and just a little further ahead you'll find
    Sir Krawlie, the boss of the sewers.  After defeating Krawlie go down 
    along the path.  Go past the ladder for the moment and continue 
    following the path.  Get the Bolt Sword from the chest and then press
    the switch.  This'll open a series of bridges that'll make getting
    out of the sewers a snap.  But first go back to the right and up the
    ladder.  To the south you'll find Keeper's Dome.

Keeper's Dome - 2300 AD
     Party: Crono, Marle, Lucca
   Not much to see here.  The old man inside talks about events that will
    happen later in the past (isn't time fun? :)
   For now exit and go up to Death Peak.

Death Peak - 2300 AD
     Item: Power Tab
     Party: Crono, Marle, Lucca
   You can't do a whole lot here, yet.  About the only thing you can do
    before the wind blows you out, is to go forward along the righthand
    wall.  After a short while you should be able to see a shimmering
    dot.  Grab it before the wind blows you away.  Now go back through
    the Sewer Access (using the bridges that you created by flipping
    that switch). Once you're through, go north to Lab 32.

Lab 32 - 2300 AD
     Items: Mid Tonic, Race Log
     Party: Crono, Marle, Lucca
   If you enter this lab and try examining the Jet Bike without possessing
    the Bike Key, you'll get attacked by 4 Proto2s.  
   Examine the Jet Bike when you have the Bike Key and a bunch of robots 
    will come out.  Then Johnny will come out and challenge you to a 
    race.  You must win the race in order to go through Lab 32 (at least 
    in order to get throughthis way).  Keep trying until you win.  To 
    race use the control pad to steer and the B button for a Turbo 
    Boost.  You get 3 turbos and it takes time to recharge between 
    boosts, so use them wisely (onewhen you're close to the finish line 
    works well as long as you don't smack into Johnny and send him across 
    the line in front you).
   If you can't seem to win the race or you just don't want to, you can
    go right and fight your way through the lab.  You'll have to fight
    up to 3 Mutants at a time and up to 5 Shadows at a time.  Make sure
    you get the Bike Log if you go this way.  When you reach the other
    side talk to Johnny and you'll learn that the Bike Log can be used
    to record your 3 fastest times in the Jet Bike race.  You can now
    race Johnny in either one of two modes (with or without Turbo) and
    you can change perspectives with 'L' and 'R', plus RX-XR will save
    your 3 best scores.  Certain scorse will get you bonuses.  Here
    are the scores (that have been found so far) that give you a bonus:
            777     -  get 10 Mid Ethers
   When you're ready exit the lab and then go east and south to Proto

Proto Dome - 2300 AD
     Party: Crono, Robo, and choice of Marle or Lucca
   After a couple of Bugger fights you'll find a Enertron and then you'll
    find Robo.  The door that leads to the Gate is locked and you'll 
    need to go to the Factory to get it open.  Choose who you want to
    leave behind, exit the Dome, and go north to Factory.

Factory - 2300 AD
     Items: Shelter (x2), Titan Vest, HammerArm, Plasma Gun, Mid Ether (x2)
            Robin Bow, Mid Tonic, 400 G, Ether, Bolt Sword
     Party: Crono, Robo, and Marle or Lucca
   Examine the computer console and Robo will override security so you
    can enter.  Take the elevator on the left first.
   Examine the console to open the hatch that is below the chest.  Get the
    chest and go down the hatch.
   Follow along the path, throught two doors, until you come to a door 
    leading into a large room.  Get both chests and then examine the 
    console to shut of the defense lasers.  Now exit the room and go right
    to an elevator.  Take the elevator down.
   To the left is a wide hallway going north.  At the end you'll find a 
    chest and a console.  The console will open the door to the right if
    the proper password is entered (if you want to skip the rest of the
    Factory the password is 'X''A''B''Y' - that is press 'X', then 'A',
    etc.  If you skip it you'll miss out on experience from fights plus
    some treasure).
   If you decide to play the game normally (ie don't skip stuff), then go
    back down the hall to the elevator and tkae it up three times.  Now
    go down the elevator on the other side of the room.
   To your left you can see an open door.  Make your way over to it and
    enter.  You won't be able to see yourself but walk up and then right
    until you stop.  Press 'A' to open a chest containing Mid Ether.
    now go back at the door.  To your right you should see two ladders
    leading down.  Take the leftmost of the two and then go left as far
    as you can to a chest.  Take the Robin Bow frm it then return to
    the two ladders.  Take the rightmost one this time and follow the 
    path over to a door which puts you neat the conveyer belt.  Wait until
    a crane comes and takes you over to the inner belt.  It'll drop you 
    and you'll be taken to the left through three rooms.  In each room 
    you'll have to fight on increasingly harder battle and you can't heal
    or anything in between.  When you get through the three rooms the 
    conveyer will wrap around and take you towards the right.  Press down
    to get off at the first place you can and then go down into another
   In this room you'll find a long ladder that leads up to a door.  Go
    through the door and you'll be on a bridge that goes over the conveyer
    belts you just rode.  Go across the bridge and you'll reach two doors
    and a chest.  Get the chest and go through the door on the right. 
    Inside you'll find two more chests and a console that will tell you 
    the Crane control codes.  Get the chests then exit the room and go 
    over to the other door.
   Get the two chests and then use the left exit.  This leads to the crane
    controls.  Use the controls twice (use the code 'X''A' the first time,
    and 'B'B' the second) to remove two barrels that are blocking the path.
    Once the barrels are out of the way go back into the previous room
    and take the exit on the right.  To your left is a long ladder
    leading down.  Us it and then go left and then up through a door. 
    Here you'll find another chest and the console that tell you the
    password you need to open the door way back at the beginning of
    the Factory (the code is 'X''A''B''Y', like I said before).
   Exit the little room and go right as far as you can.  Go up the ladder
    and then go right to the elevator.  Take the elevator up and you're
    back at the entrance of the Factory.
   Now all you need to do is take the left elevator down 3 times, and then
    go up and open the door using the XABY code.  Press the switch you 
    find once through the door.  This will cause the security system to go 
    haywire.  You need to escape from the Factory.  The elevators won't
    work so you'll have to use the ladders.  After a little bit you'll be
    stopped by 6 robots that look like blue versions of Robo.  After
    trashing Robo, Crono and whoever else you brought along (Marle or
    Lucca) will have to fight the blue robots (the R Seies).
   After defeating the R Series, Crono and whoever will drag Robo back 
    to Proto Dome so Lucca can fix him.

Proto Dome - 2300 AD
     Party: Crono, Marle, Lucca, Robo
   After Robo is all better, the four of you will go up and enter the

End of Time
     Party: Crono and two out of Marle, Lucca, or Robo
   Talk to the old man to learn about where you are.  Since only groups
    of 3 can travel through a Gate at once (and because there is only
    room for three in your party :) you must leave either Marle, Lucca, 
    or Robo behind.  You can press 'Y' to switch party members at any
   As you start to walk back to the room with the pillars of light, the
    old man will call you back and tell you to check out the room behind
   Talk to the monster you find inside.  He'll tell you he's Spekkio,
    the Master of War.  Then he'll tell you to walk around the room 
    clockwise along the wall 3 times starting from the door.  Do
    as he says and he'll bestow the power of magic on the members in 
    your current party who can use it (Crono, Lucca, and Marle can all
    use magic at this point in the game).  After he gives you the power
    of magic, he'll ask if you want to try it out.  If you answer 'yes'
    you'll have to fight him.  He's quite hard but if you lose you won't 
    die and you'll have full hps/mps after the battle.
    If you beat Spekkio he'll give you some items (see the End of Time
    section for more info).
   The shimmering dot to the right of the door to Spekkio is a Gate
    leading directly to the Day of Lavos in 1999 AD.  You may want to save
    your game and then enter it now just to see what you're up against.
    Unless you're either playing in New Game + mode or you're extremely
    lucky, you shouldn't last very long against Lavos right now.
   Currently only pillars 1, 2, and 3 (see End of Time section) will be
    available.  When you're ready, enter the pillar of light that
    takes you to Medina Village in 1000 AD (pillar #1).

Medina Village Residence - 1000 AD
     Party: Crono, and two out of Marle, Lucca, or Robo
   You'll come out of a closet into someone's house.  Talk to the
    inhabitants and then exit the house (you'll be given some info on the
    way out).

Medina Square - 1000 AD
     Party: Crono and two others
   Here you'll find some monsters worshipping a statue of Magus, who
    you'll meet later in the game.

Medina Elder's House - 1000 AD
     Items: Speed Tab, Magic Tab
     Party: Crono and two others
   There is a Speed Tab shimmering on the counter in the kitchen.  The
    leader of Medina is Ozzie VIII.  You'll meet and learn to hate the
    ancestor he refers to.  There is a Magic Tab upstairs.

Medina Inn - 1000 AD
     Party: Crono and two others
   The innkeeper won't give you a room.  You can walk away or you can
    plead with him which will cause a fight.  When you win, the innkeeper
    will have a change of heart but he won't give you a good price.

Medina Market - 1000 AD
     Party: Crono and two others
   Once again they won't serve humans.  You can plead which starts another
    fight.  After the fight the shopkeeper will sell you stuff but the
    prices are outrageous (1100 G for a Tonic!!).
   After you're done in Medina, head west to Melchior's Hut.

Melchior's Hut - 1000 AD
     Party: Crono and two others
   You can buy equipment from Melchior (at normal prices).  Remember where
    this place is, you'll need to come back here several times during
    your quest.  Now go north to Heckran Cave.

Heckran Cave - 1000 AD
     Items: Ether (x2), MagicScarf, Mid Ether
     Party: Crono and two others 
   A lot of the monsters in here are resistant to normal attacks (meaning
    you'll need to use magic).  The way through the 1st room is straight
   In the second room make sure you enter the first door at the bottom of 
    the room (it's almost straight down from the entrance).  After a
    couple of fights, get the chest and then go back out to the main room.
    Now go left to another exit from this room.
   The room you're in now is small.  All you need to do is go left to 
    another door (fighting a couple times along the way).  Through the
    door is another small room with one of those black chests (that you
    can't open yet) and right next to it is a door.  Go through the door
    and then make your way to the right.  You should be able to find a
    save spot next to a door.  Save your game if you wish and then enter
    the door and face Heckran.  After defeating Heckran, go up and jump
    in the pool of water.  This will take you to Vortex Pt. which is right
    next to Lucca's House.

Lucca's House - 1000 AD
     Item: Taban Vest
     Party: Crono, Lucca, and one other 
   Go upstairs and talk to Lucca's mom.  Then come back downstairs and
    talk to her dad.  He'll give you Taban Vest.  Exit Lucca's house and
    go north to the Market.

