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Read through these if you're bored. They cover the site's history through the "Shaheen Period", when ShaheenJim was the maintainer (9/2/99-7/20/00) and the period where Hiryuu maintained it, "The Golden Age" (7/20/00-Present)


Whew, it's been exactly 3 years! This time I added locations for all the equipment, re-organized the item section, made a new shopping list, added a LOT of info to the enemy section, and did a few other miscellaneous things. The biggest thing however, is the brand SPANKING new walkthrough. Good stuff right there.


Finished reformatting the shrine. And from the date, it looks like it was just in time (and not just because this is the 9-month anniversary since I wrestled this shrine away from ShaheenJim either...if you know what I mean ^_^)


Added some info on racing Johnny and the Crisis Arm thanks to Zlefin


I've changed the walkthrough from a .doc file to a .txt file (it's actually legible now!) I've also given credit to the Mynock for the walkthrough


I've added a secrets section, and an Enemy Attacks section (which doubles as a corny poetry section)


I've redid the Endings page, and added dowloads for all the endings


I've finished the Enemy List (finally), so in case you're interested (don't pretend that you aren't), head on over and gaze at its reflective beauty


Well, as you may know, we've had this shrine here for quite some time, but it never was completely finished, and it hasn't been updated since last year...well, I (being Hiryuu) am going to make a stop to that (hopefully). I will continue the shrine as its fourth(?) and hopefully last maintainer. But first thing's first, I am going to finish the Enemy List. I've moved all those old updates to an update page, so all you people who love reading stuff for no reason, head on over there.


I have filled in all the things which I announced were missing in the previous update.


I am and have been continuing to update the monster list.  I have now done some monsters but have not tested them for all elements.  Warning:  skip the rest of this update unless you're really bored.  This is because to test a monster for all elements and for what you can charm from them I need five people (one for each element and Ayla for her charm ability) unless I have Magus (who can test all four elements) and I'm now testing enemies which are in places before you get Magus which you can't get to after you get Magus.  So I need to test them then change parties and go through the whole thing and test them again.  I'll do that, but it might take awhile.


I finished the End of Time section of the monster list.


I finished the Black Omen section of the monster list.  I will probably continue to update the monster list every day, but won't announce anything until I finish a list.


I finished the places list and finished the locations column of all of the monster list.


As you know if you've ever finished Chrono Trigger, when you get to the end you have the option of doing several subquests, and you can do them in any order you want.  Over the next few days, starting now, I will be rearranging the order of the tabs on the tab page so that they go in the order in which you are told about the subquests.


I'm going to be updating the places list and monster list so often that posting a new update for each time I do it will become ridiculous.  So from now on I'm just going to have one line above the updates saying what was the last time I updated the places list and monster list and how far they are now.


I added a places list which will (eventually) contain all of the things sold and found in each place in the game.  It's done through the Cathedral at the moment and I'll keep updating it as I go along.  I also added the locations of monsters through the Cathedral, I'll keep updating the monster list (by adding the location and filling in and correcting the rest of the information for monsters) as I go along.  I'm not going to fill in or correct any of the information for monsters until I get Ayla though, since I would just have to go back and go through them all again anyway once I have her to find out what I can charm from them.


I made a few corrections to the armor page and added columns showing who can equip what suits of armor and helmets.  I also added two dummy accessories.


I made a few corrections to the effects column of the weapons page.   I also added the weapons of Ayla.  I also added two dummy weapons.  Most importantly, I corrected the information on attack power for all the weapons, since they were all wrong (they weren't even close).


I added the MP cost for all double techs.


I added a hacking list and an explanation of how to hack savestates.


I updated the downloads page, adding links to the ROM, the recommended emulator, and a savestate hacking program.


It turns out Rast and I will both be maintaining this shrine together.   I made a few formatting changes to the weapons and armor lists.  I divided the weapons list into which weapons each character can use, organized the weapons, armor, and helmets by attacks/defense power, and alphabetized the accessories.


I added lists of sealed chests and tabs.  These lists were taken (with permission) from the Chrono Trigger Zeal Archive, an excellent Chrono Trigger site.


This is ShaheenJim, the new maintainer of this shrine.  Crusader quit, so I'm taking it over.  I deleted the screenshot section; alphabetized the items list; alphabetized the status ailments page; combined the secret items and regular items pages; combined the armor, accessories, and helmets; and redid the layout of the shrine.   Expect me to finish off the shrine quickly.

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