Truce Market - 1000 AD
     Item: Mid Ether (x10)
     Party: Crono and two others
   This is Fritz's dad's shop (remember Fritz is the guy you freed in
    Guardia dungeon).  He'll give you 10 Mid Ethers.  Now go visit
    Crono's mom,  she's worried about him.  Once you're finished visiting
    go up to Leene Square.

Leene Square - 1000 AD
     Party: Crono and two others
   Go up to where Lucca's telepad machine is and enter the Gate.  It'll
    take you back to the End of Time.

End of Time 
     Party: Crono and whoever
   Pillars 4 & 5 will be open now.  Enter pillar #5 to go to Truce Canyon
    in 600 AD.

Truce Canyon - 600 AD
     Party: Crono and whoever
   This is the same place you were the first time you time traveled.
    Go down the mountain the same way you did before.  The people in
    Truce are all jabbering about how the hero has appeared and is going 
    to save them from Magus.  Go southwest to Zenan Bridge.

Zenan Bridge - 600 AD
     Party: Crono and whoever
   Here the Knight Captain complains about not having any food.  The
    soldiers won't let you through so return to Gurdia Castle (you'll
    have to go through Guardia Forest to get there).

Guardia Castle - 600 AD
     Items: Jerky, Power Tab
     Party: Crono and whoever
   Go to the throne room and then up the stairs on the left side.  The
    king will tell you that the hero is searching the southern continent
    for the sword that can defeat Magus.  Now go to the kitchen (right
    from the entrance to the castle).  Talk to the chef and then leave 
    the castle.  On your way out the chef will catch up to you an give
    you Jerky for the Knight Captain and a Power Tab for you.  Now
    return to Zenan Bridge.

Zenan Bridge - 600 AD
     Item: Gold Helm
     Party: Crono and whoever
     Boss: Zombone
   Give the Jerky to the Knight Captain.  After that, talk to him again
    and say you'll help him (you can say no but if you say yes he'll give
    you Gold Helm), then go left across the bridge.  You'll have to fight
    a few fights against Ozzie and his army of Deceased (the easiest way
    to fight them is just to hit Ozzie a couple times, which will break
    the spell and cause the Deceased to crumple).  At the end of the
    bridge Ozzie will bring all the deceased bones together to form 
    Zombor and will then run away leaving you to fight Zombor.  After
    defeating it exit the bridge and you'll find the town of Dorino.

Dorino - 600 AD
     Item: Magic Tab
     Party: Crono and whoever     
   In one of the residences you'll find a dresser that has a shimmering
    dot on it.  Search the dresser and you'll find it is locked.  Talk
    to the old man (to the left of the dresser) and he'll see that you
    have Naga-ette Bromide.  If you give him the bromide he'll let you
    open the dresser to get a Magic Tab.
   As you enter the Elder's house, you'll overhear the Elder hiring Toma
    to find the Rainbow Shell for him.  After this Toma will be in the
    Inn.  Pay his tab for some info.  Now go south from Dorino to Fiona's

Fiona's Villa - 600 AD
     Items: Mid Ether (x2)
     Party: Crono and whoever
   For right now all that is important here is the two chests.  Get
    them then head south to Porre.

Porre - 600 AD
     Item: Power Tab
     Party: Crono and two others
   In the Cafe you'll find Toma again.  Buy him a soda and he'll tell you
    the Rainbow Shell is on an island.  In the Market you'll find
    a shimmering Power Tab.
   Talk to everyone then go northwest to Cursed Woods.
Cursed Woods - 600 AD
     Items: Mid Tonic, Shelter, MagicScarf
     Party: Crono and whoever
   At the end of the forest you'll find a moving bush.  Go behind it and
    then walk down into it to find a hidden room.  Explore the room and 
    Frog will appear.  He won't do anything for you now.  Remember where
    he is though.  For now, exit the Cursed Woods and go northeast to
    Denadoro Mts. (they're right next to Dorino).
    NOTE: Sometimes a Nu will appear in the woods.  When you talk to
          it, it says 'stop it you dog'.
          Anyone know what this is supposed to be for?

Denadoro Mts. - 600 AD
      Items: 300 G (x2), MirageHand, Revive (x2), Ether, 500 G,
             Mid Ether (x4), Gold Helm, Mid Tonic (x2), 600 G,
             SilverStud, SilverErng, Magic Tab, Speed Tab, Shelter,
             Bent Sword
      Party: Crono and whoever (Lucca suggested because of her fire)
      Boss: Masa & Mune
    At the end of the first section you'll find a ladder.  Before going
     near the ladder go through the opening to the right of the ladder.
     Here you'll find a MirageHand for Robo.  Now go back.  When you get 
     near the ladder a Goblin will chase a little kid by you.  After
     killing the Goblin the boy will tell you to rin away and then an
     Ogan will attack you (the best way to kill an Ogan is you use fire
     to destory their hammer and then simply kill them).  Now go up the
    Work your way all the way up and over to the top right hand corner to
     find the entrance to the next section.  
    In this section you have to go all the way from the left side to the
     right side, then up to the top, and back over to the left side. From
     here follow the path and eventually you'll reach a cliff looking out
     over the land.  When you reach it you'll be attack by and Ogan and
     a Golbin, then an Ogan and a FreeLancer, then another Ogan-Goblin
     combo, and finally an Ogan and two FreeLancers - all without a 
     break inbetween.
    Shortly after that long battle you'll come to a stream that runs out
     into a waterfall.  Get close to the edge and you'll be swept over,
     making you climb all the way back up (which is pretty easy).  There
     are two runnoffs for the waterfall where you can be swept off: a
     very large one separted from a thin one by rock.  Get swept off by 
     the thin one and you'll be able to get a SilverStud and a SilverErng
     (you can only the the SilverErng if you're swept off from the large
     runoff).  Now, back at the stream, go up and over to enter the
     next section.
    Here you'll find a creature that looks like the first form of 
     Spekkio back at the End of Time.  Talk to it about four time and
     it'll give you a Magic Tab.  
    Shortly after this you'll find a save spot.  After the save spot,
     you'll find a chest with a Mid Ether in it and then a ladder
     leading down.  On the left side of the bottom of the ladder there
     is a Speed Tab shimmering.
    A little further along this path and you'll reach a cave entrance.
     Inside you'll find a kid and a sword sticking into the ground.  As
     you approach the sword, the kid stops you and asks you if you are
     here for the Masamune (say 'no' if you're not ready for a fight).
     Saying 'yes' will result in another kid appearing.  The two kids
     (Masa & Mune) transform and 'test' you.  Defeat them and they'll 
     merger together for a harder 'test'.  Defeat their fused form and
     you'll be allowed to get the sword (which turns out to be the 
     broken blade of the Masamune).  You'll then be transported out of
     the mountains.  Return south to Tata's House.

Tata's House - 600 AD
      Item: Hero Medal
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Tata was the boy who you saw chased out of the mountains earlier.
     Talk to him and he'll give you Hero Medal.  Now go back to the
     Cursed Woods and talk to Frog.

Cursed Woods - 600 AD
      Item: Bent Hilt
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Talk to Frog and he'll move.  The pot that was behind him will start
     to shimmer brightly.  Examine it to find the hilt of the Masamune.
     On the hilt is written Melchior.  You'll have to go to his hut in
     1000 AD.  To do so you'll need to go all the way back to the Gate
     at Truce Canyon.  This will take  you to the End of Time.  From
     here use pillar #1 to go to Medina Village in 1000 AD.  From Medina
     Village go west to Melchior's Hut.

Melchior's Hut - 1000 AD
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Melchior tells you he can reforge the Masamune if he can get some 
     Dreamstone.  But the Dreamstone could only be found a long time ago.
     Return to the End of Time via the Gate in the closet and use
     pillar #3.

Mystic Mountain - 65000000 BC
      Item: Berserker
      Party: Crono and whoever
    The Gate will open in mid-air and you'll fall right into a bunch
     of little green guys.  You'll have to fight five of these
     Reptites then a bunch more will come out.  A cat-like cave woman
     will come out and kick the crap out of a couple Reptites, then she'll
     chase another one off, leaving 4 for you to deal with.  The woman
     will come back and introduce herself as Ayla. When she leaves,
     follow her out of the mountain.  Once you're out go northeast to
     the Ioka Village.

Ioka Village - 65000000 BC
      Item: Dreamstone, Tonic
      Party: Crono and whoever
    In the bottom right hut you will be offered Sweet Water.  Drink it
     to recover your HPS and MPS.
    In the top right hut you can trade your shiny stones (gold) for
     Tonics, Mid Tonics, and Heals.
    Ayla waits for you in her hut (Chief's hut).  Talk to her and the 
     party begins.
    Talk to your companions and enjoy yourself for a while then talk to
     Ayla.  She'll tell you about the leader of the Reptites, Azala.
     Talk to her again and she'll reveal the Dreamstone.  You'll have to
     challenge Ayla for her rock though.  To win the challenge just have
     Crono eat more soup by pressing 'A' as fast as possible (another
     spot where a controller with rapid fire would come in handy).  When
     you win she'll give you the Dreamstone.
    In the morning you'll wake to find the Gate Key missing.  Without it
     you 're stuck in 65000000 BC.  You'll go to the Chief's hut to find
     Ayla.  Remember you can walk while there is a message on the screen
     (like Ayla: Snort...zzz...zzzz...  :).  Go over and wake Ayla up.
    Ayla will join you and you have to keep Crono.  Pick either Marle,
     Lucca, or Robo as your third companion.  Go talk to everyone in the 
     village.  You can now trade your Petals, Fangs, Horns, and Feathers
     (3 of each) for the following equipment:
               Petal + Fang     =   Ruby Gun
               Petal + Horn     =   Sage Bow
               Petal + Feather  =   Stone Arm
               Fang  + Horn     =   Flint Edge
               Fang  + Feather  =   Ruby Vest
               Horn  + Feather  =   Rock Helm
    One villager will give you a Tonic and another will tell you where to
     go, which is south to Forest Maze.

Forest Maze - 65000000 BC
      Items: Mid Tonic (x3), Revive (x2), Mid Tonic (x2), Shelter, Heal
      Party: Crono, Ayla, and one other
    As you enter you'll find out who stole the Gate Key from you, 
     unfortunately it has been stolen from him by the Reptites.  Finding
     the way through the maze is pretty easy, simply follow the Reptites
     footprints.  Although there is nothing really important in any of
     the chests, if you decide to get them all you'll need to leave the
     footprint trail a couple times.  
    Once you're through the maze enter the Reptite Lair.

Reptite Lair - 65000000 BC
      Items: Mid Ether (x2), Elixir, Full Tonic, Ruby Vest, Full Ether,
             Rock Helm
      Party: Crono, Ayla, and whoever
      Boss: Nizbel
    In the second room you'll find 4 Evilweevils.  If you wait and not
     do anything they will dig holes and disappear.  They seem to dig
     their holes in different spots each time, so pick a hole and jump
     in (they'll all get to the same spot eventually).  Some treasures
     can only be found if holes are dug in the proper place.  Continue
     dropping down holes until you reach a room with a bunch of Reptites
     running around.  Behind the two stationary Reptites you'll find
     chests (when you approach either of them they'll call for
     reinforcements).  When you're ready enter the door on the right site
     of the room.
    You should now be in a hall of sorts.  Go up until you come to a door.  
     If you want to leave the Reptite Lair enter the door, it leads back
     up to the room with the 4 Evilweevils.  If you are ready to continue
     onward keep going up.  After dispatching a Megasaur and two Reptites,
     enter the stairway they were guarding.  Here you'll find Azala.  
     He'll ask you what the Gate Key is (it doesn't matter what answer you
     give him) and then he'll send Nizbel to fight you.  After defeating 
     Nizbel Azala will give you back the Gate Key and run away (don't 
     worry you'll be seeing him again).
    Next thing you know Ayla burps and you are back in her hut in Ioka
     Village.  Ayla will leave the party for now.
    If you want to trade for some of the items (the ones that can be
     bought with Feathers, Horns, Petals, and Fangs) and you don't have
     enough stuff to trade, then go north of Ioka Village to the
     Hunting Range.

Hunting Range - 65000000 BC
      Item: Third Eye
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Basically just run around fighting the monsters here for Feathers,
     Horns, Petals, and Fangs.  If it starts raining look for a big blue
     guy with long arms (a Nu).  Defeating a Nu will get three of each of
     the 4 items, plus it'll give you a Third Eye.  It can only be found
     and defeated once per visit to the Hunting Range, and it'll only
     give you one Third Eye per game.  Once you're satisfied, go back to
     the Mystic Mts.

Mystic Mts. - 65000000 BC
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Go to where you first met Ayla and then continue left and then up.
     Now jump into the Gate.  Enter pillar #1 and you'll be back in
     Medina Village 1000 AD.  Go west back to Melchior's Hut.

Melchior's Hut - 1000 AD
      Item: Masamune
      Party: Crono and whoever
    With the Dreamstone, Melchior can now repair the Masamune.  Follow
     him downstairs and watch him fix it.  You can now take the Masamune
     back to Frog in 600 AD.  Return to the End of Time via the gate in
     the closet and take pillar #5 to Truce Canyon.  From there go south
     back to Frog's hiding spot in the Cursed Woods.

Cursed Woods - 600 AD
      Party: Crono, Frog, and whoever
    Since you have the Masamune Frog agrees to join you.  First you'll
     rest the night (and witness the events that made Frog a frog).  
     Before continuing northeast to the Magic Cave, you may want to take
     Frog to Spekkio at the End of Time so he can learn Magic.

Magic Cave - 600 AD
      Party: Crono, Frog, and one other
    As you enter Frog will have another flashback, then he'll unlock
     the power of the Masamune and open the Magic Cave.
    As you enter the cave itself, you'll notice a small bat come up to 
     you and then follow you around.  Don't worry about it for now.  For
     now just follow the path, fighting your way to the stairs leading 
     out of the cave.  Just before the exit you'll find a note containing
     info about an enemy you'll fight later in Magus's castle,  which
     is north of the cave's exit.

Magus's Lair - 600 AD
      Items: Mid Ether (x4), Shelter (x2), Barrier (x2), Magic Tab (x2),
             Slasher, Mist Robe (x2), Dark Mail, DoomFinger, Lapis,
             Speed Belt, Revive, MagicScarf
      Party: Crono, Frog, and one other
      Boss: Flea, Slash, Ozzie, Magus
    Once in the castle, go up the stairs and then pick a path (either left
     or right).  Enter whichever you want and follow it to the end (picking
     up whatever treasure you can) then turn around, come back, and do 
     the same with the other path.
    Once you've gone down both paths and returned, you'll find a save spot
     (well it looks like one anyways).  Step on it and Ozzie will come out
     and tell you that in order to get to Magus you'll have to defeat
     him, Slash, Flea, and 100 monsters (not all at the same time luckily :)
     Defeat the enemies that appear and then exit the castle to save (if
     you want).  Then pick a path: left leads to Slash, and right leads
     to Flea.  You can do whichever you want first, but for the purpose
     of this guide I'm going to say take the right path first.
    Talk to the kids gathered around the chest.  Say you want their 
     treasure and they'll turn into Shadows and attack you.  The chest
     contains a Barrier.  
    In the next room you'll find Crono's mom, Queen Leene, and someone
     else (who it is depends on who your third companion is).  Talk to 
     each of them and they'll transform, causing you to fight (don't talk
     to them if you don't want to fight). 
    In the third and final room of this hall you'll find Flea?.  Defeat 
     it and the bat that has been following you will transform into the
     real Flea.  After defeating Flea, get the Magic Tab that appears,
     then go back to the main entrance and go down the left path (you may
     want to exit the castle and save while you're at it).
    After a couple of easy fights you'll reach a room with 5 people in it.
     Talk to the one at the top of the room and they'll all turn to
     Decedents and attack you.  After this fight Slash will come out and 
     you'll have to fight him (twice in a row - the second time he'll have
     more hps and stronger attacks).  After defeating him grab the Slasher
     and save your game.  Now return to the main entrance and step on the
     fake save spot to be transported to another section of the castle.
    Go straight up.  After several fights you'll reach Ozzie.  After 
     realizing you already defeated Slash and Flea, he'll run.  Grab the
     chest and follow him.
    Dash under the blades and work your way up to Ozzie.  Once again he'll
     run from you and you'll have to follow.  
    In the next room just clomb your way to the top, fighting all the way.
    Once you enter the next room you'll see Ozzie on the other side.  As
     you try to get to him, he'll open trap doors dropping you into a 
     different room.  The first time you drop down you'll have to fight
     a bunch of Decedents.  After defeating them get the two chests in the
     upper left corner, then two more chests in the upper right corner,
     and finally a Magic Tab from the bottom right corner.  Also in this
     room are 4 things that look like save spots.  Stepping on them will
     either cause you to be attacked by energy-whirls (which can't hurt
     you and are worth lots of exp), show you it's actually a real save
     spot, or transport you back to the room hwere Ozzie is (which is the
     one you want to find).  Continue trying to get to Ozzie and 
     eventually you'll make it because all his holes are visible.  Once 
     again he'll run away.  
    Follow him and you'll be in another climb-and-fight-your-way-to-the-top
    After the climbing room you'll come to a room where Ozzie is raising
     monsters out of pits with rope and pulley.  Defeat the monsters he
     sends at you and work your way up to Ozzie.  Guess what?  Ozzie runs
    In the next room fight your way to the other end where you'll find
     a chest and the door to the next room (if you want to avoid the
     fights, hug the wall).
    Grab the chests on both sides of the room and then talk to Ozzie.  You
     finally get to fight him (sort of).  After defeating him, two save
     spots will appear.  The one on the right is real and the other will
     transport you onward into the castle.  
    Running down the stairs and entering the door at the bottom will take
     you to the next room, which is pitch black.  Walk forward and lights
     will appear on either side of you.  Continue going forward and you'll
     reach Magus.
    After defeating Magus, a huge Gate will open sucking you all in and
     sending you back to the year 65000000 BC.

Chief's Hut - 65000000 BC
      Party: Crono and whoever
    You will awaken to find yourself in Ayla's tent.  Ayla will leave and
     you'll go back to sleep.  When you awake you'll find out that Ayla
     went in search of Laruba Village.  First things first, go to the hut
     in the upper right corner and you'll find out that you can trade 
     your Petal, Fangs, Horns, and Feathers for new items.
                       Petal + Fang    = Dream Gun
                       Petal + Horn    = Dream Bow
                       Petal + Feather = Magma Hand
                       Fang  + Horn    = Aeon Blade
                       Fang  + Feather = Ruby Vest
                       Horn  + Feather = Rock Helm
    Once you're ready, go northwest from Ioka village to Laruba ruins.

Laruba ruins - 65000000 BC
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Here you'll find out what happened and you'll learn Ayla wants to use
     the Dactyls to get to the Reptite's hideout.  Ayla will leave again.
     Go to the Dactyl Nest which is directly north of Ioka village.

Dactyl Nest - 65000000 BC
      Items: Mid Ether, Mid Tonic, Meso Mail
      Party: Crono and whoever
    The way up to the top of the mountain is pretty straight forward.
     When you reach the top, Ayla will join you (meaning you'll have to
     decide who to leave behind).  Once you've decided on your party 
     you'll fly out of the Dactyl Nest on Dactyls (what else?  :).  You
     have complete control over their flight.  Your next destination is
     the Tyrano Lair, which is almost directly east of Ioka village.  
     Press 'A' to land the Dactyls.

Tyrano Lair - 65000000 BC
      Items: Mid Ether (x2), Full Tonic, Tonic, CeraTopper (x2), Revive,
             Meso Mail, Full Ether
      Party: Crono, Ayla, and one other
      Boss: Azala and BlackTyrano
    Enter the open skill and go down the stairs.  After a Reptite fight,
     flick the switch next to the bone door, releasing the cave people.
     Now continue on (through a couple more Reptites) and down the stairs.
    After another Reptite fight talk to Kino through the cage door.  
     After Kino is free enter his cage to get the chest then follow him.
    Enter the skull that Kino opens and go up the stairs.  You'll come
     to a room with two switches.  Pressing the switches will cause the
     monsters to fall.  First go through the door on the right side, get
     the chest on the left (the one on the right will drop you down into
     the cage you saved the cave men from and you'll have to make your 
     way back up), and then return so you can continue through the door
     on the left.  
    After a fight or two you'll reach a slightly darkened room.  In this
     room are hidden teleporters that will either teleport you somewhere
     else in the room or they'll transport in some monsters for you to fight.
     All the chests except the one in the top right corner are pretty easy
     to get with a little experimentation.  The top right chest is a little
     more difficult to find; the transporter to get to it is in the bottom
     left corner of the room (it's on the right side of that little 
     section, pretty much in the middle).  Once you've gotten what you
     want and have made it to the stairs, use them to go up to a balcony.
    This balcony has two more doors (besides the one you just came through)
     but one is shut at the moment so enter the other one.
    Here you'll find two switches.  Both will open the skull in front of 
     you but the one on the left also causes monsters to attack you.  Enter
     the skull and flick the switch you find on the wall.  This will open
     the door that you passed before because it was closed.  Return to it
     and enter.
    Walk past Nizbel II and save your game.  Now head towards the stairs
     in the back of the room.  Nizbel II will stop you and attack you.  After
     defeating it climb the stairs.
    Here you'll find another balcony with two doors besides the one you 
     came through.  Once again the door in the middle is closed so you only
     have one choice.  Inside you'll find 3 switches.  The bottom right one
     will drop 2 Terrasaurs; the top one will cause a save spot to appear;
     and the bottom left one will cause the floor on either side of the
     main walkway to disappear (if you fall in the holes you'll end up 
     falling down a level).  To open the skull just examine it.  Inside
     you'll find a chest and a switch.  Flick the switch, then go back
     and enter the door that was closed before.
    In the back of thise room you'll find Azala.  When he's done talking
     he'll leave through the door behind him.  Get the chests and follow
     him.  The door leads to a bridge.  At the end of the bridge you'll
     find Azala and his pet Black Tyrano.
    After defeating Azala and his pet, Lavos will crash to earth 
     destroying the Tyrano Lair (you escape of course).

Lair Ruins - 65000000 BC
      Party: Crono, Ayla, and one other
    All that is left where Lavos hit the earth is a giant crater with a 
     Gate in it.  Enter the Gate and you'll be in 12000 BC.

Cave - 12000 BC
      Party: Crono, and whoever
    Exit the cave and head east to the Skyway.

Skyway - 12000 BC
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Step into the center of the circle to be transported to a Land Bridge
     in the sky.  From there go east to Enhasa.

Enhasa - 12000 BC
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Talk to everyone and then go north to the other Land Bridge.  This'll
     take you back to earth.  Go northwest to get to another Skyway.  Once
     back in the sky go west to Kajar.

Kajar - 12000 BC
      Items: Speed Tab, Black Rock
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Once again talk to everyone for info.  In the top right corner of the
     building you should be able to see a shimmering dot above a bookshelf.
     To get it, enter the door to the left of the bookshelves and then
     search the wall inside that is approximately directly behind the
     shimmer that's outside.  Inside this room, you'll also learn that
     "Water summons wind...wind makes fire dance".  There are 3 books that
     you can open that, when opened, will either burst into flames, wind,
     or water.  First open the water book (in the top left corner), then
     the wind book (bottom right corner), and finally the fire book (right
     about in the middle, next to the Nu that sells you stuff).  This will
     open a secret door.  Inside you'll find a Black Rock.  You'll also
     find an open book which speaks of a red rock that cultivated dreams.
     Now that you know the combination to open the books, return to Enhasa.

Enhasa - 12000 BC
      Items: Magic Tab, Speed Tab
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Once again open the water book (top right corner), the wind book (top
     left corner), and finally the fire book (middle, at the entrance). 
     This'll open another secret passage.  Inside you'll find a Nu asking
     if you want to challenge him.  Say yes and you'll have to fight
     6 Nus (don't worry, if you lose, you'll just be called a weakling and
     sent out of the room).  Defeat them and you'll receive a Magic Tab
     and a Speed Tab.  Examining the book will reveal that "all life 
     begins with Nu and ends with Nu..."
    Now return to Kajar.

Kajar - 12000 BC
      Party: Crono and whoever
    There isn't anything left for you to do here so go west to the Blackbird.

Blackbird - 12000 BC
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Here you'll be introduced to Dalton (yippee!! :)  From here go east to
     a cave.

Cave - 12000 BC
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Enter the light and you'll be transported to another cave.  Exit and
     go east to another cave and another transportation.  Exit from that
     cave and you'll be at Zeal Palace.

Zeal Palace - 12000 BC
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Start talking to people.  Before going to far talk to the Nu that you
     can see as you're entering the palace.  From him you'll learn the 
     Nu's scratch point.  With that knowledge return to Kajar.

Kajar - 12000 BC
      Item: Magic Tab
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Talk to the Nu with its back to you (it's in the room in the top right
     corner of the building).  Scratching its back will cause it to open 
     its mouth dropping out a Magic Tab.  Return to Zeal Palace and 
     continue your exploration.

Zeal Palace - 12000 BC
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Enter the door in the far right corner.  This leads to 2 more doors.
     Enter the one on the right.  As you enter you'll hear a conversation
     between Janus and Schala.  Then an aide will enter and call Schala
     to the queen.  When ready enter the door in the middle of the
     main room.  
    Here you'll see Schala open one of those black doors with her pendant.
     Well, you pendant looks like hers, maybe you should try it.  Darn,
     didn't work.  In order to get it to work you pendant must be glowing.
     Exit the room you're in and then enter the far left door.
    This leads to the Mammon Machine.  Search it and it'll make your pendant 
     glow.  Now return to the black door and try to open it.  It'll work
     this time.  Enter when ready.
    As you enter, the queen will ask you who you are, the prophet will say
     you're troublemakers, and then the queen will tell Dalton to take
     you away.  Dalton will call on the Golem, which you'll have to fight.
     It doesn't matter if you win or lose the battle.  Either way you'll
     be captured and after a bit you'll be sent through the Gate back to
     65000000 BC, which will then be sealed off.

Lair Ruins - 65000000 BC
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Here one of your companions (it depends on who you have) will give you
     the idea of going back to 2300 AD to open the black doors you found.
     So go south and hop on the Dactyls, then head west to the Mystic Mts.

Mystic Mts. - 65000000 BC
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Work your way back to the Gate that is suspended in the air and jump in.
     This'll take you to the End of Time.  Use pillar #2 to go to Proto
     Dome in 2300 AD.

Proto Dome - 2300 AD
      Party: Crono and whoever
    From here go northwest to Lab32.

Lab 32 - 2300 AD
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Here you'll either have to race Johnny again or go through on foot to
     get to the other side.  Once you've made it to the other side go
     south to the Sewer Access.

Sewer Access - 2300 AD
      Party: Crono and whoever
    If you went through here earlier then just use the bridges you made to
     get to the other end.  If you didn't go through earlier look back in 
     the guide for directions on how to get through.  Once you're through
     go south to Keeper's Dome.

Keeper's Dome - 2300 AD
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Go to the back of the room and open the black door.  Talk to all the
     glowing things.  Eventually you'll reach another black door.  Through
     the door you'll find the "Wings of Time".
    Go to the far end of the room and your companions will talk.  Then
     start to leave the room.  You will be stopped by the Nu pushing the
     entrance ramp for the machine.  Name the machine (default is Epoch)
     and then hop aboard and take off.
    To move through time move the dial with the control pad and press 'A'
     when you're pointing to the time you want to travel to.
    You can rename the Epoch at any time by examining the console at the
     entrance of this Dome.
    Your next destination should be 12000 BC.

Epoch - 12000 BC
      Party: Crono and whoever
    From the Epoch's landing position go northwest to Terra Cave.

Terra Cave - 12000 BC
      Item: Power Tab
      Party: Crono and whoever
    Inside the cave you'll find Algetty, the village of the Earthbound Ones.
     Climb your way down to the bottom of the village (talking to everyone
     one your way).  At the bottom you'll find a save spot.  To the right
     of it is the entrance to the Beast's Nest.  Enter when ready.
    The first thing to do as you enter is get the Power Tab that's in the
     bottom right corner.  Then go north.  After 2 battles with two Beasts
     each battle, go up the stairs to fight the boos of the Beast's Nest -
     a Mud Imp and his two pets, Blue and Red Beast.  
    After defeating them climb the chain (you might want to go back and 
     save first).

Mt. Woe - 12000 BC
      Items: Lode Helm, Shield (x2), Lode Vest, Barrier (x3), Lapis (x2),
             Full Ether (x2), Shelter, Time Hat
      Party: Crono and whoever
    First go north and follow the path to the Lode Helm,  then come back
     and cross the chain to the left of the entrance.  Following this path
     will take you up to a chain to the next section.
    Go right and follow the path to a save spot.  Continue going forward
     on that path until you see a chain that you can reach on your right.
     Go across the chain and collect the treasure on the other side.  Now
     go back across the chain and go left as far as you can.  Get the chest
     there and then return right until you reach a ramp going up a level.
     Follow that path, get the Lapis from the chest and go right.  You 
     should now be at a cahin going to the right (you should see the 
     save spot below you).  Cross the chain.  Follow the path and eventually
     you'll reach a chest and another chain leading right, to the next
    When you reach a spot where you can either go up on a chain or right 
     on a chain, go right first to collect 2 chests, then go up the other
     chain.  Follow the path, collecting the two chests along the way, and
     you'll eventually reach a save spot next to a chain leading up to
     the next section.  There's a boss coming up so save.
    Continue following the path, collecting 2 more chests along the way.
     Soon you'll climb a long chain.  As you climb it'll get darker.  At
     the top you'll find a large crystal.  Before walking up to it you may
     want to switch you characters so that Ayla is in your party (her and
     Crono's Falcon Hit attack works very well).  Search the crystal
     and you'll have to fight Giga Gaia.
    Killing it will free Melchior from the crystal prison.  The mountain
     will collapse into the sea and you'll escape back to Algetty.

Terra Cave - 12000 BC
      Item: Ruby Knife
      Party: Crono and whoever
    A whole bunch of stuff is said and Dalton end up capturing Schala.
     Talk to Melchior and he'll give you Ruby Knife to destory the
     Mammon Machine.  Exit the Terra Cave and head west to the SkyWay.

SkyWay - 12000 BC
      Party: Crono and two others
    Travel to the sky.  From the Land Bridge you reach go northeast to
     the other Land Bridge.  Use it to go back to the ground.  From here
     go northwest to another SkyWay.  Return to the sky and go west to

Kajar - 12000 BC
      Party: Crono and two others
    The Nu that sells stuff has weapons and armors for sale now.  Make
     sure to tell him the pendant isn't Schala's or he won't sell to you.
     From here go right, though the caves, to Zeal Palace.

Zeal Palace - 12000 BC
      Party: Crono and two others
      Boss: Dalton
    From the entrance go straight back all the way to the queen's room.
     Here you'll find Dalton.  After defeating him he'll escape through
     a portal.  Follow him in.  It'll transport you to the Ocean Palace.

Ocean Palace - 12000 BC
      Items: Rune Blade, Aeon Suit, Aeon Helm, Kaiser Arm, Sonic Arrow,
             Star Sword, Shock Wave, Demon Hit, Magic Tab, Elixir
      Party: Crono and two others
      Boss: Golem (x2), Lavos
    After talking to Mune you'll get to see what the queen is doing
     elsewhere in the palace.  Enter the door Mune was in front of.
    After getting the two chests in this room enter the door in the top
     right corner.
    Step on the blue circle.  After defeating the monsters that appear go 
     through the door on the right side of the room.  Get the chest and
     exit the room through the bottom right door.
    Go down and enter the door you find (bottom right corner of the room).
    Defeat the Blue Scouts (or sneak past them) and go through the door 
     at the bottom.  Take the Kaiser Arm from the chest and continue 
     downward.  The path will go to the left and you'll find another blue
     dot.  Step on it and continue left.  Get the chest and work your way
     back to the main room (the big one with 6 doors).
    Enter  the door in the top left corner.  Inside, step on the blue 
     circle and the ngo through the door on the left.  Get the chest and
     exit the room through the bottom right door.  You're now back in the
     main room.  
    Enter the bottom left door now.  Get the chest and enter the door at 
     the bottom of the room.
    Go left along the wall and you'll reach a spot where you can go 
     through the wall to get a chest (which you can see) with Demon Hit
     in it.  Return to the main room and enter the door in the middle
     of the lower wall.  
    After a fight go down the stairs to your left.  Continue along this
     path (fighting and climbing down stairs) until you reach Masa.  
     You'll see what's happening with the queen and company.
    When the game comes back to you, continue down the stairs.  At the
     bottom is a save spot and a door.  Save if you want and enter the 
    After a fight examine the shimmering dot on the left side of the 
     room.  This'll activate the elevator.  On the way down you'll have to
     fight a few times.  Once you've reached the bottom go through the 
     door at the top.  If you re-enter the door and use the elevator to
     go back up, you can get a Magic Tab at the top of the elevator,
     but then you'll have to go all the way back down on foot.
    As you enter go left and enter the little room you reach.  Defeat
     the Scouts (all 3 types) and press the switch on the wall.  Exit the
     little room and then go over to the little room on the right side.
     Defeat mroe scouts and press another switch.  Now go back to the 
     main room and step on the blue circle.  This will make a bridge
     across the lava.  Go through the door on the other side.
    Take the Elixir from the chest and use the save spot if you want 
     (there's a boss coming up).  Go through the door where you'll find
     Dalton.  He'll summon a pair of Golems.  
    After defeating them Dalton will escape again.  Go through the door
     in the back of the room.  Here you'll find the queen and company.
     You'll use the Red Knife and it'll destory the Mammon Machine.
     You'll now have to fight Lavos (don't worry it probably won't last
     long).  After he wipes you out the prophet (who, if you haven't
     figured it out yet, is really Magus) enters, then Queen Zeal and
     Schala do too.  Lavos attacks Magus, but it doesn't harm him.  Magus
     counterattacks but it doesn't hurt Lavos and Magus is thrown to the
     ground.  When Crono gets up take him up to Lavos.  Lavos attacks
     Crono and with his last bit of energy Crono save your two companions,
     Magus, and Schala, then he is disintegrated.  
    Schala then uses the last of here pendants power to send you out of
     the Ocean Palace.  The land in the clouds is destroyed by lavos and
     the pieces fall to the earth causing a tidal wave that wipes out
     most of the land.

Last Village - 12000 BC
      Item: Magic Tab
      Party: anyone but Crono (of course)
    You'll awake (without Crono of course) in a small hut.  The Elder
     enters and tell you what happened and give you the Pendant.  You'll
     then be asked to pick your party (the choice is yours, but you
     may want to take Ayla).  There is a save spot in the hut plus if
     you examine the hay you can sleep.  Exit the hut and then visit the
     other two huts.  One hut just has some info, the other has a shop.
     As you enter the shop, just stand there, and the Nu will move out
     of the way allowing you to get the shimmering Magic Tab behind him.
    When you're finished go to the Commons.

Commons - 12000 BC
      Party: whoever
    Talk to everyone.  When you talk to the Elder, Dalton and his soldiers
     will come in and capture you.

Blackbird - 12000 BC
      Party: whoever you picked before being captured
      Boss: GolemBoss, DaltonPlus
    When you awake you'll be aboard the Blackbird and you'll be missing
     all your equipment, items, and gold.
    If you didn't put Ayla in your party you won't be able to fight 
     (you'll have to run if you get attacked, at least I think that's
     how it would work). If Ayla is in the party and she dies before the
     other two get their weapons back, all will die.
    Climb the ladder to see that you are indeed in the Blackbird.  Then
     climb back down.  Search the wall where one of your chraracters 
     shows you and you'll climb up into the ventilation ducts.
    Press 'A' in any of the brightly lite areas to look below you.
    Basically just wander around, going from ventilation ducts to normal
     corridors and rooms, until you find your missing stuff.  Conveyer
     belts can be reversed in direction by flipping the switch that's
     next to them.
    In general:
      -One party member's equipment is in a room north of your cell
      -Gold is in a room to the left of your cell
      -One party member's equipment is in a room southwest of your cell
      -Items are in a room northwest of your cell
      -One party member's equipment is in a room that you can only reach
         from the ventilation ducts (from the ladder in the top left 
         corner, go up the ladder and it'll be the only other door you 
         can see)
    The room with the items in it also has a door leading out onto the
     wing (which is where you want to go after you find all your stuff).
     Once you have all your stuff go to the door leading to the wing.
    On the wing you'll see quite a few Turrets (you can fight them if
     you want).  At the end of the wing you'll have to fight Golem Boss
     (which you can probably defeat without even getting hit).  
    After defeating it, Dalton will fly in on the Epoch (which has wings
     and can fly now).  You'll jump aboard the Epoch and have to face
     DaltonPlus.  When you defeat him he'll try calling the GolemBoss
     (but since you just defeated it... :)
    Now you're in control of the Epoch.  One of your party memebers will
     say to hit 'Y'.  Doing so fires a laser which hits the Blackbird  
     and makes it crash.
    You'll now automatically land the Epoch outside the Last Village.

Last Village - 12000 BC
      Party: whoever
    The Nu has new equipment for sale. Once you've got what you want go
     to the Commons.

Commons - 12000 BC
      Party: whoever
    Here you'll learn that someone passed through here looking for you.
     Go north to the North Cape to find out who it is.

North Cape - 12000 BC
      Party: whoever
      Boss: Magus (optional)
    Here you'll find Magus (AKA Janus).  You'll learn more about him.
     He'll ask if you want to fight him.  Say NO!! and then walk away.
     Magus will stop you and ask to join your party.
    You can fight him but you won't be able to have him on your party if 
     you do (mainly cause he'll be dead :)   If Frog is in your party
     when you fight Magus, Frog will fight him alone.
    If you do defeat him you'll get his Amulet (which he'll be wearing
     if he joins you).  After you're done here at North Cape return to
     and board the Epoch.  Now you'll see the Ocean Palace rise out of
     the water as the Black Omen.
    At this point you can enter the Black Omen, but unless you're
     playing this in New Game + mode, or spent a lot of time raising 
     levels, you're probably not strong enough.
    The best thing to do is to go to the End of Time.

End of Time 
      Item: C. Trigger
      Party: whoever
    Talk to the old man.  You'll tell him what happened to Crono.  When
     you're done talking attemt to leave.  The old man will call you back
     and reveal that he is Gaspar, the Guru of Time, and he'll give you
     the Chrono Trigger.  He then tell you to talk to the one who made
     the Epoch.  Go back aboard the Epoch and travel to 2300 AD.
    Now would be a good time to go on a black treausre chest hunt to
     collect treasure. 

                  ======Black Chest/Door hunt======
2300 AD
      Items: Charm Top, Full Ether (x2), Wallet, Power Ring, Gold Stud,
             Magic Tab, Power Tab, Lumin Robe, Elixir, Hit Ring, Gold Erng
      Party: whoever
    First go to Bangor Dome and open the black door.  On the other side
     is three normal chests.  While you're here enter the gate.  This'll
     take you to the End of Time and opens pillar 8 & 9.  Use pillar 9
     to go to Guardia Forest in 1000 AD to get the black chest there, then
     return to 2300 AD and continue the hunt.
    From Bangor Dome go south to Trann Dome.  Here you'll find another
     black door with two more normal chests on the other side, plus a
     shimmering Magic Tab.
    Next , find the black door in Arris Dome.  Through that door is 4
     regular chests and a shimmering Power Tab.
    Now go to 600 AD.

600 AD
      Items: Speed Tab
      Party: whoever
    Go to Truce Inn and examine the black chest, DO NOT take it's contents
    From there go west to Guardia Forest.  Go ahead and get the black 
     chest here.  
    Next, examine, but don't get, the black chest in Guardia Castle and
     the two black chests in the Elder's house in Porre.  
    From Porre go northeast to the Magic Cave and get the black chest
     that's there, then go to 1000 AD.

1000 AD
      Items: Wall Ring, Dash Ring, Mid Ether, Swallow or Safe Helm,
             Elixir, Red Mail, Full Ether, HyperEther, MegaElixir,
             Shelter, Black Mail, White Mail,Blue Mail, Taban Suit,
             Taban Helm
      Party: Marle, Lucca, and whoever
    First go to Heckran Cave, which is near Melchior's hut, and get the
     black chest there.
    The ultimate black chest is in the blue pyramid call Forest Ruins,
     which is north of Medina.  Inside the ruins you'll find a regular
     chest and a blue pyramid which will be unlocked by the pendant.
     A Nu will appear and offer your choice of two black chests:  the 
     right one contains Swallow, the left one contains Safe Helm.
    Next go to Guardia Castle.  If you enter without Marle the guards will
     chase you away.  Enter with Marle, and the Chancellor will come
     out to greet you.  Go talk to the king in the throne room.  He and
     Marle will have a fight and the king will go up to his room.  Go
     up to his room to talk to him (collecting both the normal & black
     chests on the way up).  Go back to the throne room and talk to the
     Chancellor.  He'll tell you the king likes Jerky.  First explore the
     castle and get the chests you find then go to the Snail Stop in 
     Porre village and pay the 9900 G to get the Jerky.
    While you're in Porre go to the Mayor's Manor to get a couple black
     chests and a normal chests.  Then return to the castle.
    Climb the stairs tot he left of the throne room to get back up to
     the king's room.  Talk to the king and Marle will give him the
     Jerky.  At first he'll be pleased that you'd give him something but
     then he sees what it is and gets mad at Marle for giving him Jerky
     when she knows he has high chlorestoral.
    Since the king will no longer talk to you, you might as well continue 
     your hunt for black chests.
    The final chest to get in 1000 AD is in Truce Inn.  Get it then
     take Lucca to visit her dad for Taban Suit and Taban Helm.  Next,
     go back to 600 AD.

600 AD
      Items: Blue Vest, Red Vest, Black Vest, White Vest
      Party: whoever
    To finish off the hunt get all the black chests you only examined
     before.  They are in Truce Inn, Guardia Castle, and two in the
     Elder's house in Porre.  Now go to Keeper's Dome in 2300 AD to
     continue your quest to save Crono.

                     =====End of Black Chest hunt=====

If you want to skip bringing Crono back, you can skip directly to the

Keeper's Dome - 2300 AD
      Item: Magic Tab
      Party: whoever
    Go to the back and open the black door.  Once through the door head
     towards the other black door (keep an eye open for a shimmering
     Magic Tab a little before the 2nd black door).
    In front of it you'll find the Nu that Belthasar has place his
     memories into.  Talk to it and it'll tell you what to do next.
    You'll need a clone of Crono to continue.  If you won one earlier
     at the fair go to Crono's house and it'll be upstairs.  If not,
     go to Norstein Bekkler's lab in Leene Square.  Either way you need
     to return to the Epoch and go to 1000 AD.

Truce Village - 1000 AD
      Items: Clone
      Party: whoever
    If you won a Crono clone earlier go to the upstairs of Crono's house
     to get it.
    If you need a clone go to Leene Square.  Norstein Bekkler's Lab is
     on the right side of the bottome section of the Square.  Bekkler will
     offer you a challenge - the longer you stay in his game the less
     he'll charge you for the clone.  You need 40 Silver Points to play
     (if you need points go fight Gato, the Robot Battle Trainer).  The
     game he has you play is the mimin the clone game (see earlier
     in the guide for description).  If you have enough money, the price
     he charges you will be deducted after the game and the clone will
     be at Crono's house.  Go there to get it.
    Now that you have the Clone return to the Keeper's Dome in 2300 AD.

Keeper's Dome - 2300 AD
     Party: whoever
   Return to the back and talk to Belthasar (the Nu with his memories
    that is).  Now that you have the clone Belthasar will have the Nu
    execute its final program which is to launch a group of Poyozo dolls
    which will help you.  Now examine the creature and shut it off.
   Exit the Dome and head north to Death Peak.

Death Peak - 2300 AD
     Items: Magic Ring, Wall Ring, Giga Arm, BraveSword, StarScythe,
            VedicBlade, Dark Helm, Memory Cap
     Party: doesn't matter
     Boss: Lavos Spawn (x3)
   Dash to the first Poyozo doll.  It'll tell you to run up the mountain
    when the wind dies and hide behind trees when it blows.  It'll
    then turn into a tree.  When the wind dies dash up to the next tree,
    then dash again to the next section when the wind dies again.
   To the left you'll find a chest and a ladder going up.  Get the chest
    and then climb the ladder.  Go to the right and you'll find another
    ladder.  CLimb that ladder and go right into the next section.
   When you have the choice between going up to a cave opening or going
    down, go down first.  Here you'll find a chest and a save spot.  Get
    the chest then go up to the cave opening.
   Inside you'll find the first of three Lavos Spawn.  DO NOT attack the
    shell!!  After defeating it, grab the chest and continue onward.
    The path leads around to the opposite side of the cave where you'll
    find another chest.  Continue on and when you exit the cave again
    look to the left for a shimmering dot, which when examined opens a 
    door to the center portion of the cave.  Go back through the cave past
    where you fought the Lavos Spawn, and out of the cave again. 
   Now work your way over to the new cave entrance.  Climb the stairs,
    get the chest, and go through the door in the back.  
   Here you'll find the second Lavos Spawn.  Defeat it the same way you 
    did the first one.  Past the Spawn you'll find another Poyozo doll.
    It says to be careful because if you fall you'll have to start
    over.  Go left but pay attention to the fact that you'll be slipping
    downward all the time and if you reach the bottom you'll fall down
    (to right next to the save spot you passed awhile ago).  
   Once you're passed the slippery ledge and into the next section you'll
    find a chest and a stream of Krakkers.  Get the chest and go down.
    Continue along the path and you'll find the 3rd Poyozo doll.  It'll
    give you a hint for later.
   Climb down the ladder and continue going left until the path starts 
    going up.  Directly below this point is a ladder leading to a chest
    and a save spot.  Get the chest and then go up to the 3rd and
    final Lavos Spawn.  Unlike the other spawns this one's shell won't
    disappear when it is defeated.  Push the shell up and to the right
    so it's directly under a partial ladder.
   Climb up the shell and ladder (press 'A' to climb the shell).  At
    the top, get the chest and then continue up.  Once you've reached 
    the summit of Death Peak, watch as Crono is saved from death by 
    replacing him with the clone.  You'll find yourself back at the
    End of Time.

End of Time
     Party: whoever
   If you go back to Bekkler's lab in Leene Square in 1000 AD and play
    the 10 and 40 silver point games, you can get more clones and Poyozo
    dolls for the house of whoever is in the lead of your party.
    The houses of each character are as follows:
                  Crono - Crono's house 1000 AD
                  Marle - Marle's room in Guardia Castle 1000 AD
                  Lucca - Lucca's house 1000 AD
                  Frog  - Cursed Woods 600 AD 
                  Robo  - Proto Dome 2300 AD
                  Ayla  - Chief's Hut 65000000 BC
                  Magus - North Cape 12000 BC
   Talk to Gaspar (the old man).  He'll tell you the 3 ways to reach
            1.  Use the bucket to travel to 1999 AD
            2.  Use the Epoch to travel to 1999 AD
            3.  Make your way through the Black Omen
   He'll then give you hints about other things you should do:
        1. In the Middle Ages, a woman's sheer determination brings a
           forest back to life...
        2. A fugitive in the Middle Ages, Ozzie, maintains an evil 
        3. There is a task to be done in the Future, where machinary
        4. And there's a very special stone that can shine its light on
           each generation, from the distant past to the far future...
        5. There's the ghost of a lofty knight, slain by Magus in the
           Middle Ages, who haunts the present...
        6. There's an object in the Middle Ages that sparkles like
           a rainbow...
        7. One of you is close to someone who needs help...
           Find this
   Talking to your companions will reveal some more about the tasks.
   Pillars #6 and 7 are available now but with the Epoch they're kinda
   The tasks above can be taken in any order (or not done at all), but
    I'm going to list them in the order above.  If you try a task and find
    that it's too hard at your current level, try a different task and
    come back to the harder one later.
   The first task starts at Fiona's Villa in 600 AD

                     =====1. Help Save the Forest=====

Fiona's Villa - 600 AD
     Party: whoever
   Here you'll learn that monsters are stopping Fiona and Marco from 
    planting their saplings.  Go to the Sunken Desert (the sand 
    whirlpool) to take care of the problem.

Sunken Desert - 600 AD
     Items: Lapis, Aeon Suit, Elixir, Full Ether (x2), Full Tonic, 
            Memory Cap, Aeon helm, HyperEther, 5000 G, Muscle Ring,
            Power Tab
     Party: Magus, Marle, and Frog are all good choices because they can
            use Water/Ice magic
     Boss: Retinite
   Step on the center of the dark sand to enter.   
   Once in gather the treasure chests (there are 4 of them).  Remember
    that the monsters don't like water (that goes for Ice too).  Next,
    go down the stairs at the bottom of the room.
   There are 7 more chests in this room.  Also in this room is Retinite
    which has 3 individual section to kill.  Make sure you have at least
    one party member who can cast a water based spell (you need it to
    weaken Retinite's defense so you can hit it).
   After defeating the creature return to Fiona's Villa.
   On the way out of the cave you should be able to see a shimmering
    Power Tab off to the left a bit.

Fiona's Villa - 600 AD
     Party: Robo and whoever
   If Robo is in your party he'll stay behind to help Fiona plant the
    forest.  If Robo isn't in your party, add him and talk to Fiona again.
   Return to the Epoch and travel to 1000 AD.  Where Fiona's Villa was
    in 600 AD, you should find Fiona's Shrine in 1000 AD.

Fiona's Shrine - 1000 AD
     Item: GreenDream
     Party: whoever
   Enter the shrine.  Inside, one of the nuns will sell different types
    of helmets.  You'll also find the remains of Robo.  After reactivating
    him you'll go camp in the forest (all the characters will be there).
   After repairing Robo and everyone else is asleep, Lucca will go off
    by herself.  She'll enter a red Gate that'll take her to her house
    sometime in 990 AD.  When she arrives examine the journal page on the
    floor, then go downstairs and through the bottom door (going through
    the top door will reveal the password you'll need).  You'll witness
    and event in Lucca's childhood.  When Lucca's mom gets stuck in the
    conveyer belt examine the machine where the shimmering dot is.  You'll
    be told to enter the password which is 'L''A''R''A' (Lucca's mom's
   You'll be back in the room you entered.  Enter the Gate to go back
    to 1000 AD.
   When Lucca arrives Robo will be there waiting for her.  He'll give you
    GreenDream, an accessory that will bring the wearer back to life
    once per fight.
   That end this side quest.  For the next one travel back to 600 AD.
    Find the Black Omen and travel east to a mushroom shaped object in
    a forest.  This is your next destination.

                    ====2. Return of Ozzie====

Ozzie's Fort - 600 AD
     Items: Full Ether, Magic Tab, DoomSickle, Gloom Helm, GloomCape,
            Dash Ring, Sight Cap
     Party: having Magus in the party adds a little to the story
     Boss: Flea Plus, Super Slash, Great Ozzie
   Start things off by following Ozzie.  In the next room you'll have to
    fight Flea Plus.  After defeating him, follow him to the next room
    where Ozzie will summon a couple of monsters who just fall into the
   In the next room it's the return of Slash, as Super Slash.  Defeat him
    and then go on to the next room.
   Don't get the treasure chest!! Go toward the door.  Ozzie will ask you
    if you want it, then and Imp will come in and get smashed by the
    blade.  After that Ozzie will leave and you'll be free to get the 
    chest (you can get hit by the blade to get the chest, but it'll drop
    all 3 of your characters to 1 hp each).  Before going to the next 
    room push down along the wall below the door to reveal a secret room
    with 3 chests and a shimmering Magic Tab.  The chests contain the
    best equipment for Magus.
   In the next room you'll have to face all three baddies at the same 
    time - Great Ozzie, Super Slash, and Flea Plus.  After defeating
    the trio, Ozzie will run through the door behind him.  Get the 2 
    chests and the follow him.
   When you find Ozzie again he'll do the same hide-in-a-protective-shell
    trick he used the very first time you fought him.  This time hit the
    switch behind him.  Unfortunately, he learned from your first encounter
    with him and made the switch open a trap door beneath YOU.  It'll
    drop you to the previous room.  Go back up and try again.  This time
    a cat will come in, jump up and press a switch, then leave again.
    This switch will open up a trap door and Ozzie will fall to his doom.
    Go back through all the rooms and exit the Fort.
   That ends another side-quest.  For the next quest go to 2300 AD.  Find
    Keeper's Dome and then travel east to Geno Dome.
   Also, now in Medina Village of 1000 AD the shop will offer you
    equipment at reduced prices.

                     ====3. Origin of Machines====

Geno Dome - 2300 AD
     Items: Full Tonic (x2), 50000 G, Lapis (x2), Elixir, Full Ether (x2),
            Power Tab, HyperEther, Vigil Hat, Magic Tab, MegaElixir,
            15000 G, Terra Arm, Crisis Arm
     Party: Robo needs to be the lead member of party
     Boss: Atropos XR, Mother Brain, Display (x3)
   With Robo in the lead examine the console.  This will close the exit 
    and open the door.
   Through the door is a conveyer belt.  You'll have to fight a series of
    battles to reach the other end.
   Once you've made it to the other end, go through the door.  Directly
    in front of you is basically a giant key hole.  Press the switch
    beside it to open it so you can inser the "key" a little later.  Now
    go left and then up when you have the chance.  When you reach a door
    go left and fight three Proto 4s.  After defeating them get the chest,
    the examine the computer screen.  This will give information about
    the various systems in Geno Dome.  Press the switch next to the thing
    that look like the "key hole" you saw earlier.  This one it the
    "key maker".  Enter it and it'll make electricity flow around Robo.
    Run back to the "key hole" and enter it while charged to open the
    door which is next to it.
   Inside you'll find two chests.  Get them, then return through the
    white door to your left.  The "key hole" is closed at the moment so
    continue up.  Press the left and right switch to open the "key hole".
    Now go get charged and come back to open the door.
   On the otherside you'll find one of the two Poyozo dolls needed to
    reach Mother Brain.  Return to the entrance.
   First go all the way to the left and take out the two Debuggests, then
    go all the way to the right.  When you reach a wall you'll find a 
    shimmering dot, a door (which can be opened just by going through it),
    and a path leading up.  The shimmering dot is a Dust Chute that'll
    take you back to the main entrance.  Take the path leading up for
    now and enter the white door you reach.
   Inside is 2 chests.  Get the chests and exit the room.  Now go left and
    then go up on the conveyer belt.  Midway up you'll see a laser
    blocking one path.  Get off the belt on the opposite side of the 
    laser.  Press the switch that opens the "key hole".  Next, enter the
    door to the left of the Dust Chute.  Go up the elevator and then enter
    the door to the left.
   To the right is a shimmering Power Tab.  At the end of a long hall 
    you'll find a door.  Through the door is another eleveator leading
    back down.  Go down and press the switch to shut off the laser, then go
    back up as far as the door.  From there go left, through the wall to
    a switch which reverses the conveyer belt.  Return to the charger
    and charge up Robo.  Now return to the "key hole" you just opened 
    before the charge wears off.  Go through the newly opened door and
    get the chests on the other side.  Now ger the robot to follow you
    all the way back to the entrance of this room (back to where you saw
    the first "key hole").  From there continue all the way to the left.
    If you haven't taken out the two Debuggests like I said earlier
    then you'll have to now and the robot that you're leading will be
    put back where it started, meaning you'll have to start the follow-the
    leader game all over.  Once you get the robot this far go up to where
    you'll find another robot.  The two robots will short circuit each
    other and you'll be free to get the chest and Poyozo doll on the 
    other side.
   Return to the right and enter the door near the Dust Chute.  Through
    the door you'll find the elevator leading up to the other section of
    the Dome.
   To start things off you can use the save spot to save and/or use a
    shelter.  Then go down to get a chest.  From there go left to where
    you'll meet a robot named Atropos.  Robo will have to fight Atropos
    alone.  Atropos will give Robo his ribbon which raise his speed by 3 
    and his Magic Defense by 10. 
   Go up and Robo will jump up and press the switch allowing to go
    through the laser bars.  Get the chest and the shimmering Magic Tab 
    (it's to the right of the door), and then go down and to the 
    left.  Go down the ladder when you get to it to reach a chest and then
    further on, a human processing plant.  Go through the door on the
    right side of the processing plant to get a chest, then go back to
    the top of the ladder.  From here go up to where you'll find a large
    door with two green dots on either side of it.
   Go over to either green spot and examine it.  You'll place one of the
    Poyozo dolls on it.  Do the same thing to the other green spot and
    the door will open.  Through the door you'll find Mother Brain and
    3 Displays.  Take out the 3 Displays then go for Mother Brain.
   After defeating Mother Brain you'll receive Terra Arm and Crisis Arm
    for Robo, and you'll be back outside Geno Dome.  
   Another side-quest is finished.  The next one is also in 2300 AD.
    Board the Epoch and go west to Keeper's Dome and then south and a bit
    more west to Sun Palace.

                          ====4. Son of Sun====

Sun Palace - 2300 AD   
     Item: Moon Stone
     Party: whoever
     Boss: Son of Sun
   The only thing to do here is defeat Son of Sun.  After defeating it go
    across the bridge that appears to collect the Moon Stone.  
   Exit the Palace and take the Epoch to 65000000 BC.  Go to the hut in
    Ioka village where you can trade for stuff.

Ioka Hut - 65000000 BC
     Party: whoever
   The only thing that is for trade now is Ruby Armor.  It will cost you
    10 of each item (Feather, Fang, Petal, and Horn).
   If you want the armor but don't have 10 of each item visit Hunting
    Range and come back when you have enough.
   Next go northwest to Laruba Ruins.

Laruba Ruins - 65000000 BC
     Item: SilverRock
     Party: whoever
   Here you'll find a Nu that will offer to change the lead character 
    name.  Then it'll give you SilverRock.
   By changing the lead character and talking to it again you can change
    the name of that character that is in the lead.
   From the ruins fly north until Laruba Ruins scrolls off the screen then
    of left to Sun Keep.

Sun Keep - 65000000 BC
     Party: whoever
   Examine the shimmering dot and you'll place the Moon Stone there.
   Return to 2300 AD in the Epoch.

Sun Keep - 2300 AD
     Party: whoever
   Hmmm, the Moon Stone isn't here.  Someone must have removed it at an
    earlier date.  Try 600 AD.

Sun Keep - 600 AD
     Item: Power Tab
     Party: whoever
   The stone's still here, so is a Power Tab.  Check 1000 AD.

Sun Keep - 1000 AD
     Party: whoever
   It's not here but it appears someone in this time period took it.
    Board the Epoch and fly east to Guardia Castle and then south until
    you find a house with glitter coming up from it.

Mayor's Manor - 1000 AD
     Item: Shelter
     Party: whoever
   The mayor will deny knowing anything about the Moon Stone.  It's pretty
    obvious he's lying.  Go upstairs to get a chest and then go a bit east
    to the Snail Stop.

Snail Stop - 1000 AD
     Party: whoever
   The shopkeeper will sell you Jerky for 9900 G.  The price is high but
    it's worth the price.  With the Jerky go back to 600 AD to the
    Elder's House of the same town.

Elder's House - 600 AD
     Party: whoever
   The lady here wants to buy your Jerky for 10000 G. Be a good person and
    just give it to her.  She'll promise that all her descendants will
    be generous.  Go back to Mayor's Manor in 1000 AD.

Mayor's Manor - 1000 AD
     Item: Moon Stone
     Party: whoever
   The mayor is now a really generous guy and he'll give you the Moon 
    Stone.  Go back to the Sun Keep.

Sun Keep - 1000 AD
     Party: whoever
   Place the Moon Stone back in the sun and go to 2300 AD.

Sun Keep - 2300 AD
     Items: Sun Stone, WonderShot, SunShades
     Party: Lucca and whoever
   Finally, the Moon Stone has stored enough energy to become the Sun Stone.
    Put Lucca in your party and you'll automatically go to Lucca's house
    in 1000 AD where she'll make WonderShot using power from the Sun Stone.
    Taban, Lucca's father, will also make Sun Shades for you.  
   The next quest is in 600 AD.  Go there and then find Tata's house.
    From there go west until you find another town, the town of Choras.

                        ====5. Avenging Cyrus====

Choras - 600 AD 
     Item: Toma's Pop
     Party: whoever
   Inside the Cafe you'll find Toma.  He'll ask you to hang on to his
    pop and pour it on his grave if he dies.  Also talk to the guy at
    the table drinking.  He says he needs tools to do any work.  Use
    the Epoch to travel to this same town in 1000 AD.

Choras - 1000 AD
     Item: Tools
     Party: whoever
   The guy at the Inn will tell you that you can get his tools from his
    wife.  Go to the Residence and talk to the guy's wife.  She'll
    get his tools for you.  Next go northwest to West Cape (the 

West Cape - 1000 AD
     Party: whoever
   Examine the gravestone and you'll pour Toma's Pop on the grave.  The
    ghost of Toma will tell you where to find the Rainbow Shell.  This
    deals with the next subquests.
   For now you can go east  to the Northern Ruins but all that is there
    is the ghost of Cyrus, who'll attack you but can't be beat.  So 
    return to the Epoch and go to the cafe in Choras of 600 AD.

Choras - 600 AD
     Party: whoever
   Go to the Cafe and lend the Tools to the guy who needed them.  When
    he leaves go to the Residence and he'll be there.  He and his 
    apprentices will then go to work on fixing the ruins.  Go north to
    the Northern Ruins to check on their progress.

Northern Ruins - 600 AD
     Party: whoever
   As you enter the workmen will tell you they can't go any further
    until the monsters are defeated.
   First go down the stairs to the left and defeat the Sentrys, but
    don't get the chest.  Then go back upstairs and take the stairs on 
    the right.  Defeat all the monsters you find and then return to
    Residence in Choras village.

Residence - 600 AD
     Party: whoever
   The workmen will continue working on the ruins for 2000 G.  Pay the
    gold then go back to the ruins.

Northern Ruins - 600 AD
     Party: Frog and whoever
   They've run into more monsters.  Take the stairs to the left again.
    They managed to repair the hole that was in front of the door so you
    can enter (still don't get the chest).  Place Frog in the party and
    examine Cyrus's gravestone.  Cyrus's ghost will come out and the power
    of the Masamune will be enhanced.  
   Now return to the Workmen's Residence.

Residence - 600 AD
     Party: whoever
   Once again they'll charge 2000 G to continue work on the ruins.  Pay
    it and then return to the ruins, now labeled Hero's Grave.

Hero's Grave - 600 AD
     Party: whoever
   The workmen are finished.  Go in and examine the 3 black chests, but
    DO NOT get them yet.  Exit the Hero's Grave and go to the same
    Hero's Grave in 1000 AD.

Hero's Grave - 1000 AD
     Items: Moon Armor, Elixir, Shiva Edge, Valkerye, Magic Tab, HyperEther
     Party: whoever
   Collect the 3 black chests and the two normal chests.  Also get the
    shimmering Magic Tab net to Cyrus's gravestone.  Now return to the
    Hero's Grave in 600 AD.

Hero's Grave - 600 AD
     Items: Elixir, Nova Armor, Kali Blade, Siren, HyperEther
     Party: whoever
   Collect the 3 black chests and the two normal chests, again :)
    Now go to Denadoro Mts. (south of Guardia Castle) to get another Rock.

Denadaro Mts. - 600 AD
     Item: Gold Rock
     Party: Frog in the lead
   Go deep into the mountains.  Eventually you'll reach a FreeLancer
    throwing rocks at you.  With Frog in the lead let yourself be hit
    by the rocks.  Frog will catch one and it'll turn into the
    Gold Rock.
   That ends another sub-quest.  For the next one stay in 600 AD and go
    northeast from Choras to Giant's Claw.

                        ====6. The Rainbow Shell====

Giant's Claw - 600 AD
     Items: Sight Cap, Power Tab (x3), Full Ether, Blue Rock, ZodiacCape,
            Lapis, FrenzyBand
     Party: whoever
     Boss: Rust Tyrano
   At the entrance you'll find a crumpled note left by Toma.  Go through
    the door and you'll find out that this place is the Tyrano Lair.
   First go left and get the chest then go right and enter the door.
   Here you'll find 3 switches and a giant skull.  The switch on the
    bottom right brings down 2 Fossil Apes.  The switch on the bottom left 
    makes the floor disappear on both sides of the walkway and a cat
    drops down on the left side.  The switch on top makes a save spot
    appear.  Press the bottom left switch and follow the cat down the hole.
    You'll fall to another room with two switches.  Pressing the right one
    calls in 3 Leapers, and the left one opens the skull.  Through the
    skull you'll find a shimmering Power Tab.  Continue along the path
    until you reach a ladder.  Down the ladder you'll find a chest to
    the left and another Power Tab to the right.  Get them, then  go back
    up the ladder and continue left.  When you reach the door make sure
    to get the chest that is partially hidden directly above, then enter
    the door.
   Continuing along the path you'll find two ladders.  The one leading
    up takes you close to the entrance (just in case you need to get out 
    of here quickly).  The other one is the one you should use to continue.
    Go all the way to the left and search to find a hidden chest.  Now
    go down and past another ladder for a second chest.  Next go down the
    ladder and through the door to the left.
   Go straight up, enter the skull on the left, and go up the stairs.
   Press the switches to make the monsters fall.  First enter the door on
    the left, get the chest, then go back and enter the door on the right.
   Follow the path and enter the door.  Open the chest to make a trap
    door open beneath you.  Go up the stairs to the left and get the
    shimmering Power Tab, then go back down and go down the stairs on the
    right side of the room.  Here you'll find a save spot.  Press the
    switch that's to the right of the bone door and enter the cage.  
    Inside you'll find another door.
   Through the door you'll find a giant Rust Tyrano.  He won't attack you
    until you try getting past him.  After killing the Rust Tyrano
    continue forward to where you'll find the Rainbow Shell.  
    Unfortunately, it's too heavy to carry.  Go to Guardia Castle for help
    (you'll automatically go there as you leave the Shell).

Guardia Caslte - 600 AD
     Party: whoever
   The king agrees to have somebody go get the shell and to keep it safe
    in the castle until 1000 AD, which should be your next destination.

Guardia Castle - 1000 AD
     Items: HyperEther (x3), Elixir (x2), Lapis (x2), PrismShard,
            PrismDress or PrismHelm (x3), PrismSpecs, Rainbow
     Party: Marle and whoever
     Boss: Yakra XIII
   As you enter you'll find out the king is on trial.  Go to the right and
    go up the stairs on the left.  As you climb you'll find 2 chests,
    one which is locked.
   When you reach the court room, Marle will make the guards let her
    through.  In the court room you'll find out that the kind is on trial
    for selling the Rainbow Shell and not unveiling it at the Millienal
    Fair like he's supposed to.  You have to find proof that the Chancellor
    is trying to frame the king.  Go back down stairs and enter the
    stairway to the right.
   You'll have to fight some of the wimpy enemies you fought back in the
    Cathedral of 600 AD (way back at the beginning of the game).  After
    defeating the first set of Gnashers the game will show you what's
    happening at the court room.
   After defeating a couple more wimps get the chests (the 3 you can reach
    anyways) and then continue.  After a while you'll reach a room with
    3 more chests and the Rainbow Shell.  Get the chests then examine
    the shell.  You'll find a letter to Marle from Queen Leene from
    600 AD. You'll then take a piece from the shell (PrismShard) and the
    game will switch back to the court room where the jury is reaching
    a verdict.  Run back the way you came, all the way back up to the
    court room.  The guards still won't let you through, but Marle
    knows another way in.
   Watch the end of thr trail and the entrance of Marle.  Then the 
    Chancellor will reveal his true form - Yakra XIII.
   After defeating Yakra XIII, Marle and her father will make up.  You'll
    end up back in the throne room and Melchior will enter.  You'll end
    up back in the throne room and Melchior will enter.  He says he can
    make some weapons from the Rainbow Shell.  Before following Melchior
    to the shell go back to the court room.  Here you'll find a
    shimmering Yakra key.  Use the key to unlock the previously locked 
    chest and free the real Chancellor.  He says he must prepare for
    the Moonlight Parade and then leaves.  Now go back to the basement
    where you found the Rainbow Shell.
   Here Melchior will offer to make you 1 PrismDress or 3 less-effective 
    PrismHelms.  Talk to him again if you have the Sun Stone and he'll
    make PrismSpecs for you and Rainbow, the strongest weapon Crono
    can wield (if you haven't gotten the Sun Stone yet, come back when
    you do and talk to Melchior).  Melchior will then go back to his hut
    near Medina.
   The only thing left to conquer is the Black Omen, which can be found 
    in any time period except 65000000 BC, 1999 AD, and the End of Time.
    Enter when ready.    

                        ====The Black Omen====

Black Omen - any except 65000000 BC, 1999 AD and the End of Time
     Items: MegaElixir (x6), 30000 G, Magic Seal, Elixir (x2),
            Vigil Hat, Nova Armor, Haste Helm, ZodiacCape, Power Seal,
            Speed Tab (x4), White Rock
     Party: whoever
     Boss: Mega Mutant, Giga Mutant, Terra Mutant, Lavos Spawn,
           Zeal (form 1), Mammon Machine, Zeal (form 2), Lavos
   You can exit the Black Omen at any time by returning to the beginning
    and examinging the shimmering dot.
   After Queen Zeal give her little speech and you've defeated the Laser
    Guards, try entering the door.  If you've enter the Omen from 2300 AD
    the door will be shut; exit the Omen and try again from another
    time period.
   Once you're through the door, Queen Zeal will summon Mega Mutant
    which you must fight.  After defeating it continue along the path and
    eventually you'll reach save spot.
   After many fights you'll eventually find a tube of light.  Step into
    it and you'll be transported to another area.  From here go down and
    you'll find a shimmering dot.  Examine it and the whole platform will
    descend.  After a couple fights you'll reach the bottom.  Enter the
    door at the top and then go right. 
   Follow this path until you reach stairs.  Go past the stairs to get the
    chest then go back and up the stairs.  Straight ahead is a door.
    Get the chest to the left and then enter.
   From here go up another set of stairs then go right.  Collect the
    chests then continue up and through the door.  Get two more chests
    then go up where you'll find another pair of chests and a save spot.
    A little past that and you'll find two more chests and a couple Nus.
    The Nu on the left will sell you stuff and the Nu on the right will
    offer to transport you out of the Black Omen.  When you're ready to
    continue examine the back wall to reveal a door.
   Once through the door go left a little ways and you'll have to fight
    a Tubster.  After defeating it go through the door and continue
    forward.  When you reach a chest, get it then go through the door 
    that's on the right.  
   Follow this path (collecting a chest along the way) until you reach
    a fork in the path.  Take either path (they come together). Get the
    chest and continue downward where you'll have to fight another
    Tubster along with 2 Flyclops.  After defeating them go down some
    more to another fight.  After that fight, get the chest on the right
    side of the room then go through the door in the bottom wall.  
   Go past the next door you reach to get another chest, then enter the 
    door.  Step in the middle of the square on top of the pedestal to be 
    transported to yet another area of the Black Omen.  Go through the
    door and then, after going up a little, go left all the way across
    to a chest on the other side.  Then go up as far as you can and from
    there, go right as far as you can.  Once again go up and then left
    to get two more chests.  After getting the chests continue along
    the path and through the door.
   Here you'll find a save spot.  A little ways furthe is Giga Mutant.
    Go through the door when you defeat the Giga Mutant.  Here you'll find
    another transporter.  
   After transporting you'll reach another elevator.  Examine the 
    shimmering dot to start the elevator on its journey upwards.  When it
    reaches the top, enter the door.
   Continue along this path and eventually you'll reach a fight with a
    pair of Tubsters.  Defeat them and then follow the path a little
    further to a door. 
   After defeating 4 Panels, a save spot will appear. Get the chest and 
    then take the path on the right.  A little further you'll find two
    chests but before you can get them you'll have to defeat TerraMutant.
    After defeating it, get the chests then go through the door.  Go up
    the hallway and through another door where you'll find a Lavos Spawn
    (remember not to attack the shell).  Defeat it, then go through the
   In this room you'll have to battle 5 Panels to advance through the
    door.  As you enter you'll see what appears to be your companions
    floating in tubes of liquid.  Go forward and you'll reach Queen Zeal.
    First you'll have to fight Zeal.  After defeating her you'll
    immediately go into battle with the Mammon Machine.  And then once
    you're through with that battle you have to fight Zeal again (in
    a different form).
   After defeating Zeal's final form Lavos will awaken and destroy the
    Black Omen.  All that remains for you to do is destory Lavos.
                         =====Fight With Lavos=====

    Party: whoever
Lavos has 3  individual stages.  In the first stage he mimics all the
 main bosses of the game, one-by-one, until they're all defeated.
 The bosses he mimics are:
          Dragon Tank (w/ Tank head and Grinder)
          Guardian (w/ 2 Bits)
          Zombor (Head & Body)
          Masa & Mune (Fused form)
          Azala (w/ Black Tyrano)
          Giga Gaia (Head & 2 arms)
Once those are defeated he fights in his own fighting style.  There is a
 break between each mimic for you to heal and stuff.

After defeating the 1st stage his head will disappear revealing an 
 opening.  Inside you'll find a cave-like area.
     -You'll start at this point if you took the flying Epoch to 1999 AD
      (the Epoch will also be destoryed if you do this).
     -If you got here by going through the Black Omen there will be a
      save spot and a Gate leading back to the End of Time.  If you use
      the Gate you can get back by either going to 1999 AD thru the pail
      or with the Epoch.  It doesn't affect anything if you use the Gate
      and come back.
 Go to the end of the cave to face stage 2 of Lavos.
 Stage 2 consists of a head and 2 arms similar to the Giga Gaia.

After defeating that stage, Lavos will reveal its true self, which is 
 Lavos Core.  It also contains 3 parts: the main body, a healing bit (the
 left one), and an "Active Life" bit (the right one).
 Defeat the "Active Life" bit to defeat the whole thing.

After defeating Lavos you'll get an ending based on what you did or didn't
 do and what part of the game you were in.

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